Für alle die sich schon immer gefragt haben, wie so ein Probenraum aussieht...

Celtic - St. Pauli Party 2018!
24 February
Join us for a great night at the Knust.

We have the best Mexicaner:

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Der ist wirklich verschwunden, ist verifiziert und noch aktuell. Gerne weiter teilen. / this is verified and he’s still missing. A friend of a friend of ours in Glasgow. Pls share

This is really missing, is verified and still up to date. Gladly share. This is verified and he's still missing. A friend of a friend of ours in Glasgow. Pls share
Help find Liam Colgan's photo.
Help find Liam Colgan
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Some tickets still available at the usual places.

And now with Glasnevin playing their first reunion gig!

Feb 24 - Feb 25Knust HamburgHamburg, Germany
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14 innocent killed and still no justice for the victim families.

John (Jackie) Duddy (17)
Patrick Joseph Doherty (31)
Bernard McGuigan (41)...
Hugh Pious Gilmour (17)
Kevin McElhinney (17)
Michael Gerald Kelly (17)
John Pius Young (17)
William Noel Nash (19)
Michael M. McDaid (20)
James Joseph Wray (22)
Gerald Donaghy (17)
Gerald (James) McKinney (34)
William Anthony McKinney (27)
John Johnston (59)

We will not forget what happened in Derry on January 30, 1972!

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„Wenn ich dann daran denke, dass diese Nazis Häuser anzünden, in denen Ge­flüchtete leben. Weil sie sie nicht haben wollen. Weil sie Angst haben. Der Kapitalismus erzieht die Menschen zum Egoismus. Nichts tut ihnen mehr leid. Sie sind der Empathie beraubt. Das ist furchtbar. Das muss man durch Vorleben und Aufklärung ändern. Das ist das Wichtigste.“

" when I think that these nazis houses on fire in which refugees live. Because you don't want them. Because they're scared. Capitalism educates people to selfishness. Nothing's more sorry for you. They are deprived of empathy. That's terrible. This has to be changed by an example and an enlightenment. That's the most important thing."
Esther Bejarano hat den Holocaust überlebt ☠ Wie ist die Geschichte der 93-Jährigen? Was sagt sie zu den heutigen politischen Zuständen? ▶ Hier geht's zum Interview!

Never again!

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Holger Scharf updated his profile picture.

Wir waren neulich schon mal in der Fläche - und durchaus nicht unbeeindruckt! Badehose einpacken und los gehts!

We were in the area the other day - and not unimpressed! Pack your trunks and let's go!
Fri 6:00 PM UTC+011910-Weinbar / Weinbar Sankt PauliHamburg, Germany
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Typischer Studio-Satz? "ich hör immer noch nix"

Typical Studio Set? "I still hear nothing"
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„So to hell with what you're thinking,
And to hell with your narrow mind,
You're so distracted from the real thing,
You should leave your life behind, behind.“

Dolores O'Riordan ist überraschend gestorben. Die ehemalige Sängerin der Band The Cranberries wurde 46 Jahre alt.


Fast Sluts is feeling alkoholisiert.

So Leute, haltet euch fest. Unser erstes Video ist online! 😁😛

Everybody, hold on. Our first video is online! 😁😛
Endlich ist es da! Unser erstes Video :) "Oh nein, oh nein, es ist wieder mal passiert, ich war wohl leicht alkoholisiert..."

Sad news.

Dear Mum

Dear Mum, I know you’re always there...
To help and guide me with all your care,
You nursed and fed me and made me strong
To face the world and all its wrong.

What can I write to you this day
For a line or two would never pay
For care and time you gave to me
Through long hard years unceasingly.

How you found strength I do not know
How you managed I’ll never know,
Struggling and striving without a break
Always there and never late.

You prayed for me and loved me more
How could I ask for anymore
And reared me up to be like you
But I haven’t a heart as kind as you.

A guide to me in times of plight
A princess like a star so bright
For life would never have been the same
If I hadn’t of learned what small things came.

So forgive me Mum just a little more
For not loving you so much before,
For life and love you gave to me
I give my thanks for eternity.

(Bobby Sands - for his mother Rosaleen)

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Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has described Rosaleen Sands as "a strong, inspirational woman".


Tada aaaa!
Feb 24 - Feb 25Knust HamburgHamburg, Germany
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