Test run with th3 new grill. Results will be on the next show!
Exotic fruit on a Saturday ya'll!

New show is about to be live!!!

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Come a long way from a celly! We are going on at about 10! Tune in live!

@MegalodonNFrnds twitter

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Come a long way from a celly! We are going on at about 10! Tune in live!

@MegalodonNFrnds twitter

We are a bunch of friends that get together to talk about anything and everything!  We have guests, answer questions, talk about current events and tell stories!  We record live so you can communicate with us and possibly change the WHOLE SHOW!

We talked about this! Boom!

I have a very unpopular opinion. 2016 is not to blame for many of our favorite icons dying too soon. Substance abuse is.

Get ready for a new show tomorrow!

We aren't live but here is the show for this week! Sorry it's late!!!…/meg…/ep-53-whats-your-weekend-job

I mostly feel bad for Elliott...don't know if this was his big break. #podcast #comedy #neanderthal #bbc

A Neanderthal's voice is not at all what you thought it was.

This goes way beyond grunts.
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New day!

“New time and day!!! Sunday evenings now! Tune in!! #podcast #comedy #sports #news #Entertainment #wwe #beer”

Top ten in no particular order are:
Dallas Mccarver
Cedric MacMillan
Josh Lenartowicz
Roelly Winklaar2...
Justin Compton
Big Rami
William Bonac
Shawn Rhoden
Dexter Jackson
Phil Heath

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So for this year's Mr. O I'll make a top 6 prediction and a top 6 what I want to happen. It's hard to call still with out seeing them tonight but this is how I had it after last night....I may do another prediction

1. Phil Heath
2. Dexter Jackson
3. Shawn Rhoden...
4. William Bonac
5. Big Rami
6. Josh Lenartowicz
(Roelly Winklaar)


1. Dexter Jackson
2. William Bonac
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Phil Heath
5. Cedric MacMillan
6. Nathan De Asha

#ifbb #mrolympia #bodybuilding #health #fitness #mrolympiaweekend #beast #muscle

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Today we talk about some life and dating and we are looking forward to some fun. Its almost fall or is it? We also talk about UFC and WWE. Twitter- @MegalodonNFrnds
Alix Hernandez

It's kind of all over the place! Here is the latest show. #FearTheWalkingDead #TheWalkingDead #FantasyFootball #nfl #danaygarcia #backtothefuture #thegodfather Tyler Michael David Chris Gage

We talk about The Walking Dead, Fantasy Football, getting drunk in Kansas City and more. We will try to get you a better schedule for our show. Also, we are still working on something very special for the audience. twit...