Add me on 360. GT NetherEnderr

I haven't posted in a while but I figured I'd let ya'll know I've upgraded to the One. Good luck to you all in all your builds and adventures!


The TU31 update has blocked the X-ray glitch, so it will be a lot more challenging to find good coordinates 😔


Title Update 31 is out now! Happy Crafting!

Today TU31 was suppose to release. Something went wrong with the cert-test for the PlayStation, and since 4j wanted Xbox consoles and PlayStation consoles updates to be released at the same time, they deleted the update from Xbox because it released before PlayStation.

My prediction is that they will have everything ready by tomorrow, and we will have access to TU31.

Please keep in mind that in survival, everything's going to change. Biomes, mobs, etc. So if you don't like ...the new biomes or you'd like to stay in TU30 texture, now is your chance to load a couple worlds in survival, just in case.

Here's some helpful seeds:

ibeextoycat ((this seed has loads of diamonds, coordinates can be found on ibxtoycat's YouTube page))

-7131081478727846875 ((this seed has all biomes for tu30))

Last chance before TU31! (Maybe)


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All confirmed features for TU31 on console edition here:…/60266-mcx360-update-tu31-is…

MCX360's big update, TU31, is in Certification Testing! While not available quite yet, it should be in the very near future! (EDIT: I had previously, mistakenly stated the update was already live. It is not, but should be in the near future!) There are so many features and fixes to cover in this v…

Hey, guys! I hope my admins are doing a great job here! I have been really busy with life stuff and pretty much let my admins run the page for quite awhile. How do you think they have done so far?
- Karina

PS - Sm00th, can you message me when you can, please? I have an important question for you! (Karina Weymouth, in case you forgot... Lol)

Minecraft Halo 5 Mashup pack for Xbox 360 releases this Friday!

Downloaded Minecraft Story Mode on my phone today. So far it's pretty cool lol. Anyone else had a chance to play it yet? What do you think of it?
I loved the Walking Dead series they did.

Seed: 287261912

Zombie Spawner: X -155 Y 31, Z 245
(Loot: Silk Touch I, saddle, 7 iron, disks, name tag, iron horse armor)


Zombie Spawner: X -268 Y 49 Z -342
(Loot: Protection I, 4 disks, 8 gunpowder, saddle)

Zombie Spawner: X -192 Y 55 Z -311
(Loot: 2 sets of diamond horse armor, 1 disk, 3 gunpowder)

3 diamonds: X -259 Y 17 Z -326

I don’t have many coordinates for this world, but I wanted to say that this is my all-time favorite. About 85-90% of this world is snow biome, while there is small plains and swamp biomes on the sides. Its flat snow biomes, perfect for the christmas pack. Its awesomely structured with beautiful scenery. I definitely recommend this seed for creative, and if you want a small challenge, go on survival.


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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I just wanted to say that in the next update 'TU30,' which gets us caught up to the PC version update, is going to change the biomes. It will have different proportions from then on, saying maybe 5% less ocean biomes or deserts, it depends. So if there is a chance you won't like the new biomes, you can make sure to save worlds from this current update, and the last seed I posted has all the biomes.

The release date of TU30 is... still unknown. My prediction is that the earliest possible release date is at the very end of October, and the latest will be late December. I'm positive that TU30 is releasing in 2015.

Also, did you hear about the Minecraft Story Mode coming out today? Its only on PS3 and PC, I believe, which does suck for us 360/One players.

I plan to post seeds as much as possible before TU30. And after, of course! Maybe shoot me some suggestions of what seeds you want, and I'll do my best to find one for you!

Happy crafting!


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Seed: 717399363


Village: X 81 Z 313...
Village: X 272 Z 74
Desert Village: X 73 Z 82

Zombie Spawner: X 140 Y 47 Z 136
(Loot: 4 disks, diamond horse armor, name tag, 2 saddles, 6 iron)

Zombie Spawner: X 173 Y 28 Z 141
(Loot: 2 name tags, 2 disks, 3 gunpowder, 3 string)

Spider Spawner: X 218 Y 60 Z 116
(Loot: 4 name tags, 2 disks, gold horse armor, 3 iron, saddle)

Spider Spawner: -248 Y 21 Z 355

Stronghold Library: X 34 Y 24 Z 59
End Portal: X 44 Y 28 Z 87

4 Diamonds: X 124 Y 14 Z 264
3 Diamonds: X -277 Y 15 Z 402
2 Diamonds: X 425 Y 17 Z 258


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I've posted this tip back when I first became an administrator here, but it's by far one of my favorites.
As I mentioned before, I'm what I call a "survivalist". I build shelter, farms, stockpile my resources and defend.
If you're the same, you probably start mining deep and accumulate mass amounts of dirt, cobble, etc. Some people make a hole or find a lava source to drop your excess blocks into.
Did you know that any items dropped on a cactus block gets destroyed?
Set u...p a block or patch of sand and plant a single cactus block to drop your waste onto.
I call it the garbage disposal!
Hope it helps!

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I have an idea! (Stand back, this doesn't happen often!)
Show me Sunday!
Send a pic/screen shot of what you've been building so we can check out your latest builds!
Send it through message or post it to the page and, depending on how many submissions we get, I'll try to make sure each one is shared through the page! Feel free to include your gamer tag (if you like), platform, or just any little information about your build or play style!
I'll be taking a screen shot of I've been putting together at some point today as well! Be gentle, I'm an electrician by trade, not an architect lol.
Looking forward to your builds!

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Looking through the messages we've received over the last few months, I've noticed that there are quite a few people who don't understand how seeds work.

Seeds are generally a string of numbers and/or letters that works kind of like a command for the terrain generator to base the map off of. The generator creates a map based off of this information.

Some people get seeds confused with player created maps like those made for specific game types such as Hunger Games or the

If you want a Hunger Games map or a map with a particular theme involved, it requires you to download and install the game save via USB thumb drive or whatever method of transfer you use. This is actually against Microsoft/Xbox's terms and conditions. But, I've never known of anyone having any negative flack dealt for downloading a map. If you want to learn how to do this, I can give a tutorial or you can Google the process.
However, a good seed is generally found and passed around for its beauty, diversity of biomes, or maybe even by the amount of temples it contains, or ease of finding the stronghold. It all depends on what you're looking for.
I just thought I'd clear that up if you didn't know the difference.
Happy Crafting!


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How is everyone? For those new to the page, I have a newborn (who is now 4 months old as of yesterday) and a 5yr old crafter, on top of a very hectic job schedule, so I haven't had much time for Minecraft. However, I'm finding more free time open lately. I plan to put more time into finding some seeds and possibly putting out the occasional "Tips and tricks" post like I did when I first started. I'll be online for a bit tonight so, if there's anything you would like to know, feel free to drop a question or whatever here on this post and I'll do my best to get you the info you desire! Happy Batman day to all!

Who all is playing on the Greek Mythology mash-up world? Is that not the coolest world yet?! I'm a mythology buff so this is my dream world!