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Lori Dillon Gaspard
· April 8, 2018
I was having battery trouble with my 2017 Accord on a Saturday. I called them around lunch time. They got me in within an hour or so. They checked out my car and had me out the door with my new batter...y in about 30 minutes of my arrival. Keep in mind, this all happened on a Saturday. You don't get this kind of treatment at any other dealer. Thank you Mike Smith Honda service dept. See More
Vaishali Mewar
· February 22, 2018
I purchased a 2018 Honda Pilot from Mike Smith Honda. I inquired about the model prior to driving to Beaumont to purchase this vehicle. Chris Jenkins, General Manager at Mike Smith Honda, responded... immediately and said the vehicle was available. We drove down the following Saturday. We had Ms . Rayburn waiting for us with the car ready to test drive. She was extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle and went through great lengths to explain the details of the vehicle. We were treated equally nicely by the F&I Manager. The whole purchasing process was smooth and stress free. We received so much individual attention and care. I would definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family. See More
Angie Turner Hawkins
· April 10, 2018
We had a great experience with our car salesmen, Jordan. He was very knowledgeable about the 2018 Honda Civic Sport that we bought. He was also very funny and kind. They worked with us, having to tr...ade in my 2017 Honda Civic Si 6-speed (left knee prob) for an automatic. We are truly satisfied with the whole experience, and would buy from Jordan again. See More
Casey Joette Kelley
· November 4, 2017
This was probably the most professional dealership we have dealt with yet! I cannot begin to express how polite and caring the employees are at Mike Smith Honda. They will help you get exactly what yo...u're looking for. One particular employee, Liana Rodriguez, was very informative and helpful throughout our entire experience. She was by far, one of my favorite people to encounter on our car buying journey. If you are in need of a vehicle, this is definitely the place to shop. Plenty of options, local staff, and just a wonderful interaction entirely. We will absolutely be coming back! See More
Tiffany Perkinz
· October 22, 2017
In July of 2016, my husband and I were looking to buy a new van--a 2016 Honda Odyssey. My husband had done research on the van and emailed several dealers looking to get the best deal. We opted to go the Beaumont dealer because it is closer to our home in Groves than Houston. While there, we dealt with a man, I don't recall his name, but I seem to remember he was the manager over financing. We were in his office and were given to him after talking to a salesperson. I do remember that he was a middle-aged white man.

After giving us a price, my husband showed them the deals he was given at one of the Houston dealers by a salesman named Sergio, which was significantly lower, in hopes they would match the price.

The man in Beaumont would not match the price, but that is not the reason we walked out of that office. In an attempt to get us to stay and purchase the van from them rather than driving to Houston, the man told us that "you would rather buy here from us than drive to Houston and deal with someone who doesn't even speak English"--this being said after we showed him Sergio's offer.

I assume this man thought he knew his audience: we were a young white family there with our three pretty white babies, so I assume that in his mind the thought of buying from a fellow white man who spoke only English would be more appealing to us.

His misread us horribly, as our white family does not tolerate racism. We left, and the next week we drove to Houston to meet Sergio at his dealership--who by the way was beautifully bilingual in Spanish AND English, got us a good deal on the van, and was amazingly professional.

We will not be back to Mike Honda Beaumont as long as there are people in positions of power there who try to discourage people from buying from Hispanic salesmen.
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Amanda Mitchell
· October 14, 2017
I absolutely hated my experience with the repair shop at Mike Smith Honda. My vehicle was towed to the repair shop at Mike Smith Honda on August 24th and I did not receive my vehicle back until Octobe...r 7th! The estimated time quoted to complete the job was only EIGHT days. My rental was covered by insurance for that time frame and the insurance company even paid for extended days up to a full month since the dealership was taking so long to complete service. The management team at Mike Smith, including the general manager, did nothing to accommodate me and the almost $300 weekly rate for my rental I had to pay since service work had extended well past the estimated amount of days. I am furious with those who had a hand in this process at Mike Smith Honda. I will never do business with Mike Smith nor will I refer anyone to the company. See More
Drake Broussard
· October 26, 2017
Mike smith honda has been an amazing and easy buying process in every aspect. Spoke with a woman named Liana Rodriguez who completely answered all of my questions and helped me in the right direction ...of others, as well as all of the other staff, you guys rock! Love my mike smith Honda family! See More
Katie Sachnik Venezia Mitchell
· January 31, 2018
I had regular maintenance, 15k, check up today. They got me in quick, got me out quick and it was a lot cheaper then I anticipated. I was very happy with my service today. Thank you Sara for being customer friendly. See More
Bonnie Collida Kothawala
· September 21, 2017
Just wanted to thank Trent Ryan for making it a great experience buying my Honda Accord today. After going through our house and car getting flooded, I was too tired to haggle price and take all day buy a car -- the way it usually is. He had a car I wanted with all the features I let him know I wanted in a car, the color was perfect. And he worked with us on the price I wanted to pay. He explained all the features it had where I could understand all it does. Thank you Anthony for making financing my car so easy. And for giving me options to choose from and no pressure to add any of them to the cost of the car. See More
Tori Broussard
· March 14, 2018
Do NOT use this service center!! I called this morning and made a 4:15 appt for an oil change today. I chose this place because they listed that they had a child play center and even informed them I w...ould be bringing my 1 yr old. I was told it would take 30-45 mins. My car sat for close to 45 mins before they even brought it back to be serviced. I asked MULTIPLE times how much the service would be and nobody could give me a price. They kept saying they "would find out." I was never given a price until AFTER the oil change was performed. All of the toys were filthy, I didn't even let my daughter play with them, but that's not a huge deal. They after waiting for an HOUR that they were waiting for my filter to be delivered?! I was going to just take my car and leave but then suddenly "it arrived." My car was not finished until 6 pm, almost 2 HOURS for an oil change. The part I'm most upset about is when we finally got my car back it SMELLED SO DISGUSTING. The smell is horrid, like wet hot gargabe on a summer day. My driver's seat smells like something died in it and there are GREASY handprints all over my door and steering wheel. If my daughter had not been so cranky would've gone back and made them clean it but my patience was absolutely gone. Will NOT use this service center again. See More
Amy Kirwin Eaves
· February 1, 2018
We bought a 2017 Honda Pilot yesterday from Carlous. She did a great job of explaining everything about the car and was so helpful. We’ve bought many Hondas from Mike Smith and have always had a great... experience! See More
Liana Rowe
· October 24, 2017
I just want to thank Skylar Smith for helping me get into my perfect Honda Accord! He was very kind and didn’t push anything on us when it came to buying from him. He was extremely helpful and I can’t... thank him enough for going above and beyond for us. I would buy the whole parking lot from him if I could. Definitely the best experience when purchasing a vehicle. See More
Brittany Anderson Wheeler
· October 23, 2017
Big thanks to Danny White at Mike Smith Honda for helping my husband and myself both get back into vehicles after the flood! He made it so simple and hassle free for us and I couldn't be happier with... my new car!! He goes above and beyond for his customers! See More
Cameron Adams
· April 19, 2018
Very friendly people. They will work very hard to get you the best deal. Danny and Chris were a pleasure to do business with.
Yolanda Stagg
· January 16, 2018
To anyone that is out or will be out looking for a new vehicle please do not use Mike Smith at all,I'm talking Mike Smith honda,Nissan, BMW,MERCEDES ,etc... My car has been at Mike Smith Nissan since ...before Thanksgiving because the car wasn't recognizing the key so therefore my car wouldn't start,Spoke with Kimberly several of times about their recommendations assuming that was gonna fix the problem,by this time my bill was 1,318.00 I agreed to the services because Kimberly and the college Mechanic said by them putting these parts on my car that should fix the problem,well it didnt,then there was another reccomendation as to why the car wouldn't start so I agreed for the service to be done only because Kimberly and the college Mechanic said that should fix the problem,well it didn't. So now I have all these neww parts on my car for nothing because after all of that my car still did not start,so now I'm looking at 3,800.00 dollar bill for my car not to be running,at the end Kimberly called me and said Ms.Stagg you can come pick your vehicle up it's ready,then she calls me back only to tell me it wasn't ready that after the college Mechanic put the "last part on " the car still didn't start so he did a master reset on my car and boom my car starts,when that should've been the 1st thing they should've done instead of assuming what they thought was wrong with my car. I only owe 3,700.00 on my car it costs 3,800.00 to get it out of the shop, we were told by Kimberly and Matt that we cannot get any of our things out of our car until we pay the 3,800.00 Matt was very rude and Kimberly seemed like she didn't care that they over charged me and I still had the same problem. We then went to a sales manager Calvin Harris who was so kind to us and couldn't believe how his team members were treating us,so he allowed us to get important things out of our car,we then asked Calvin is there anything he can do to get this outrageous bill down he told me to give him a couple of days and he was gonna work on it. He then called me back on a Tuesday and said he spoke with "Matt" and he couldn't get the price down but they'll give us 3 months to pay the bill off and that the car has to remain in their care until paid in full. I then called Kevin Swearinger which is the director of Nissan he never returned my call,so I contacted kinsel who I purchased the car from and they tried to tell Matt and Kevin Swearinger the problem and of course they acted like they didn't care only because we agreed to the services that still did not fix my car. I am very dissatisfied with them and I will use every social media,news outlet i can before I let this happen to anyone else. I've contacted the actual Nissan company in North America area but they aren't able to help me because every dealer ship is individually owned. Do not,I repeat Do not get involved with these people See More
Melody Wilson Guidry
· February 27, 2018
I was there for 4 new tires for my Honda CRV that I bought in 2014. They are a great group of people. My next car will be from here too.
Kris Stanley
· September 30, 2017
Trustworthy, honest, and caring. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Skyler is exceptional at what he does. After Hurricane Harvey, my Jeep became not safe and dangerous to drive. I had liabi...lity and poor credit, so my options were next to none. I called and spoke with Skyler... told him about my situation and he immediately did whatever he could to get me in a safe drive able car. I honestly didn't care what I was approved for, but they approved me for a new 2018 Honda Fit!!! It's hard to find a car dealership that genuinely cares. What makes Mike Smith Honda different than any other dealership is that they care about you as a person and your not just "another buyer". Thank you all so much! See More
Agnes Robatue
· August 13, 2017
I am usually very satisfied with the service at Mike Smith but this past Saturday I had an appointment for an oil change, and tire rotation. My car was finished a little over an hour later. My kids an...d I sat there thinking we would be called soon but waited over 30 minutes. I finally went to ask the lady in the service department how much longer it would be before I got my car because we could clearly see it was finished. She told me I had 2 or 3 other cars in front of me that had to be checked out first because they check you out in the order you check in. So we sat there for over an hour staring at my car that was clearly ready because they had to finish working on the other peoples car that checked in before me and check them out before I could be checked out. I think that's a bit ridiculous!! See More
Jennifer Nichols
· August 16, 2017
Guys, seriously I hate car shopping! My husband gets all worried that we are about to screwed. We went to Houston first and left because they were ugly. Came the next day to Mike Smith, talked to Tren...t and Chris and within minutes they presented us with an offer that was perfect for us. No haggle, no hustling, just the perfect deal. They gave me what I needed for trade in and within an hour I was driving out in my new vehicle. Thanks guys for being SO nice!! See More
James Boor
· March 12, 2018
Just finished purchasing a 2018 Accord from Danny White, Sales Consultant. Great experience and great staff including their sales manager Rick Straub. Be sure to ask for Danny White for your next purc...hase at Mike Smith Honda. See More
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