Hey there, just letting you know that we are still trying to run Micara. Sadly our laser tube needs replacing and we don't have the necessary $8,000 to fund this at the moment. We are hoping to find a way to raise the necessary funds so we can continue running the business. Don't give up on us yet, we hope to be up and running in the near future. If anybody out there has any ideas on how we can get funding for new laser tube please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Micara is still going. Mike and I have moved back to Christchurch to live and will be running our business from here. We both have full time jobs so may not always be able to offer overnight service but we can work to a 3 - 5 day turnaround depending on the job.


Hi everybody. Been a long time since I posted. Just an update to let you know that Mike and I are now in full time employment. No need to despair, however, Micara is still alive and kicking. If you want anything laser cut and/or engraved, flick us an email to We will respond in the evenings and in most cases will be able to offer a 48hr turnaround.

Sadly Mike's dad passed away last week so we are busy making funeral arrangements. We apologise for any delays during this week.

Just to let everybody know we have now moved out of Makeplace (3/67 Bridge Street, Ahuriri) and are now working from home. We are up and running and rearing to go. Bring those orders to us!!!!

Another update - Micara will be moving out of the Makeplace premises in Bridge Street, Ahuriri and moving back to a home-based business in Taradale, Napier. It was nice to have premises and we hope to again in the future, but for now home is where the heart is and also we can keep our overheads low, offer the same service and quality to our customers and hopefully pay ourselves a wage

New website has just gone live - check it out:
Haven't got a full range of products yet and it's still a work in progress so if you have any enquiries - just email us. We seem to be getting more and more customers wanting that one off special product - so don't hesitate to get in touch if you need something special for a wedding, Christmas, or any special celebration.

Ok guys time to vote again since you did such a good job last time. So bit of background firstly and some things to consider before you vote.
I'm taking my chainmaille jewellery out of Micara - it will have it's own identity. Typically sterling silver jewellery is worn by women, but chainmaille jewellery is often also worn by men - so I want to aim for the "girly girl", the "urban girl" and males who wear jewellery. Chainmaille has celtic roots, so I've gone with a celtic theme. I've got three shades of purple and the reason for this is it's one of the main colours used in celtic culture along with green. The business card will set out the same as our Micara ones as we want to keep them both personal to us - so even though they are different business we are the same people. So enough waffling by me - time to vote ...

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We made it - 100 likes - yay. Thanks so much to everyone who liked our page!!!!!

To any of my Napier friends - is anybody able to take in one dog - medium term, i.e., could be 6 months. She is a Kelpy/Whippet cross medium sized dog with the most adorable personality - all expenses for the dog would be paid for.

My daughter wants to move to Napier with me and needs to find a home for her two dogs. Whilst we can't afford to move both it would be nice if she could bring one with her. Sadly, I am unable to have a dog at my rental - but if someones knows someone willing to temporarily house the female dog please let me know. If you want my cell phone number - private message me here if you don't already know it.

Soooo close - 92 likes only 8 more to go. Still working on the website - not as simple as I'd hoped. Might have to use something other than iWeb - time for research I think.

Wow 90 likes from 77 yesterday - thanks guys - this is great!!!

Now that the new logo is up I'm going to work on the website. I just noticed that Micara has 77 likes at the moment - would be nice to get to 100

OK votes are in - Green is the favourite, followed very closely by Blue - so Green it is. Thank you to everyone who voted - if you come and see us then your reward will be our new business card and I'll make you a nice cuppa!!

OK - we are trying to pic a colour for our new logo - would like some votes please.

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We are now at located at 67 Bridge Street and are sharing a space with the wonderful Makeplace people. If you have an idea you would like to make, or meet with likeminded people working on a project; if you need laser cutting or 3D printing come down and check us out - we can help you to make your vision a reality - and if we can't chances are we can put you in contact with the people who can. Check out Makeplace at

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This is going to be a magic event - looking forward to being a part of it.

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Harcourts Hastings City Night Market

A little teaser from Micara for what you'll find at next week's Horse of the Year themed market.