Join Michelle Mullady on Earth Day in this stunning location for a “Healing With Flowers" meditation. Come embrace the surprising connections between you and the universe. This event is for everyone ... whether you are a complete beginner, had some experience before or are interested in exploring beyond your mind, emotions, and physical body with pure energy meditation and healing breathwork. Join us in this meditation sacred circle to learn more about new ideas and techniques that will support you on your path of transformation and evolution followed by gentle discussion.

Join me this morning at 8am at the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden for a “Healing With Flowers” group meditation practice to celebrate EARTH DAY 2018!!!

Bring your friends and family to this beautiful outdoor event. $10 per person with a portion of the proceeds going to support the San Antonio Parks Foundation.

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Shari Wofford
· August 12, 2017
Michelle Mullady is an angel on earth for me. In group sessions I learned about my denied desires for creative expression and communicating with my Higher Power in new expressive ways. I experienced w...ays to help me recognize my energy levels and how they correspond to the different phases of the moon. I was in a very difficult time with my primary relationship and the sessions gave me clarity and awareness of the answers that were literally screaming to come out. I was skeptical about angels being there for me and skeptical about intuitive awareness practices. I stayed open, kept participating and being led; my world changed. Well, my world didn't change, she taught me about awareness of my world and that changed. I did things in the sessions so out of my comfort zone initially: painting, praying to the Divine, songs, guided meditation, making fairy dust, and dance. Never in front of others did I let myself "go there". Her guidance and energy work with me has given me a mindful way of going about my day. She's opened me up to what nature has to say. Michelle's healing ways taught me I matter to the Universe . She shared her heart and soul and showed us simple things to embrace mindfulness practices. As a result, I have embraced that WILD is okay and loud is okay at times when I'm communicating with myself and my Divine. Being more present and allowing things to come in and go out is true health for me now. Thanks to Michelle. She is a true gem. -----
Shari Wofford, San Antonio, Texas
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Emily New
· August 10, 2017
Michelle is such a light in this world! I've been seeing her regularly for about five years, and really look forward to our time together. Michelle custom tailors each session to fit the individual ne...eds of the client. She has a diverse skill set and can assist a client mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. One session may feel like a leisurely chat with a friend or counselor that brings forth great insight, while the next will be an angel-inspired energy session on the table that leaves you feeling recharged on every level. You are in good hands with Michelle! See More
Mary Supensky Berry
· August 10, 2017
About four years ago I began a journey which would forever change my relationship with me and thus, My Creator. I was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer and true to God's plan, diagnosed very early. ...After treatment ended my intuitive message was clear -- it was time to seek individual healing and guidance from Michelle, who I'd met at the monthly Circle of Light. It has been a powerful journey into intuitive living and absolute health with the counsel of Michelle and her spirit guides. My body has been healed and my spirit has been strengthened and intuition awakened in these sessions. Michelle Mullady is filled to overflowing with love and light and her gifts have certainly blessed my life with joy and positive energy.

— Mary Supensky Berry, San Antonio, Texas
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Sandra J Filer
· August 11, 2017
I have known Michelle for over a decade and if one thing is true about her, she is consistent. Michelle is passionate in her desire to help men and women love themselves more fully and deeply; and, s...he is an inspiration to all those that are blessed to meet her. At the very core of her being is nothing but pure love. It is infused in absolutely everything that she does.”

— Sandra J. Filer, Bradenton, Florida
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Kelci Hart Brock
· August 11, 2017
Michelle is truly a gifted healer. She has the capacity to activate profound transformation, growth, and joy in others. I have worked with Michelle for 5 years now and know her to be one of the most... present, encouraging, and guided coaches I know. I have benefited from working with her on relational, marital, parenting, physical, spiritual, behavioral issues and more. Because of her energy and presence in my life, I am functioning here in a way I never dreamed could be possible. See More
Russell Forsyth
· August 11, 2017
Intuition is an energy from the heart, which is one of Michelle's strengths. She is able to come from the heart with everything she does. Her warmth, giving nature, and sage intuitive wisdom are part ...of the gift that she graciously shares with others. Her friends, family, and clients are lucky to have her light shining on them! See More
Tita Arbelaez
· August 15, 2017
Michelle is caring, insightful, and genuine. She is very good at providing you the right tools to view situations from a different perspective, always encouraging being kind and loving to yourself. He...r holistic and spiritual approach has helped me through my journey. She makes me feel very comfortable to open up to her and trust her guidance. I highly recommend Michelle as a spiritual life coach. She is insightful and patient, she has been a light in my life and I am very grateful to have found her. See More
Alexis Marie Bierman Roberts
· August 11, 2017
Michelle has helped me on my journey to living a happier, more light-filled life. I started as a newly divorced mom and with her help (and some work!) I have been able to grow in my self-awareness, se...lf-protection, and self-actualization. Her kind and caring methods have been invaluable to me. See More
DeAnna Melendez McMullen
· August 11, 2017
Michelle Mullady is an incredibly gifted and beautiful spiritual being. She exudes Divine Love, warmth, compassion and understanding to those she serves. Just being in her presence will create a shift... of energy within like none other. Her demonstration of healing energy, insight and intuition is beyond human
understanding. She's the real thing!” — DeAnna Melendez, San Antonio, Texas
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Carrie Edmond
· August 12, 2017
I attended a beautiful meditation session Michelle taught, Touching the Light Within. As a busy mom, counselor and teacher it's so important for me to unplug, practice self care and recharge. The clas...s was perfect for all that. Thank you, Michelle! See More
Dianne Scheider Glover
· August 13, 2017
Michelle is a gentle, kind and loving coach. I so appreciated her eye-opening intuitive counsel. I felt such a deep and profound sense of peace after our session. And her insights have helped me tremendously.
Seref Bektas
· August 13, 2017
Thank you for facilitating "Touching the Light Within" meditation event at Japanese Tea Gardens. It was​ a beautiful experience.
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