You are never considered a "Geek" untill you keep all the night just coding, coding, coding.. #Python the hard way! 🐍💻 @ Isa Town

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Fascinating illustrations by our associated artist @bashayerart #Highness #Definition #Creativity @ Isa Town

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Story line and flow charts.. #GCCGC2018 #GameJam #Bahrain @ Isa Town

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We are participating in the GCC Game Jam and Conf on Saturday, 3 March 2018. You are all welcome, it's free entry for everyone, no registration is needed.

Find about agenda and more information on the official website:

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We are 🙂 if any talent wants to join the team with us, just fill the form.

We are an open team of software/hardware developers, graphic designers and multimedia content makers with a purpose to make simulation games, mind puzzles, animations, short films and more. Please fill the form in order to work with the team in future projects and events.

Find about Madhoob Bros. Edutainment mentioned on Bahrain Confidential magazine, July 2015 issue, page 88.

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Our team participating in the GCC Game Jam

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Madhoob Bros. team laying out a game plan.

The computer programmer Hasan Al-Madhoob with the story writer Mustafa Al-Madhoob

GCC Game Conference 2018! The GCC Game Jam is on the 1st and 2nd of March 2018 and the GCC Game Conference is on the 3rd of March. FREE ENTRY! SPREAD THE WORD!
Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world's premier student technology competition.
MindHats Edutainment updated their cover photo.
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Educational entertainment (edutainment) is any entertainment content that is designed to educate as well as to amuse. Content with a high degree of both educational and entertainment value is known as edutainment. There also exists content that is primarily educational but has incidental entertainment value. Finally, there is content that is mostly entertaining but can be seen to have some educational value. [Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

Ed·u·tain·ment (noun) \ˌe-jə-ˈtān-mənt, ˌe-dyü-\ is entertainment (as by games, films, or shows) that is designed to be educational. [Source: Merriam-Webster]

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