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Check out our new blog post! A view into Meebo: Life in Business Development

There are many disciplines that come together to make Meebo happen, and yet sometimes you can be so busy with your own projects you don’t know just what everyone else is immersed in. I do know for sure that one of the things that have made Q2 such a hive of activity here at Meebo is our awesome Busi...

Check out Seth (our CEO) presenting his vision at the recent Conversational Marketing Summit hosted by our friends at Federated Media!

This is truly Meebo’s DNA. Through the evolution of our company it’s stuck with us as part of our amazing culture. We take it to heart in everything we touch, in every product we ideate, in every business pitch we make. Meebo would not be Meebo if we didn’t continue to innovate :-)

Hearst Chooses Meebo to Increase Revenue and Engagement via the Meebo Bar:

Meebo, a consumer Internet company that drives user engagement and reaches almost half the U.S. Internet population, announced a partnership with Hear

Check out Meebo's Mindset research: How Your Summer Movie Plans Reveal Your Shopping Habits cc Mashable

A technologically advanced marketing study says it's linked what summer blockbusters people will see wth their shopping habits.

According to our latest Meebo Mindset research, your parenting personality has a lot to do with what you feed your kids! cc lilsugar

What's most likely to show up in your kids' lunchboxes? According to social media site Meebo, your parenting personality has a lot to do with the way you feed your kids. Are you more white bread or organic whole grain? Take our quiz and find out if the

Check out our new blog post: Superheros and Poisoned Apples

The Meebo Mindset research team recently ran a study on summer movie preferences. Based on the movie you chose, the study was able to tell us what type of personality you’re likely to be*. We’re thrilled that our friends at Adweek thought it would be fun to transform the findings into an infographic...

Data Points: You Are What You See - Which summer movies you plan to see says a lot about you

Which summer movies you plan to see says a lot about you

Check out our new blog post: Growing Joy – our new LA office

Over the past year, team LA has grown considerably–both on the sales and design front–so it was time to look for more space to accommodate everyone. That and of course the power outages, flooding, and near roof collapse in the old office prompted the move.
Meebo added 27 new photos from April 2012 to the album: Easter @ Meebo 2012.
April 2012

Check out our new blog post: Bunny Petting Zoo @ Meebo

At Meebo, we have a surprise egg hunt the Monday following Easter. A few good-natured folks wake up extra early to stuff and hide 200-300 candy-filled eggs around Meebo. And even though we do it each year, most people forget about the tradition until someone suddenly yells, “Easter egg hunt – 3 eg...

Check out our new blog post: Super-Charging Operations with KanBan (teamwork, teamwork!)

In the Operations group here at Meebo, we’ve been unhappy with our process and project management for a while. We’ve tried different approaches with varying degrees of success (or lack thereof): waterfall project management, bug tracking systems, and even Scrum. None of our processes seemed to fit...

Introducing: The Katy Perry Interest Graph!

It’s the dawn of a new era. When we embarked on our goal to rebuild the web around people’s interests, we had no idea where it might lead.
Meebo updated their cover photo.
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Check out our new blog post: Designing a new Meebo Bar

We are proud to announce that we have just launched an updated design of the Meebo Bar on a few of our partner sites. We are excited about the new look, and we’ll be rolling it out more widely over the coming weeks. You can see it live on as well as right here on the Meebo blog.

An inspiring interview: Sandy Jen on FounderLikeYou

“A lot of times you wonder whether you can really do it. Trust yourself because you can.” - Sandy Jen, Co-founder and CTO, Meebo

Check out our SXSW Interactive + Film Fusion party photos on

A-list photos from the Interactive + Fusion party at Stage on Sixth during SXSW Interactive 2012.