Mehreen Hussain was live — with Mutrition and 3 others.
March 4

MX360 Signature Workout | Live from Karachi Expo Center
At FitCrets Fitness Expo

#MforFitness #MX360Warriors

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*The key is not accumulation, its contribution*
Gave some tips on TRX to one of the most highly motivated and passionate individuals I have come accross. Oh the joy teaching gives.
Loved every moment 💕
All the best wishes to you @dawnbronze
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Posted by Mehreen Hussain
105 Reviews
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Mahwish Syed
· January 29, 2018
I have been part of MX360 sessions at Velocity X for about two months now. I must say Mehreen is an amazing person; the kind of hard work she puts in structuring the sessions is just incredible. What ...I like best about being part of these sessions is that everyday when we enter the studio; Mehreen has some really challenging and cool workout moves all figured out for us. This is what keeps me going; I literally feel like thanking her after each session because these sessions make me feel strong and positive inside out above everything else.

Mehreen maintains a highly considerate and attentive attitude towards all of her clients; be it answering our queries regarding diet and lifestyle changes or pushing us during the workout sessions she manages it all really well. I am definitely thankful for being part of such a positive, energetic and challenging group:)
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Sana Aftab
· January 16, 2018
My husband and I took Mehreen's Lean Fit session at Fitnassium last month. Each class was amazing with a diversity of workout styles that were challenging and fun. This variety of exercise made each s...ession feel new and something I could look forward to. It also helped me become aware of my own weak/strong areas. Speaking of Mehreen herself, she is a kind, helpful, and motivating trainer like no other. She pays individual attention to everyone esp for the correct posture. The end of class finisher is also an interesting concept. It has been really inspiring to workout with Mehreen and experience the positive impact that fitness/working out can have on our daily lives! I am glad I was a part of it and will definitely join again. See More
Rabab Matanat
· March 31, 2018
My second session with Mehreen is going to end in the coming week. I really enjoyed working out with her. I see that she knows the best excercises. I'm glad I joined her Max360 session. Her workout se...ssions actually got me sweating! I've noticed a good change in my body! I was out of shape but her workout sessions are giving me hope . So I'm determined to and will surely join my third session with her soon.

Mehreen is a true inspiration!!
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Zubi Khalid
· October 12, 2017
One day I was just going through my Facebook homepage and this page got my eyes on it. Mehreen has got numerous qualities but one her greatest quality is that she's highly professional. I joined her j...ust to lose weight and I did transform myself and now I want to be the fittest version of myself. If you're looking for a healthy lifestyle and if you love yourself you definitely have to join her. See More
Manahil Salim
· December 5, 2016
Mehreen became my knight in shining armour at a time when I was most desperate for some help. Never have I seen trainers to be as determined and helpful as Mehreen is. Not a lot of people have of what they do, but with Mehreen, she not only knows all the right things about fitness, she also knows how to properly implement them. Therefore, all I can ever suggest to someone who is seeking a full fledged weight loss program, Mehreen is the go-to person for you! See More
Noorulain Iqbal
· October 23, 2017
She's super awesome! Keeps you going and motivated! Love the workouts and balanced meal plans! Simple and easy to follow!
Amber Weldon
· April 11, 2015
alhamdulillah mehreen its been a truly wonderful month working out with you.
i was totally lethargic and felt and looked horrible..
the work out is truly energising and the best thing about the diet... is that ure not starving. it keeps u filled till the next time slot
the workout does wonders for your inches too.
im asthamatic and it has really helped improve my stamina and energy levels.
you definitely rate 5stars plus
wish u utmost success in all your endeavours
cant wait for the next session to start
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Mariam Maqsood
· July 16, 2016
Its been only two classes of the boot camp by Mehreen and i am already feeling confident.....for the past three years working out properly had become a huge challenge for me due to some physical problems....i cant believe my prayers have been answered and ive been blessed with a trainer like Mehreen who makes sure every single person in the group gets her full attention according to their various needs.... there are many fittness programs going on in the city right now but if you are really looking for a customized training program... #MehreenHussain should be the one for you!! See More
Maryam Abidi
· November 20, 2015
I started with Mehreen in may 2015 and honestly she turned my life around. I had never imagined I would actually be exercising like this, but I enjoyed every second of it. I had never felt healthier i...n my life ever before. Totally addicted to her workouts. I wish her all the best in life. Love you Mehreen ♥ See More
Mehar Naqvi
· May 4, 2015
I highly recommend this bootcamp for beginners, people who need a kick-start into getting into a fitness routine again, and even people who are fit and want to try some structured circuit training. I ...attribute this place to getting me back into a consistent fitness routine and reaching my strength goals.
Mehreen Hussain you are the bestttt ! :D
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Rabail Samad
· April 11, 2015
Unlike other fitness programs where hundreds of people work out at the same time, mehreen's programs have limited slots available.and she really focuses on every individual to ensure her form is corre...ct! Have done 2 sessions of bootcamp and simply love it.always look forward to her class. She keeps us all motivated through out the session. Not only tht, she also gives alot of information about healthy food and eating habits.I used to hate work outs til i joined Mehreen Hussains Bootcamp. Shes changed my opinion .i havent felt this great n fit b4!!! See More
Tousief Iftikhar
· May 6, 2017
As an international certified movement and fitness professional, i see Fitness movements with a very strict view and criticise every youtube/Facebook PHD trainer trying to sell bad fitness movements ...on social media and name it as best fat burning workouts... But seriously i have been watching this girl for a while , and i can say that she is darn good at teaching movements, giving cues for correction, and possess the qualities of being a good coach who shows care and have fun... THIS GIRL IS SERIOUSLY ON FIRE... good work Mehreen! See More
Syed Mesum Shah
· January 18, 2018
I love you #MehreenHussain you are too good...Great job ��
Manal Syed
· July 27, 2015
If I could give her more stars, I would!

So after having taken Mehreen's classes for about 3 months, I was leaving the country, and I asked Mehreen if she could guide me about continuing my workout a...t home. She told me about her online fitness program, so I decided to try it out, since I love her classes.

After a detailed consultation including my dietary habits, fitness level, and the equipment and workout environment available to me, Mehreen gave me a diet plan and exercise plan specially made for me, which catered to my fitness level and my goals.

Man, are these plans detailed! The meal plans are wonderful, because there is so much food that you rarely feel hungry. There are lots of alternative options with every meal for picky eaters, and you can make a huge variety of different foods so you don't get bored.

As for the exercise plans, these are arranged perfectly to start you off at an intensity you can manage, and then slowly build you up to a higher level. The workouts are intense, as they should be, but with enough breaks that you don't burn out. Also, the only equipment I needed was a pair of dumbbells and a place to walk.

All of this at an EXTREMELY affordable cost!

And even though the plans were given to me online and I was working out on my own, I never felt lost or confused, because of the detailed descriptions.

And Mehreen herself is a wonderful person, masha Allah, so quick to answer any questions!

So I followed her plan and was able to exceed the goals that she had set for me! And after finishing one round, I was keen to start again, which is more than I can say for other diet plans and fitness courses that I have followed.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and effective workout at home, without the fuss of fancy equipment. 8)
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Aaliya Bokhari
· December 15, 2016
Mehreen is not only an excellent trainer but she is also someone with a very caring personality. She guides and motivates everyone very patiently during the sessions.
Have been with her for three se...ssions and simply love it. See More
Mariam Raza
· March 24, 2016
the bestest,toughest(as I like it tough),positive and motivational trainer I have ever come across.may u continue to be my trainer in the yearsto come:).her programs are a must try as she makes your... fat cry;) See More
Affa Khan
· November 14, 2015
She is the best physical trainer one can have and I would highly recommend for the beginners who can afford to join bootcamps and etc u not only get kickass training but along that diet plan withh ama...xing group motivation :) See More
Ferzain Shayan
· December 7, 2016
Mehreen is an amazing instructor who trains us with great enthusiasm and is very passionate about her work. Its been a great time with her so far. If you are a couch potato of the worst kind, Mehreen the instructor of your nightmares. She is an excellent motivator.... See More
Marium Ahmed
· September 16, 2016
Mehreen is "The best" trainer..I'd been working out since past many years with many different trainers but was never so satisfied ..The best part about her is that she gives personal attention to ever...yone. I actually look forward to her workout :)
Very motivating and encouraging �
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Obaid Chawla
· December 15, 2016
Its been two weeks since I have joined this program and extremely happy to be in it. Love the way how entire session is conducted... Warm ups... Workout ..... Stretching towards the end !!! Looking fo...rward to more sweat pouring sessions. See More
Asma Mohsin
· March 23, 2016
This is the best fitness programme i hav ever attended joined it in december and still going and loving it
Maliha Zahir
· July 17, 2016
Mehreen is an excellent trainer, and a gem of a person! She understands the human body, and the principles regulating fitness very well. If you follow her exact advice.. you will undoubtedly benefit!
Sadia Malik
· May 13, 2016
Really mehreen is a best trainer in the town :*
She transformed me within 2months.....
I will recommend u all there who want a kick start....
Go ahead!!!
Marium Khurram
· April 10, 2015
Ahhmmaazing workout once you join you are addicted to it.... weekends seem to be so boring and i desperately wait for Mondays ... mehreen is superb my real tranformer:)
Ahmed Altaf
· January 21, 2017
It is a great program led by a very energetic instructor and it is for people of all ages.
Sana Rehan
· May 13, 2015
Mehreen ur exercise r superb.. and the way u help in work out is great...
We enjoy doing work outs with u.. and above all meal plans r also very cool..
Farah Shariff Haji
· February 18, 2016
Look forward to my workouts with Mehreen! Great results each time!
Sarosh Saleem Qazi
· March 23, 2016
Never thought I'd enjoy work out! Thanks to Mehreen, pleasant n professional!!!
Saman Shahid
· March 23, 2016
Best trainer I've worked with so far! ❤️
Ramsha Talha
· April 10, 2015
Best workout trainer so far! Love being a part of her camp.. She is amazing:)
Engr Shakeel Ahmed
· March 1, 2016
Really very 100 percent professional
Rana Adnan Rajput
· May 6, 2017
� A.S
Farhan Ahmad
· August 4, 2015


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*The key is not accumulation, its contribution* Gave some tips on TRX to one of the most highly motivated and passionate individuals I have come accross. Oh the joy teaching gives. Loved every moment 💕 All the best wishes to you @dawnbronze . . . . . #MforFitness #MX360Warriors #MehreenHussain #DIY #Workout #WOD #Fitness #Motivator #Consultant #Trainer #GoodVibes #Trending #Outdoor #Training #FIT #Karachi #LifeStyle #FitFam #KarachiFIT #VelocityX #GetFit #Anywhere #Anytime #LoseFat #BuildStrength #ImproveStamina #Plyos @ideafit #IDEAWorld #International #Representaive @fitgirlsworldwide @popsugarfitness @trxtraining @myproteinpk @fitness.pakistan @acefitness @nasm_fitness @lesmillstribe @fitcentre @velocityxofficial @strongdivas @karachi.united.women @muscleandfitnesshers @underarmourwomen @karachi.united.women
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