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Declan Lane
· March 22, 2014
4.5 stars to mike! 5 is just crazy. In 5 years Mike will be 5 stars I figure. I mean you can't go more than 5 so ya gotta leave some room to go somewhere right?!
Mike has provided me with outstanding over the last 15 years from software app sounds to recording and mixing a variety of Surf, Rock and or Metal! Keep'er coming. See More
Brian Langley
· March 31, 2017
The beer fridge could use an upgrade. Only holds 30 beer. Better than nothing though ;)
Thomas Holmes
· December 1, 2016
Best teacher and engineer in vancouver hands down, knows the biz and pro tools inside and out, highly recommended!!!
Shawn Gommer
January 23, 2013
Producer cum laude
Stephane Palladino
· August 26, 2017
La crême de la Crême. Awesome guy, excellent work, and an incredible teacher.

Always blazing trails and not giving a f@k what others think.

Metallica is officially the world's first subscription-based band.

The metal titans are selling a "Wherever I May Roam Black Ticket" that gets you into all the shows of their upcoming tour.
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Posted by Spotify

Metallica's Master of Puppets. Their best album? Probably. Their best album cover? Well...

We recorded and/or mixed a bunch of the tracks on this Greatest Hits album!
Still my favourite band shirt of all times!

CINDERPOP RELEASES BEST OF ALBUM, BRICOLAGE Listen here. Cinderpop emerged from a Vancouver indie punk band called A Murder of Crowes in the mid-nine...
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Musicians Unite

We want to have the best gear we can afford, but we must remember that instruments don't make music, musicians do!!

Almost every guitar player I know has one of these... Is the market just flooded or is everyone going Fender now? Wow

Gibson guitar company, which has been a staple brand among various musical instruments since 1902, i...

Cool write up about the artwork for the upcoming Gatekeeper album we did...

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Cruz Del Sur Music added 2 new photos.

Legendary Artist Duncan Storr Illuminates GATEKEEPER’s ‘East Of Sun’ Album Cover

Soon, the metal world will get to absorb the sounds of Gatekeeper first full-le...ngth album, “East Of Sun”, an epic metal tour-de-force that will see the light of day this April via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Rewind back to the early months of 2017, though, and it was legendary British artist Duncan Storr (DARK FOREST, EDGE OF SANITY, RAGE, SKYCLAD) who became one of the first people to hear the demos that would ultimately become “East Of Sun”. Well before they were signed to Cruz Del Sur, GATEKEEPER leader Geoff Blackwell mustered up the courage to email Storr a demo to see if he’d be willing to work on the project. Luckily for Blackwell and co., Storr took an immediate liking to GATEKEEPER and got down to business.

“I liked the demo and asked to hear a few more songs if they had more,” says Storr. “Geoff sent me over another two demos to listen to so I could get a good feel for their sound. The titles of the tracks ‘Warrior Without Fear’, ‘Oncoming Ice’, and ‘East Of Sun West of Moon’, sparked something and I got a few ideas from listening to the tracks.”

Storr proceed to reach into his vault and selected an unfinished piece he thought would be suit GATEKEEPER. “I sent Geoff a few of these images and relayed how I would like to incorporate some of the song ideas and embellish the atmosphere in the painting,” he says. “He got back to me after showing the rest of the band. The band have been great to work with and have kept me informed and added more demos for me to work with as I paint. I find this always helps.”

"We had a short list of people that we wanted to work with on this album and Duncan Storr was on it,” adds Blackwell. “He is a real gentleman and a master behind the paintbrush. The piece he showed us instantly clicked with our vision for the record and in a way, it drove us to work even harder on the music in order to match the quality of his art. GATEKEEPER would like to thank Duncan for his hard work, dedication to his craft and for being a loyal fan of rock and roll."

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Cliff Burton will be honored with a "Cliff Burton Day" on February 10 in Castro Valley, California. The proclamation comes after METALLICA fans started a petition and tallied thousands o...
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January 28
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Been working with Gatekeeper this year...congrats, guys!

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Cruz Del Sur Music

Cruz Del Sur Music is proud to announce the signing of Canadian epic metal force Gatekeeper!

The band’s first full-length, “East Of Sun”, will be released this... April worldwide on compact disc (including 2 bonus songs), vinyl and digital.

Originally formed in 2009 as a solo project by guitarist Geoff Blackwell, GATEKEEPER has assembled an impressive array of EPs and splits, including an appearance on Metal Blade’s “Metal Massacre XIV” where they contributed the song “Bell Of Tarantia”. Their signing to Cruz Del Sur will mark a new, exciting era for the band.

Comments Blackwell: “Cruz Del Sur has been a bastion for great heavy metal for a long time and it's a pleasure to be included alongside a host of bands that have been influences on our music and bands that we consider our contemporaries. Above all, Enrico [Leccese] has been extremely fair and willing to work with us so that we can present the album the way we've envisioned.”

Recorded over the span of six months at Harbourside Studios in Vancouver, Canada, “East Of Sun” was produced by Mike Rogerson, whose previous credits include ANNIHILATOR, AGGRESSION, 88 MILE TRIP and LOVERBOY, with additional production assistance provided by Angelo Boose, who, according to Black “stayed up through many all-night recording sessions with us.”

The “East Of Sun” title is a shortened version of a book of Scandinavian folk tales that parallels the content on the record where each song stands on its own. The album’s cover art was created by Duncan Storr, who has previously worked with SKYCLAD, RAGE and Cruz Del Sur’s own DARK FOREST.

“East Of Sun” boasts a mixture of older, unreleased material written by Blackwell which are complemented by live staples that have recently been updated. “It's pure heavy metal with a sword and sorcery flourish,” says Blackwell. “We wear our influences on our sleeves, but we don't want to be a pale imitation of them. We try to capture the spirit of what we love without copying anyone’s' notes. This album has our fastest song and it's got our biggest, most epic slow-burner and many songs in between. It has melodic electric guitar playing coupled with fierce riffs, thunderous rhythms, mystical acoustic passages and, of course, a unique and varied performance from our singer, Jean-Pierre. And these things are just the start.”

GATEKEEPER’s immediate plans include assembling live dates near their Vancouver home base and on the west coast of Canada. Currently, they are scheduled to play the Northwest Metalfest 2018 in Seattle this March alongside Q5, HEIR APPARENT, GLACIER, WILD DOGS, SKELATOR, SUBSTRATUM and RIOT CITY. Aside from that, Blackwell says GATEKEEPER has its sights set on even bigger territories, namely Europe:
“With Cruz Del Sur on our side, I think it's just a matter of time before we cross into European soil, so beware!”

Line up:

Jean-Pierre Abboud - Lead Vocals, Chorus
Geoff Blackwell - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, chorus
Kenny Kroecher - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
David Messier, Bass guitar, chorus
Tommy Tro - Battery

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Some good tips/rules from one of the coolest engineer/producers ever.

Sylvia Massy

This morning I'm detailing Studio Divine's "Staff Policy". A good read if you are trying to get a starting position at a studio. Every item on the list has a st...ory behind it (17, 18 and 19 were doozies!) Hahaha! Enjoy and poach if you need it...
And if you have a story about how you or a staffer broke a rule, please post!!! 🙂

STUDIO DIVINE Staff Policies:

1. PUNCTUALITY - Engineers need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the session start time. 11:45am start time for engineers on a normal session that starts at noon, unless otherwise arranged. Session engineers and assistants need to be here 10:00am on the first day of a new project for set-up.

2. PROJECT ORDERS - When given a Project Order, keep track of time and write it on the P.O. when finished. Put completed and signed project orders in Chris’ box.

3. SCHEDULING - Scheduling of studio and rehearsal time, equipment use and staff hours will be done by Chris directly. Absolutely no “jam time” without permission from Chris.

4. TOURS and VISITORS - Feel free to bring people by the studio for brief tours, but only early in the day when it won’t disrupt sessions. Tours in the mornings by management is best. Absolutely no studio tours or visitors after sessions end at night.

5. SECURITY - Staff members need to keep doors locked and secure when studio is not being used. Special attention needs to be made to the downstairs and side doors of the facility.

6. STUDIO USE BY STAFF MEMBERS - Engineering staff is encouraged to use the studio facility for training purposes on their own time, only after consent and scheduling from Chris. Engineers are the only staff authorized to use the recording equipment. Do not walk into a session to get equipment without texting or calling the studio’s engineer or assistant to get permission.

7. ALCOHOL - Staff is not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while on the studio premises in any work area, during scheduled work hours or during their own free time, without prior consent from studio management. Intoxication at work is grounds for immediate dismissal.

8. ILLEGAL OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES - Staff members will not use illegal or controlled substances on the studio property, neither during scheduled work hours or during their own free time. It is against the law to sell illegal drugs – absolutely do not sell drugs on the facility property. Selling drugs is grounds for immediate dismissal. This includes “prescription” drugs.

9. SIDE DEALS - It is unethical to make side-deals or trade-deals with the studio’s clients for services, equipment, tickets, jobs, gigs or anything without management knowing and approving. Side-deals made that include drug trade is grounds for immediate dismissal.

10. SLEEPING OVER - Staff members and clients are not allowed to use the studio couches or upstairs bed for overnight sleeping without prior approval from the Chris.

11. CIGARETTES - Staff producer/engineers, assistant engineers, runners, interns and other studio staff are not allowed to smoke cigarettes inside the studio facility. Staff smoking can be done on sidewalk outside of studios. Do not put cigarettes out in flower planters. Pick up your cigarette butts. Smoking breaks allowed once every couple hours, if you need to smoke more than this then think about quitting tobacco.

12. STAFF VISITORS, PERSONAL CALLS, TEXTING, SOCIAL MEDIA - Visits by friends and family members should be minimal and should not disrupt sessions. Incoming personal calls to staff mobile phones should be minimal. It is okay to check mobile phone text and email messages every two hours during a session. Checking social media during a session is very bad studio etiquette and is discouraged.

13. MEAL BREAKS - You are welcome to leave the studio during your meal break, but please keep it down to one hour.

14. OFF DAYS - Please notify Chris as early as possible if you need to change your schedule.

15. INTERNET USE - Do not use Pro Tools computer to check personal email, social media or to browse the web for personal reasons.

16. PHOTOGRAPHS and VIDEO - Always ask the session’s producer FIRST for permission to photograph or film a session. Do not post photos or video to social media without also clearing it with the session’s producer first.

17. PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR - Staff members should act professionally in front of clients and any business associates, during sessions and during their own free time. Please do not drink to excess in front of clients, even off the studio property. Because you are a professional studio representative, please do not express negative personal opinions about the studio or about fellow staff members to clients or to locals.

18. PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT WITH CLIENTS - Studio staff must not attempt to seduce clients, friends of clients, or employees of business associates. Studio staff must also be careful not to be seduced by clients or business associates. Social interaction outside of work is acceptable, however having sexual relations with a client or business associate can be grounds for dismissal, as it can seriously disrupt working relations.

19. AGGRESSION - Physical altercations between staff and clients will cause the staffer to be immediately terminated, even if the client is the worst ass-hole in the world. Altercations between staffers will also result in someone being terminated. Try to avoid these problem situations.

20. HANGING OUT - Staff members should respect the client's space and not "hang out" on the session, in the lobby or in the client’s space if they are not scheduled for work, unless permitted to do so by the session's producer. Even if the client allows permission, it is not a good idea to hang out. Staff should have a specific working purpose for being in a session, and should stay as busy as possible.

21. EQUIPMENT OFF PREMISES - No equipment is allowed off premises, including instruments, cables, microphones, lighting, recording gear or amplification, recording racks, except when previously arranged with Chris. When allowed to take equipment, it must be checked-out in the Equipment Log by Chris.

22. RELEASE OF RECORDINGS - Staff members must not transfer sessions to external drives without specific instruction from Chris to do so. When a client asks for a copy of their recordings, you MUST ask Chris if the client is paid up. This is important even with files being uploaded to WeTransfer.

23. PERSONAL MUSIC COPIES - Staff member personal copies of client's music will be allowed only by approval of project producer or studio management. Personal copies of music from Sylvia’s archive is not allowed. Studio staff members who have personal copies absolutely must not share the music online, or give copies to other people.

24. VIDEO GAMES - The studio’s video games are for client's use and should not be used by staff members unless the clients have left for the evening. Video games belonging to the studio should never be taken home by staff members.

25. PERSONAL USE OF STUDIO SUPPLIES - Staff members are not allowed to take the studio’s supplies for their own personal use or to give to anyone else, ie: toilet paper, coffee, milk, thumb drives, blank CDs.

26. CONFIDENTIALITY - Please do not tell other people the specific details of what is happening in the studio. Studio activities and the identities of visiting clients should remain private information. Do not post information about studio activities in internet blogs or pages without permission from the session’s producer or management.

27. GOSSIP - Reduce the “so-and-so said this about you” talk. This gossip creates tension and disharmony among staff and clients. Also please refrain from talking about your personal problems and issues during work time. If your life is always in crisis, people will not want you around!

28. KITCHEN USE - The main kitchen is for everyone, but please clean up after cooking, using the counter space for food preparation or making coffee. Also, take pride in your workplace and keep counters clear and clean if others leave messes. This includes everyone!

29. FOOD - Do not live off of studio snacks and bagels unless you have an arrangement with management. Milk and soy milk is for coffee only, not for cereal. Please let management know if clients are abusing the kitchen privileges.

30. RACIAL AND SEXUAL REMARKS - Staff should refrain from making any racial or sexual remarks, names and jokes, no matter how lighthearted, they are never appropriate. Also included are remarks about sexual orientation or gender.

31. LIGHTS - Turn off unneeded lights in work areas you are leaving, the exception is the front lobby, stairwells and lights outside the entrances.

32. WORKSPACE CLEAN-UP - Always clean up your work area when finished. Organize unfinished projects so they are out of the way for someone else to use the workspace. This includes clearing the computer desktop of any computer you have been working on, throwing unneeded files in the trash and properly filing away anything to be saved. And please put back thumb drives after use!!!

33. MAILING ADDRESS - Do not use the studio’s physical address as your personal mailing address.

34. TROUBLE REPORTING - It is extremely important that staff members report problems with the facility or any equipment quickly. This includes problems with equipment or instruments as well as leaks, heaters, ant problems, broken chairs, etc.. Pay attention to client complaints and report any problem conditions to management. Hazardous situations and emergency repairs need to be reported immediately to Chris or Sylvia, and not-so-urgent problems should be reported by filling out a Trouble Report form. It is extremely important that these Trouble Reports be placed in Chris’ box or desk so that the problem can be assessed and dealt with quickly. If a Trouble Report is not available, please write a note describing the problem, attach it to the item and remove it from the studio. Have it taken to either the office or the tech shop.

35. SUPPLIES ORDERING - Write down any needed supplies on the shopping lists located on clipboards in the kitchen. This includes fuses, cleaning supplies, lightbulbs, as well as food and coffee items.

36. WRITE-UPS - If a staff member is found to be continually in violation of any of the items listed here, they will be given a written notice to change their behavior. Upon receiving 3 written notices, the staffer will have to leave the studio.

I have read the Studio Divine Staff Policy and understand the importance of staying within these guidelines:

Signed: ________________________ Date: __________________
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Lenny Breau

Danny Gatton was an American guitarist who fused blues, rockabilly, jazz, and country to create a musical style, that some have called "redneck jazz". He got th...e nickname as “The Humbler” for his ability to defeat other guitarists in “head-cutting” jam sessions but Gatton declared that “The biggest humbler to me, of all time, would be Lenny Breau. He was the best I have ever seen. Lenny played more great stuff at one time than anybody on the planet…with the feeling and tone. He was the best that ever lived, bar none.”

Find out more about this creative genius - subscribe to receive exclusive notification of the release of Lenny Breau's official website:

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