Does your kid love to jump on the bed? Mine does! So much so, I have to sneak into the bedrooms when changing the sheets - otherwise it encourages a bed jumping bonanza. Whether you love or loathe bed jumping, jumping is a skill your child will learn and practice on their developmental path.

To help your child hone their jumping skills, we’ve created Active Play Idea #16 ‘Jumping Jacks’. Join in when you can as jumping is great physical activity for adults too.

Looking to... share jumping with your baby? Bouncy baby play to active songs and rhymes is sure to delight them. A popular one in my home is Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

Move More Sit Less and jump for joy! Nicole Sadlier

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There’s something innately satisfying about throwing an object at a target and hitting the mark. Whether you’re playing ball sports or just like throwing scrunched up paper into your bin - being able to throw an object and hit a target is a skill you most likely acquired when you were a kid.

You can help your child to develop an ability to throw and hit a target with Active Play Idea #15 ‘In the Basket’. It’s a fun game the whole family can play, and it’s a great way to re-...purpose any odd, holey or old socks in your drawers.

Once your child is skilled at releasing their throw - try making paper aeroplanes to fly as a family. There’s a great design here to fold and fly, or feel free to share your favourite design with us.

Move More Sit Less and have fun playing with your kids!

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With the festive season and Summer holidays just around the corner, we're going to take a short break from sharing weekly Active Play Ideas with you. For holiday play inspiration, print out Nature Play CBR's Summer play list.

Enjoy a wonderful time with family and friends, and try to make these the Move More Sit Less Holidays. See you in 2018 for more active play!

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If play could be described for its nutritional value, what kind of nutrition would your kids be getting with their play? Read more at - it may make you think differently about play and the choices you make. Hope you're enjoying a Move More Sit Less start to your school holidays.

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With 9 days until Christmas, you may still be looking for gift ideas...

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Sheets - every house has them. But, did you know that the humble bed sheet is one of the most versatile active play items in your home?

We’ve unfolded 4 fun play ideas for you to share with your child in Active Play Idea #14.

Looking for baby play fun? Try making-the-bed peek-a-boo, or creating a long crawling tunnel using chairs, or play ‘now you see them, now you don’t’ with the teddies.


Old sheets can be used as picnic blankets for backyard meal times or laying with your baby under a shady tree and watching the wind move the leaves.

Move More Sit Less and have fun creating play with the everyday.

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Your children may be young but I feel it’s not too early to start thinking about how we role model positive habits that create healthier futures for our kids…like walking and riding on short trips instead of getting in the car. If walking and riding becomes normal in our local community, and everyone is doing it, it’s much easier for our children to naturally adopt this behaviour.

This article from Canberra Times and the line "Social norms and community norms are shaping parent's decisions about letting their children be independently mobile" got me thinking about how we all have the power as individuals to influence social and community norms. Let’s start making a Move More Sit Less culture the new norm. Nicole Sadlier

Fear of disapproval from other parents, friends and teachers, is one of the main reasons parents won't let their children walk to school, new research finds.

What do you think ’household chores’, ‘cleaning’ and ‘cooking’ have to do with screen time? They list in the top reasons parents give when asked ‘When do you use screen time for your kids?’

That’s why we’ve created Active Play Idea #13 - Rub-A-Dub-Dub. Next time you need to get the housework done, have a quick think before you grab for the screen if there’s some way your child can be involved.

It’s worked in my household. Whether it’s nature, nurture or a bit of both - my ...kid is now quite helpful when it comes to getting the housework done. I just hope his enthusiasm for cleaning, doing the washing and cooking stays with him for life.

We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for getting kids to help with housework.

Move More Sit Less and try getting your kids involved. Nicole Sadlier

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Are you following our Active Advent Calendar? Today is #8 'Go on a Scavenger Hunt in your local suburb or park'. Not sure what a Scavenger Hunt is? Head on over to Nature Play CBR's website -…/Nature%20Play%20SCAVENGER… and be a Move More Sit Less family

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Active Play Idea #12 'Bucket Walk' was created for my niece who loved craft and an outdoor adventure when she was little. She also loved computer games - so this was a great alternative to screen time.

Kids + buckets is a winning combination when it comes to play. If your child isn't into craft then creating a small nature table for their collection may appeal. Mix it up by adding a Scavenger Hunt to your walk - there’s a great one on Nature Play CBRs website…/Nature%20Play%20SCAVENGER…

You can do this play idea with babies - let them feel the textures of the different items you find and smell flowers and crushed leaves. Talk about what you can feel, see and hear - babies love this.

Move More Sit Less and have outdoor fun this Summer! Nicole Sadlier

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If you're wondering how to keep the kids active this month and coming into the holidays look no further than Mighty Movers CBRs very own Active Advent Calendar. Daily inspiration delivered directly to you. Print out, pop on your fridge and enjoy being a Move More Sit Less family!

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Sharing active play with your baby helps them to learn how fun it is to move. Activities that involve movement and song help your baby to learn about actions, words and rhythm. Share Active Play Idea #11 Horsing Around with your baby with this great knee bobbing song - it’s sure to make them giggle!

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The Weekly Active Play Ideas are back! Mighty Movers CBR has created another 10 ideas to help you, your family or your playgroup inject some more active play into your everyday. We’re kicking off with #11 Horsing Around.

This idea has been tried and tested by my preschooler and I think he’s worn a track around our dining table! Maybe even worn me out a little joining him on the riding adventures.

With christmas present wrapping just around the corner - remember to keep your long cardboard tubes from the wrapping paper as they make excellent impromptu horses to ride. Move More Sit Less and have fun! Nicole Sadlier

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We would like to invite parents/carers who have been part of Mighty Movers CBR either at playgroup or online via Facebook to join us in a small group discussion to explore your thoughts on how easy (or not!) it is to create time for Active Play and reduce screen time. We are interested to know what barriers you face (i.e. what makes it hard) and solutions (i.e. what would make it easier) to create more active family play and reduce screen time in your home. Your thoughts are ...important to us and will help inform future initiatives to support families to spend more time engaging in active play and less time using screens.*

We anticipate each group session will last approximately 30 minutes - leaving the remainder of the time for you to play with your child and connect with other parents. We welcome you to bring your children so they can have some fun in the play space which provides the perfect back drop to this important discussion.

Please RSVP to Sarah –

Tuesday, 28 November from 9.30am-11.30am

ACT Playgroups, Cook Community Hub, Corner Ellis and Templeton Streets, Cook. Once you enter the building it's the first door on your right signed "Cook Castle".

There's plenty of parking in the car park across from Ellis Place.

* The information obtained from the focus group will help to inform the evaluation of the Mighty Movers CBR Program, including recommendations for future initiatives to support families. We will therefore need your consent on the day to include your thoughts in the evaluation. If you do not want to provide consent, we would still like to hear from you but wont include anything you say in the evaluation.

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Tue 9:30 AM UTC+11Act Playgroup AssociationCanberra, ACT, Australia
43 people interested

Does your child’s Early Childhood Centre or preschool promote active play as part of their daily program?

Kids love to move and having educators who promote active play and teach kids movement skills helps your child to continue developing a full range of skills that will set them up to become competent and confident movers for life.

ACT Health’s ‘Kids at Play Active Play’ team offers a FREE program which provides practical ideas and materials to help early childhood educator...s feel confident to promote active play and teach fundamental movement skills (FMS) to children. It is aimed at educators of children aged three to five in preschools and long day care centres.

For more information visit…/kids-play-active-pla… Your child’s centre can contact the Program Managers by emailing

Let’s all work towards giving our kids a great childhood and start to life by helping them to Move More Sit Less

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Do you ever catch yourself saying "Be careful!" to your child too much? If you're interested in learning more about risk or learning some tips on how you can start letting your kids take more risks - read this article from Canada.

8 tips on how to let your kids take more risks

Well the Melbourne Cup may be the race that stops a nation, but how about using tomorrow's horsey theme as motivation for galloping active play. Celebrate the joy of the Galloping Horse with your kids. Head to the nearest park and find a stick horse to ride or for some extra tips and variations go to this link Ribbon and streamer horse reins work great for a shared play experience with your child. Yeeha! Have fun Nicole Sadlier

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