SCAMMER -- JANET MARRS From the message inbox: " ... Anytime I need to refresh my english and I'm always in contact with many people abroad. A month ago I contacted an american woman in a normal penpal website called penpal world but I didn't expect any reply. After two days of my first contact the woman answered me telling me her name Janet C. Marrs. working as soldier in Afghanistan for USAF Rank 2 D Pay Grade Lt. We started as an usual and ordinary penpal friendship but day after day our link was growing and we found many similarities in way of thinking and doing. So we decided to have a chance for meeting us one day for trying to build something serious and solid in future. She didn't ask for me anything except exchanging feelings and thoughts. Our link became always stronger til we decided to see us soon. I invited her to come to Italy and she replied me that she wanted to do that but she needed I could write a mail for explaining our link to the General District for trying to ask for her leave of absence from the war zone. She gave me an e mail for writing: I didn't reply to her because I definitively realized she could be a scammer but she wrote me because she was thinking of me and she was worried. So I asked for her to send a video or something which could demonstrate her real existence and she replied that she couldn't do that because she was in war zone and she was denied to do video or something else. I stopped to write her but this morning I received a mail with a video and she wants to demonstrate me that she's real...So I ask for you what I have to do...If she was real Janet I would ask for everything for trying to see and attend her in reality but if not I would be upset... She asked for me to write to the U.S Air Force but Particularly to the General in charge of the leave of absence from the war zone at this mail address **** Note from Katie - This woman's photos have previously been used in scams.

Interesting news - the Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with Western Union to settle charges that massive fraud payments went through Western Union. If you sent money to a fake Soldier by way of Western Union, you MAY be entitled to restitution. We'll keep track of the progress, but in the meanwhile, you can find more information here:…/cases-proceedings/refunds/western-uni… or PLEASE do not send money to ANYONE who claims they can get your money back. ~ katie

The FTC reached a settlement with Western Union in January 2017. The FTC and Western Union agreed to settle charges that massive fraud payments flowed through Western Union’s money transfer system for many years that the company could have prevented. According to the FTC’s lawsuit, scammers falsely…
Be aware of these iTunes card scams. ~Mima~

Be aware of scams involving iTunes Gift Cards.
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John William Griffin Jr.

Army on peacekeeping mission story always wins bread for scammers and this overcooked story being used for decades.
Scammers use stolen pics from innocent peop...le and the pics keep changing day to day, but their story remains the same.

FFS you are living in 21st century and using a smart phone. A simple google search will give you lot of info. Do your groundwork.

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"Money Mules" working for scammers is a crime. "Money Laundering" is a crime. Say no to these criminal offences. Say no to scammers. 🚫⚠️~Mima~

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Online dating has created a lot of romance scams and fakers pretending to be a soldier. Know the signs of someone impersonating a military member.

This West African guy is impersonating a US Military guy. Face of a real scammer hiding behind stolen photos of innocent men used in fake profiles for scam purposes. 👎

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Scammers use manipulation tactic to gain power over their victims and have their full submission. 😬 ~Mima~

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to gain power. And it works too well.…/army-warns-of-scammers-using-fake-militar…
--> Always remain cautious online! 👨‍💻👩‍💻~Mima~

If you're looking for love and find it online wearing a military uniform, you might want to remain cautious.The U.S. Army has issued a warning to those who may have ever met a service member on a dating site or social media.WSYR-TV reports that the Army ge
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John William Griffin Jr.

Popular Scammers Video Series #2
Fake Webcam Footage Fools Online Daters into Falling for Scam Artists
When it comes to scams, never believe what you see. A typ...ical online dating con, scammers are using recorded webcam footage and stolen photos to disguise.
How the Scam Works:
You meet someone through a dating website, and you are falling in love. He/she sends you gushing emails, and you chat over webcam. One thing is a bit strange, though. Whenever you make plans to meet in person, your new friend always has a reason to postpone.
Finally, after a few months or weeks, he/she asks you for money. The reasons given vary. Maybe he/she lost a job and needs a loan, or she/he has an unexpected medical expense.
After you send the cash, you find that your new sweetheart suddenly stops communicating. (Or maybe he/she sticks around long enough to ask for another loan.)
You’ve been scammed! But more than that, your love interest may not have been a real person at all. Scammers are increasingly using recorded webcam footage and pilfered photos to create fake online personas… all to trick singles into sending thousands of dollars.
How the Scammers Do it?
Scammers spend weeks inside webcam chat rooms collecting footage, likely of someone who doesn’t even know he/she is being recorded. Then, they search Facebook and other websites to obtain photos for use in a fake dating profile.
When the victim chats with his/her new “love interest,” they are really seeing the recorded footage. Scammers edit the video and bookmark sections for easy reference. For example, the victim may see a woman in the webcam typing, while the scammer writes “[Name], look at this new dress I got today” on the chat screen. Then, the scammer plays footage of the woman standing up to show off the dress.
How to Spot a Fake Online Dating Persona:
If you date online, watch out for the following warning signs:
▐Your love interest always has an excuse to postpone meeting. Be wary of someone who is constantly “traveling” or happens to be working overseas.
▐During a webcam chat, he/she doesn’t respond to an unexpected request. One way to test for pre-recorded footage is to ask them to do something and see if they react. Scammers will likely pause the video and claim they are having connection problems.
▐Many people fib on their dating profiles, but watch out for discrepancies between the profile claims and the webcam/photos. For example, the scammer may write in a profile that their fake persona is blonde but use webcam footage of a brunette.
▐Watch out for someone whose writing style indicates they are a non-native English speaker even though they claim to be local. Most scammers behind this con are located overseas.
▐Finally, be wary of profiles that are vague, use glamour shots and are looking for someone within a huge age range

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Hey all. This was the reply of a Nigerian scammer to a lady who was able to identify him as a romance scammer using a fake profile with stolen photos and false info. It is indeed scary! This shows us all what these West Africans think of us. And what they intend to do. This is pure hate. They still blame us for a mistake our ancestors did many years ago. This really makes me sad. Regardless of the past and the whole slavery ordeal, there is no excuse for them to do what they are doing nowdays. This is why it's very important to forgive, let go then to move on. Life is too precious to waste on haterd and revenge. May God have mercy on US all! ~Mima~

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The real George Cozma video... watch it plz. ~Mima~

Real George Cozma iIf you receive friend request from someone with my pictures to know that it is a fake account

Fake Form/Paper. Created by a scammer. 👎

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Military Romance Scams was Answering questions for clarificational purposes.

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