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Headbanger Hip-Hop
Band Members
So'n'So - (James Coleman) - Emcee

That Guy Joe - (Joe Caratachea) - Guitars...

BC - (John Harrington) - Emcee

Zo Prophet - (Alonzo Jamison) - Drums

Uncle Dave - (Dave Carr) - Bass
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Saint Louis
Record Label
Midwest Avengers' new album "Hurry Up and Wait" available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and etc!!! Get your copy NOW!!!!
Reformed in 2004 from an all emcee group. Midwest Avengers came back on the scene as a live hip-hop/rock outfit which they call "Headbanger Hip Hop". As this ...incarnation of the band they have won the RFT's best Hip-Hop catagory for 2007 and 2008. Also, winners of the RFT's top 10 local albums of 2007. They have open up for national acts such as Flobots, Rehab, (hed) PE and rap/rock pioneers Stuck Mojo. After the sucess of thier previous LP "Evil Superheroes", MWA released their album "Headbanger Hip Hop" to many praises and good reviews. With the first single "Stalker" being played on St. Louis radio station 105.7 The Point. They recently released their 3rd release "Hurry up and Wait" featuring guest performances from Story of the Year and 360 Smile. Midwest Avengers are touring around the midwest area. Look for shows in your town! See More
Current Location
Saint Louis
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mash a bunch of dope music together and throw some liquor in it!