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RetailGear, Business Intelligence functionalities
RetailGear Product demo, Oct 2016
PROretail® "Votre levier-clé de conversion en magasin"

Great cover story in the Singapore Start-up issue of FOCUS Magazine January 2018…/supporting-start-ups-mento…/

Guillaume Sachet, Head of Social at Mediacorp, and Marc Rakotomalala, Founder of start-up Mentorica, share about their partnership in the start-up ...

In 2002, we enjoyed very much the SciFi movie "S1M0NE" with Al Pacino; Simone, a virtual actor created by the Simulation One computer program.

2018, it's not SciFi anymore. We are positioning ourselves to hopefully be the strategic AI and VR partner of a Singapore agency. When Simone meets the Minority Report.

Amazing Singapore, thinking ahead of everyone.

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Our outpost to test the Thai market?

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Presenting and demoing at Daimler corporate day. Nice to hear "Wow!" from German engineers on some fancy AI and AR tech.

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Presenting our large scale data analytics project with Daimler to a full house today. Great energy and folks in the room.

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Good to know: "In order to continue promoting innovation, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to grow, organically and otherwise"…/venture/techinvest-en.html

If you’re involved with future-oriented technologies and business models,we're the right investment partner for you. Learn more

Excited to assist Daimler APAC in its Big Data and machine learning journey

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"In a world of distributed knowledge, ran the theory, it was more efficient for companies to collaborate with outside partners — be they start-ups, academic institutions or consumer groups — to accelerate innovation.

Or as one chief executive expressed it: “The best brains are not necessarily within your own office.”"…/d5b66f60-5cdb-11e7-b553-e2df1b0c3220?

Big groups snap up much talent, only to then stifle originality

Past, present, and future.

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In 1988 I worked at NASA and we were all so proud to be running our neural network code on the fastest supercomputer of the time, the SX2, and its 1.3 GFlops.

Today, we are pricing a proposal for a retailer client by using 4-6 cards delivering 22-33 TFlops, i.e. 17,000x - 25,000x more computer power for the price of a scientific computing server (definitely not a NASA budget)...

We always hear about the embedded computing power on the 1969 Apollo rocket being less than that o...f a 1978 Texas Instrument pocket calculator; however, this is another prime example.

Always stunned by Moore's law and hedonic pricing.

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Hacking it in Singapore with Daimler Benz. Almost 36 hours straight. 60 teams at the starting line. Given the potential to lock in a major partner, we played to win, and are among the two chosen to come back to pitch Daimler's business units later this month to deploy our solution on their massive dataset (other team is made of 25 Russian guys in Moscow and 2 guys in Singapore...).

Short weekend, tired, but happy.

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We like all business meetings. In warehouses, on catwalks, at airports, in offices, in social clubs, anywhere...

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Hard at work. Teaching that machine something!

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Interesting ad tech!

The next time you’re standing at a bus stop and you find yourself staring at one of Mediacorp’s outdoor ads, the ad might be staring right back at

Showtime. Getting ready for the installation of RetailGear OOH at Marina Bay Sands Sunday night.

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Checking our machines before deployment in the city under Singapore heat. Always fascinated by these folks who can fix or mount these complex machines from scratch in a back room.

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