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Damian Ling
· August 2, 2016
Have used Peter for almost 20 years for motor servicing, have gone elsewhere during that time and have always come back. Peter's knowledge of motors and surf rescue rescue craft are second to none an...d he is always willing to provide advice to those willing to take the time to listen. See More
Jeremy Sturges
· July 26, 2017
Used Midcoast Marine for expert advice and parts, second to none knowledge and would recommend a visit to everyone.
Patricia Jones
· April 10, 2015
Peter hallett is one of the best mechanical engineering guy that has ever touched a boat motor we have him come to tasmania to work on our 3 motors I will highly recommend him

I often get asked the question by our Customers how do we know what is the ideal RPM or Speed for our boat.
The first question I ask them is, what is your intended application.
Once known, you can work out the optimal RPM and Speed combination to achieve the safest and best all round performance.
There are many factors that influence RPM and Speed apart from just the prop, but the prop is a good place to start.
Hope this helps.


Propeller RPM Formula:

Where RPM is slightly too high and you would like to decrease by 200 RPM .
This Pitch adjustment will do three functions:
1) Reduce take off ( Holeshot) slightly
2) Put the Motor in a slightly less “stressed” RPM range
3) Give a slightly higher “top end “ speed”.

Always consult with Manufacturer’s maximum
Motor RPM recommendations first.


Where RPM is known (R1)
Pitch is known (P1)
Where RPM required is ( R2)
What is the new Pitch (P2)

Where R1 is 6000
Where R2 required. is 5800
Where P1 is 9”
What will P2 be ?


6000 divided by 5800 x 9 = 9.3”
So new pitch required will be 9.3”
Therefore P2 = 9.3”

Alternatively, where you would like another 200 RPM higher to give a better take off ( Holeshot) as you may wish to tow Skiers, a Donut or just require more Grunt to get through the Bar and you don’t mind sacrificing a slightly reduced top end speed, then here is that Formula.


Where R1 is known
Where R2 required
Where P1 is known
What will P2 be ?

Where R1 is 5800
Where R2 required is 6000
Where P1 is 9.3”
What will P 2 be ?

Therefore 5800 divided by 6000 x 9.3 = 8.99”
Rounded out (9”)
So new pitch required will be 9”
Therefore P2 will be 9”

Propeller Speed Formula.
RPM divided by Gear Box Ratio ( GBR) x Pitch divided by 12 x 60 divided by 5280 x 1.6 =
X by 1.6 gives end speed in KPH.

6000 divided by 1.93 x 9” divided by 12 x 60 divided by 5280 x 1.6 = 42.39 kph.

Allow between 5-10 % for slip.
Each boat and set up will vary slightly.

The above is just a guide to establishing various requirements to assist in achieving the optimal performance from your motor, boat and Propeller set up.

This may be of interest if you are experiencing performance issues.

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Tohatsu Outboards

Proud moment for Tohatsu!
Because of you all, we reached our 4 million mark with outboard production!…/tohatsu-notches-4-million-mar…/


Recently, we have had a lot of enquiries about what is the best Cleaner/ Conditioner for Inflatables.
So we have attached a link for Island Girl Inflatable Boat Cleaner / Restorer, which is suitable for PVC, Hypalon( CSM) and Polyurethane Fabrics.
We use it and there is a bit of effort required, but the end results are fantastic.
Yes, it comes from Hawaii, but well worth the effort.

... See More
ISLAND GIRL® System for care and rejuvenation of inflatable boars. Different types of inflatable fabrics are described. How to care from new and how to restore older dinghies. Safety of ISLAND GIRL® products for inflatable fabric and glued seams is demonstrated. Page refers to important testimonia...


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Midcoast Marine Mobile Services

Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thankyou to all our customers that supported us in 2017. Having a few well deserved days off and we are back on board on the 2nd Jan.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thankyou to all our customers that supported us in 2017. Having a few well deserved days off and we are back on board on the 2nd Jan.

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A lot of people ask me about Ethanol Fuel being used in Outboard Motors.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
The Ethanol dissolves the sensitive rubber caps and O Rings and other associated rubber components within the Fuel system and you end up with this end result.
Self explanatory.

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Zodiac Milpro UK

Come and see us at the emergency services show stand L79

The European IRB Championships in Sharbeutz, with the Wales ONE SPEC Zodiac MilPro ZMSR380's

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Zodiac Milpro Australia Pty Limited added 2 new photos.

Just completed two new Sea Doo units for our local LIFEGUARDS with customer handover this afternoon.

Always a hinderance, never any help.
These motors won't put themselves back together.

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Pablo helping to get these floor boards up to spec! 3 weeks till patrol season!!

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For the mathematically inclined the two and three star scales are exponential: a sliding scale that asks for tougher standards for larger engines.

Good luck to all the clubs competing at the IRB carnival this weekend at Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Club. 😀 stay safe 🐥🐥🌊