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Experts conclude that Saturday's SW Michigan earthquake not caused by fracking, drilling.…/michigan_earthquake_not_caused_1.html

The state official who oversees regulation of oil and gas well says he is certain that Saturday's earthquake in Kalamazoo County is unrelated to fracking or other drilling in the area.

Due to improvements in drilling technology and newly discovered pockets, there has been a natural gas boom in the United States since in 2008 – particularly in Michigan.

Michigan Policy Network

Fact checking a recent news series regarding hydraulic fracturing in Michigan.

Looking for more information regarding water use and hydraulic fracturing?

Water-Quality Topics: Hydraulic Fracturing via U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Quality: USGS Information and Resources

Video: U.S. slashes CO2 emissions, thanks to shale

via Energy In Depth

This Earth Day, the United States has a lot to celebrate. Thanks in large part to shale development, CO2 emissions in the United States are at their lowest level in twenty years.

Rep. Nesbitt: Embrace new energy technology…/Rep-Nesbitt-Embrace-new-energy…

As we continue to move forward into the 21st century, it is important that we find new ways to advance in energy use and production, as well as develop new infrastructure.

Thanks to the hydraulic fracturing revolution, the air is cleaner and gas is cheaper.…/obamacare-rollout-obama-…/3618899/#!

More proof that federal government programs are least effective.

While Michigan is blessed with vast water resources, we have a responsibility to use them wisely. Michigan’s oil and natural gas producers recognize conservation is a priority. Click on the link below to learn more about Michigan's oil and natural gas production and water use.…/docs/MOGPEF_Water_Use_Fact_Sheet.pdf

The facts on hydraulic fracturing and water use: One thunderstorm dropping one inch of rain on 2000 acres would put back all of the water used by hydraulic fracturing in Michigan in a year.

To put that in to perspective, a typical storm produces this amount of rain in 30 minutes.

Based on the assumption that there is a direct connection between water pulled from the ground and water in Lake Michigan-Huron, hydraulic...

Six Myths About Renewable Energy

MYTH: Cheap Natural Gas Is the Enemy of Renewable Energy

So, you think renewables are a speck on the energy landscape? <break/> That they can create millions of green jobs? Think again.

"...thanks to affordable supplies of natural gas – an increasing share of which is being responsibly produced from shale – the United States has slashed local air pollution and leads the world in reducing carbon dioxide emissions."

In reality, thanks to affordable supplies of natural gas – an increasing share of which is being responsibly produced from shale – the United...

Michigan Capitol Confidential: Experts: Earthquakes, Water Usage Not Concerns With Fracking in Michigan

Natural gas extraction fears are largely overblown

Michigan Capitol Confidential: Fracking Concerns Overblown; Risks Exist With All Energy Extraction

Part two: The debate over emissions and risk

Letter: Natural gas is a smart choice for Lansing BWL plant

The Michigan Oil and Gas Association applauds the Board of Water & Light for its commitment to provide Lansing with clean, efficient, and affordable energy with the opening of their new natural gas-powered REO Town power plant.