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GO Series: Abraham
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Amanda Barton
· June 22, 2016
I started going to MBC in December of last year since then I have found the best support system ever I'm in recovery and it can be hard at times. My Sunday scho...ol teachers ms Wanda and Terry are the best. I was in jail recently for some old stuff and not only did they come visit me but pastor Thomas came several times to see me. And then just a couple of weeks ago my brother passed away. And my church had my back 100% they have loved prayed and cryed with me. The music director Tom done my brother's service at his funeral when these people love you they truly love you and I love them I walk into this church and I feel like I'm surrounded by family See More
Jimmy Moon
· March 26, 2016
This is one of the most backwards church I ever attended. The people who attend this place talk about helping people which they do at times. But when I was in t...he middle of my divorce was this church that I once called home there for me? No. They were too busy trying to protect their precious image. When my divorce caused my to spiral into a deep depression was this church there for me? No. They shunned me and pushed me away. This church rejected me because I didn't fit their mold. I did find a place where I found peace and happiness. A place called the world. In my opinion the hypocritical church is as bad as ISIS. See More
Shanda Anders
· July 1, 2014
Love my church family at MBC! Awesome services and music, great small groups and Bible studies, amazing community outreach programs and opportunities, and just overall loving and supportive people! Feels like family ♥
Phyllis Blake
· August 19, 2016
From the moment I stepped foot inside this church I felt the love of God reaching back for me! I can not say enough about this church! I am so thankful God directed me here!
Jessie Burns
· June 2, 2016
Meek Baptist Church shared their event.
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