The Burning Bush, it's about 9/11 and the Second Coming
An Earth Shaped Heart
The Secrets of Genesis, This is it the Apocalypse
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Kawaii Yuichoo
· February 17, 2014
Some negatively review because they seek something definite or it goes beyond or strays from their own thought. I rate high because from what I've read I'm intr...igued I'm thinking and it's interesting. Cross reference is key to your own thought and thus us a great page I will use in my study and reference. See More
Jeanette J. Powell
· June 27, 2014
Darkness masquerading as light. Wishing this page was not showing up in my news feed because friends like it. I read some posts and this is the most convoluded mixing of darkness and light I have seen in quite a while!
Matthias Körner
· December 15, 2013
I for myself Only seem to be able to find disinformation and dogmatics, Not a Hand Full of useful Information. Sad, but it seems as you are on the same Lvl with creationists and other theologic - non-scientific non-Trinkers.
Sarah Abramson
· July 24, 2013
The most astonishingly accurate information I've ever read, zero illuminati disinformation, the whole truth from the beginning to the end.
Adam Marshall Dobrin
· October 12, 2013
God is Light and Love.
Larry Bishop
· March 4, 2014
Sounds like a great place to learn!
Abdul Jawwad Valcin
· December 17, 2013
Very informative and compelling.
Trinity Ledbetter
· March 31, 2015
The truth shall s3t us fr33
Karen Mc Cain Haynes
· March 1, 2014
i think it is great
William Pieper
· February 18, 2014
Interesting, will amend upon further review.
Amen Rae Salinas
· January 18, 2014
Whose Adams first wife ? aka adamskis
Rashed Swarovski
· March 12, 2014
I want more mathematical
Adam Feijoo
· February 16, 2014
Conspiracy riddled crap

He's telling us that it's time to be free, to leave the desert of Exodus. Nobody seems to be listening. It's about time travel--40 days, years, and nanoseconds later to the enlightening revelation that 40 and 4-D sound the same.

There's quite a story forming between the Sound of Silence and the American censorwall, an overgrown "packetsniffer" aptly named CARNIVORE, by the guy who names things in Eden. Oh, that's me.

To bring freedom to our You and I verse... to see we are... the stars not exactly fallen... but certainly not yet in the sky... a story--about hidden technology and hidden love. Remember Venus--half the world love, and almost clearly clothed in the sun. All words that didn't exist when Venus was named or Revelation 12:1 was writen to point out that this message comes from the future...

So here it is, in song and video, from The Fifth Element to ...

well, we've got the light to end the dark night; it's just going to take someone seeing how obvious it is that "the word" for Holy Fire, Ha'esh... that's the fire of the Burning Bush in Exodus.... to see it contains Moses' parted sea. In reverse. Again, to point out time travel. In this book, about ending predestination and...

oh right, and not losing democracy to a "technological barrier" that might have something to do with Jericho.

...and the Matrix:

It's all here, it's very clear. We have proof. Now you have proof that the media and the government... well, they are hiding it from you.

Do something. Light up my life.

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