How does God / Source / Creation speak to us?

In many ways ...

It could be the shape of a cloud that all of a sudden takes your attention as you look up.


Or ... The random comment of a passerby who you've never seen before.

Or ... the words in the next song you hear on the radio ...

Or ... a particular Thriver Tv episode topic (I had to put that one in!!)

It's that DING that goes off inside because your Inner Being is your communication headquarters with God / Source / Creation.

Life all around us is always giving us the clues, directions and prompts regarding "this is the way" ... and our Inner Being ... our God / Source / Creation within is also telling us constantly what our next healthy step is.

But ... we were told we were not worth loving 'as we are', and that we were somehow wrong and defective, by those who were told that there was something wrong with them too.

So why would we believe that all of Life is there to guide us and help us and that our Inner Being is always efforting to do the same?

Why on earth would we believe we deserve this amount of LOVE and SUPPORT, much less tune into it and TRUST it?

I am so happy to say that when we heal the Thriver Way, all of this - our True Organic Self - comes back online, and this is one of the BEST parts of recovery!

There is so much to look forward to when you Heal for Real from narcissistic abuse! I'd love to help you achieve every bit of this!

Many people report from the two specific re-partnering exercises that I take you through in my FREE webinar - the relief of coming home to yourself.

Let me show you what this can feel like:

Much Love xo ❤️

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Hey Thrivers, dropping in to say “hi” from sunny hot Darwin.

Staying in the most beautiful self contained resort like family setting!!

Thriver Blessed!


My partner and Brad are visiting his Mum for her 72nd birthday!

We surprised Dizzy at 2:00 am this morning!!!

So gorgeous to be in relationship with a man who has a healthy, lovely relationship with his Mum!

Mwah and so much love xo ❤️

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