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Nadine Harp
· April 20, 2014
Over all the event was great, however I was really disappointed in the lack of staff. There were people playing with the lights in the hallway and the vendors room, which is a safety (and if I'm right..., a fire hazard too) hazard because the lights were being turned completely off and random moments. For this being a one day convention I was also surprised on how many awards were given out at the costume contest.
I will definitely go back again! Not only was the convention great, but the adventures getting and leaving Miami was just as fun with my friends!
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Gabriela Kat Perez
· February 23, 2015
The last Hurricon at the Doubletree hotel was disappointing compared to their convention from the previous year on campus. Very tight space and barely any variety in vendors but it was free in the end.... Hopefully this year's will be better sincw theres an actual admission fee now and I'm looking forward to it :3 See More
Debbie Chamberlin
April 19, 2014
This was an amazing event - a bargain for great entertainment and great fun. Well planned, well promoted, well done.
Ashley Alfonso
· April 19, 2014
Had a blast! Great people, great vendors, great events, great organization! Totally going next year :D
Jess Chii
· March 12, 2015
Hurricon was my first con back in 2013 and it was amazing, now I go every year!
Jeremy Oliver
· April 23, 2014
One of the best cons ive ever been to
Julia Campbell
· April 20, 2014
Had fun really enjoyed the karaoke!!!
Dre Loor
· April 20, 2014
Amazing for a free con
Paul Heckman
· May 18, 2014
What a blast so fun.
Nathalie Riot
· April 15, 2014
Great Event! & Its FREE!
Stephen Roger Escobedo
· April 19, 2014
Jon Tron
· April 20, 2014
Small but incredibly fun.

ATTENTION Participants/Vendors/Artists/Performers/Attendees,
After having a series of difficult discussions, our staff has decided to cancel Hurricon 2016. Unfortunately, we lost key members of our team from last year, and our staff was left unprepared for both the logistical planning of Hurricon, and the heavy communication that the event requires.

We apologize for the lack of communication over the last few weeks. It was never our intention to neglect our responsibilities,... as members of Hurricon’s staff. Our team understands that there are many vendors and artists who have already paid us for table reservations. We are currently in the process of refunding all the payments given to us to pay for table reservations.

Please allow us a few days to process these payments, and if you are not refunded by February 12th let us know immediately at so we can work to refund you as quickly as possible.

We deeply and sincerely apologize to everyone who invested their time, energy, and money to try make Hurricon a success. We apologize for any confusion, hardships, and any other concerns that this sudden news may bring. This has been an extremely difficult but valuable lesson for everyone on our planning team; our only regret is that many others will also have to pay the price for us to learn it.

As always we appreciate your interest and patience in regards to working with us. We deeply regret being unable to host Hurricon this year.

Thank you,

The Miami Hurricon Team 2016

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Hey guys! Come say "Hi!" at booth #1035 by the back escalator at Animate! Miami. And don't forget to ask us how you can win a FREE ticket to Magic City Comic Con 2016 or Animate Miami 2016!

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Going to Animate! Miami this weekend? We are too! Come by our table to say “HELLO!” and enter for a chance to win a ticket to Magic City Comic Con 2016, Animate Miami 2016, or Miami Hurricon 2016! That’s right, we are giving away tickets for FREE! Stop by Booth #1035 along the side wall to find out how to win one! Tickets are supplied by FLORIDA SUPERCON.

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Miami Hurricon updated their profile picture.
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Hey everyone! Did you have fun at FLORIDA SUPERCON last weekend? I know we sure did! The Miami Hurricon Team is coming back from the con ready to get to work and start brainstorming for Hurricon 2016! (Already?!?) We want to make it the best it can be so we ask all of you, is there anything that you would like to see at Hurricon next year?

Another year, another successful Miami Hurricon. We hope everyone had a great time!

We'd like to thank all of our wonderful vendors, artists, panelists, and performers for participating in our convention. Thanks to Avina-kei for breathing new life into our mascot with her beautiful design. A huge thank you to Paul St Peter Voice Actor for being so kind and generous to our attendees as well as hosting an incredible panel. Thanks to HMK and Aaron Pabon for their continued support since our first year. Thanks to the FLORIDA SUPERCON team for their guidance and sponsorship, and the Supergirls of Supercon for being amazing guests. And thank you, the attendees, for coming year after year and making our con what it is!

We look forward to making the next Miami Hurricon even better!

Last call for Cosplay Contest registration! Please register in the large area next to the Video Game Room and in front of MACC202. Our three judges are sitting at a table, waiting to prejudge you. ( ・ω・)

An important announcement from Cosplay Staff for Costume Contest Participants! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

We will close Online Registration tonight at 11pm, so that if you enter today you will still get your entry number before the convention starts tomorrow. HOWEVER, you will still be able to register for the contest tomorrow anytime between 12pm-2pm, and you will get your entry number on the spot!

Notes for tomorrow:...
- We will have Costume Contest Registration open until 2pm, so if you haven't pre-registered online by 11pm tonight, don't fret! You can still enter. Contest Registration will be downstairs at the Registration Table.
- All participants who want to be in the contest at 6pm MUST attend Pre-Judging at 3pm in MACC 211B. We will have a sign labeling which room is the pre-judging room.
- Pre-judging will end either at 4:30pm or when every entry has been pre-judged, whichever happens first. This is to give the judges time to deliberate before 6pm and pick our winners.
- When your pre-judging is over, we will tell you what you need to do for the contest, but general rules are show up to the Main Stage at least 15 minutes prior so that we may line you up in order of entry number.
- At that point, we will give you instructions for on-stage posing (how many poses, how long, where to walk, etc.) and where to wait after you've gone up.

As of now, EVERY CURRENT ENTRY has been sent an e-mail with their entry number. If you have not received one yet, message us and we will tell you your number as well as resend the email.

REMEMBER: Online Registration closes at 11pm tonight, you can still register tomorrow at the registration desk until 2pm, pre-judging is at 3pm and you MUST ATTEND to be in the show at 6pm. GOOD LUCK OUT THERE! ٩( ❛ᴗ❛ )۶

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Tomorrow at the official Miami Hurricon table, you can purchase an exclusive Hurricon shirt featuring our new mascot Umiko-tan for $20! We have less than 100 shirts to sell, so come early to claim your own!

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And last, but not least, our third guest Supergirl of FLORIDA SUPERCON is Maria De Fatima - Svnine!

Cosplayer and jack of all trades Svnine has been cosplaying since late 2012. With a passion for video games and reading, sometimes she forgets what the real world is like. Not that there is a real world, there is only Nightvale. Fandom fanatic to fortune teller, you never know what you will get with her!

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Our second guest Supergirl of FLORIDA SUPERCON is cosplayer, model and artist Harley's love shack!

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This Saturday you will have the opportunity to meet and greet with three of the Supergirls of FLORIDA SUPERCON!

First up is cosplayer and model Veron!

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The event schedule is live! We hope you're looking forward to all of the exciting panels, performances, and events we have to offer on Saturday!

Geek Comedian Aaron Pabon returns to Hurricon as our third special guest! Aaron focuses on comedy geared towards geeks like us, talking about Anime, Video Games, Pop-Culture, Epic Con stories, and everything else strange you’ll find in the geek world. Aside from performing stand-up, he is also a web-series producer. Not only will you hear his comedy, you will learn more about the convention world with his “Ultimate Survival Guide” panel, and see a preview and behind the scenes look of his upcoming web-series “Geeks!”.

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To all the vendors and artists that have submitted applications:
We need contracts ASAP. The signed contract needs to be submitted before the day of the convention in order for your spot to be reserved.
We cannot let you into the vendors room without a signed contract or payment.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you next week!

Greetings lovely Hurricon-ers! The Cosplay Contest is now officially open for applications! Please fill out this form by April 4th at 2:00pm -- GL;HF!

Also, please visit our website for rules and more information! (…/1I1UbGOF9HfPhphcZIX20zWl…/viewform

Fill this form out to the best of your ability to gain pre-registration for the contest. After registering, you will receive an e-mail with your entry number. Please remember your entry number on the day of the competition, as it will help speed up pre-judging. Should you forget your entry number, w…

Our next special guest announcement is none other than HMK!

HMK returns to Miami Hurricon as HYPED as ever! His YouTube channel has surpassed 35K subscribers and 6 Million views! He is the founding member of the Kingdom Hearts group The X-Keepers and frequent guest of The All Night Cast as well as the newest member of The Polaris Network by Maker! He is all about gaming and keeping Hectic and Hyped about it! He is known for Theories, Hype Videos, and Rants, as well as Top 10'...s and the occasional Let's Play. His main focuses are The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and Nintendo but has entered into many other realms of gaming; some include Tales, Halo, Devil May Cry, Five Nights at Freddy's and more! At Miami Hurricon he will be hosting a bunch of Hectic Gaming Panels, including a Q+A, a Theory/Hype/Rant Panel, and his signature HMKontest Live! Be Sure To Get HYPED with HMK!

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