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Jill Shelhope McCann
· December 3, 2017
Beware of the Employee’s who don’t honor the return policy! My 16 yr old son bought himself a belt! An expensive belt! It broke after wearing it twice! Took it on receipt and all refused to refund it!... Because it’s been warn! Well what else do you do with a belt? Then refused to trade out because the loop was missing! Really? The belt buckle broke. But warranty voided because the loop that holds the belt was missing! So screwed a 16 year old who spent his own money in your store over a defective product! The. The employees act like your trying to pull one over on them! Worst Customer service I’ve ever seen! See More
Justin Cole
· December 31, 2017
Terrible customer service, manager was extremely condescending, completely ignoring me and refused to admit that they sold a poor quality item. Spending $400 on a purse and the straps start coming apa...rt and they say well you can’t have these bags in sunlight, they are leather. So if you wear a leather coat in the day time it will fall apart? I know you have spent your whole life working your way to be a manager of a small outlet store so you feel like you have to have your nose up at the rest of the world. But that is not how you treat customers. Especially people who are coming in to make such large purchases. I wish I would have gotten the lady’s name but you better believe I’m gonna take this to the top. I will not be treated like I am lower than you. Just because I bring things that make a good point and you can’t answer them does not give you the right to be snooty and treat us like we are scum. Honestly I hope you loose y ur job. Maybe Crocs is hiring. See More
Stephanie Anne Sheppard-Archer
· February 11, 2018
The staff was a delight when I brought my watch in to have links added. I will def be returning.
Lora Ferne Ford
· November 14, 2017
My favorite place to shop. I have lotta kors; love them
Lisa Pass-Johnson
· December 11, 2017
Love this store very nice and helpful people. Love
Rebecca York
· December 10, 2017
Love it me and my grandkids love to spend time together there
Nisha Davis
· February 25, 2015
The customer Svc of this store was well below average... Staff acted as if it was a bother to deal with shoppers.
Misti Wieck
· June 30, 2014
Love, Love, Love this place!!!! Amazing staff and lot's of help!!! Love my NEW purse!!!! It just looks like me!!!!!!!
Michelle Bates
February 28, 2014
Love my purchases and the staff was so friendly!!!
Heather Brown
· December 30, 2013
Love Love this place. Exceptional service!
Courtney Herndon
· May 18, 2014
Is there not a way to view the handbags the outlet mall has?
La'Tashia Oliver-Johnson
· June 23, 2014
I love this place!!!!!
April Fields
· November 7, 2015
Loved it. Great deals. Awesome service. Must check out!
Shanice Tryon
· February 14, 2016
I can't wait to go there
Kimberly Nichole
· November 30, 2013
Love this place. ..
Alex Godoy
· April 26, 2015
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