Coming soon: A blog post all about staying both beautiful and healthy at outdoor music festivals!

Reminding everyone to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen during this heatwave. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.


Winter is now here, its officially snowing so now everyone will be reaching for their boots. Here is the UGG-ly truth... please wear socks with winter boots to avoid turning your favorite boots into a bacterial and fungal breeding ground. Warm, sweaty feet create an environment suitable for the growth of fungus and bacteria that will cause odor, itchy burning skin and potential foot and nail infections such as athlete's foot. Your boots will also last longer and the sheepskin lining will stay soft and fluffy inside if you wear socks. Although we still may sweat through our socks, there are other ways to help the situation such as sprinkling some anti-fungal foot powder inside of our boots. I wish a Happy, healthy winter to all!!!

Introducing contemporary, runway-inspired antimicrobial finished medical apparel & nursing scrubs uniforms designed by celebrity pediatrician Dr. Neela.

To all of my ladies who are health care professions, I highly recommend Jaanuu scrubs. Right now for January, they are having a 25% off promotion off regularly priced scrubs if you join their email list. These scrubs are both fun and functional. They are stylish, attractive, designed for the female figure and antimicrobial! Check them out!

Keeping your girl parts healthy is definitely awkward and even embarrassing to talk about, but it is extremely important but many times over looked. After hearing about a recent toxic shock syndrome death in the media, I feel like maybe some women are not educated enough. I will have a huge blog entry about keeping your girl parts healthy and happy! #femininehygiene

I do not regret my flu shot at all from back in early October!!! I felt extra protected while taking public transportation seeing everyone around me coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth. (Gross ) if nobody else on that bus was vaccinated, at least I was. I also felt that by being vaccinated, I protected others by not spreading around influenza.

I am going to post about my first Flu Shot experience to clear up some popular myths & misconceptions about the Influenza vaccine, please stay tuned!!!

Looking cute with a cold isn't as difficult as it seems! Stay tuned for my favorite health and beauty tips while you are feeling under the weather but still need to be seen in public!

"Oh if I get the flu shot it will make me sick."

"Some people get the vaccine and catch the flu anyway; why bother?"

"All vaccines are bad and cause problems."


I'm sure you've heard it all. There's plenty of excuses people have to avoid getting the flu shot when there really is no excuse.

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Did you know that not getting the flu shot puts your family and your whole community at risk? There's too many myths and misconceptions about the flu vaccine.

My biggest health concerns in the summer time are :

10) Allergies
9) insect bites , mosquitos, ticks , illnesses they cause, etc. Lyme disease and west Nile. Bees.
8) food borne illnesses...
7) yeast infections
6) excessive sweating / dehydration / heat stroke
5) getting sick from water in hot tubs and pools...drowning
4) sunburn
3) the sun's damage to our eyes
2) orthopedic injuries because lets face it we're more active
1) poison oak and poison ivy and other skin rashes

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Find information on health conditions, wellness issues, and more in easy-to-read language on MedlinePlus, the up-to-date, trusted health information site from the NIH and the National Library of Medicine.
The bacteria and chemicals found on human skin have been sampled and mapped across the body in a series of 3-D images.