The Burning Bush, it's about 9/11 and the Second Coming
An Earth Shaped Heart
The Secrets of Genesis, This is it the Apocalypse
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Wayne Nelson
· January 6, 2018
I think it is interesting , i have seen many videos on the prophecy and readings on the Bible. The more i study the Bible i have changed my understanding many times but i have found that i had to take... the Bible more and more directly for what it says instead of commentary's by others. Case in point about the flat and still earth. Just remember satan is the god of this world, and satan has used his followers to set up a earth that is based on lies and deception . If one is to form his opinion of things then the Scriptures are held to the truth model to follow not science and not media, or Hollywood, or elect officials. For these reasons and many more . I hold the Old testament up as the way things are truly . Such as Gen. the Feasts , lost books such as Book of Jubilees, Book 1 of Enoch, and many more which the catholics have taken out . the catholics have been used by satan for thousands of years to set up satans times. Dan. 7:25. Most prophecy commentaries are wrong because they are all based on the Gregorian Calendar when they should be based on the Hebrew Calendar. These are but a few things that might help you . I believe and i practice that no post should go public in groups unless it lines up perfectly with the Scriptures, as not to lead the young astray . And remember Eccle. There is nothing new under the sun. There is no new light but old light in more clarity . See More
Kawaii Yuichoo
· February 17, 2014
Some negatively review because they seek something definite or it goes beyond or strays from their own thought. I rate high because from what I've read I'm intrigued I'm thinking and it's interesting.... Cross reference is key to your own thought and thus us a great page I will use in my study and reference. See More
Jeanette J. Powell
· June 27, 2014
Darkness masquerading as light. Wishing this page was not showing up in my news feed because friends like it. I read some posts and this is the most convoluded mixing of darkness and light I have seen... in quite a while! See More
Matthias Körner
· December 15, 2013
I for myself Only seem to be able to find disinformation and dogmatics, Not a Hand Full of useful Information. Sad, but it seems as you are on the same Lvl with creationists and other theologic - non-...scientific non-Trinkers. See More
Sarah Abramson
· July 24, 2013
The most astonishingly accurate information I've ever read, zero illuminati disinformation, the whole truth from the beginning to the end.
Adam Marshall Dobrin
· October 12, 2013
God is Light and Love.
Larry Bishop
· March 4, 2014
Sounds like a great place to learn!
Abdul Jawwad Valcin
· December 17, 2013
Very informative and compelling.
Karen Mc Cain Haynes
· March 1, 2014
i think it is great
William Pieper
· February 18, 2014
Interesting, will amend upon further review.
Amen Rae Salinas
· January 18, 2014
Whose Adams first wife ? aka adamskis
Rashed Swarovski
· March 12, 2014
I want more mathematical
Adam Feijoo
· February 16, 2014
Conspiracy riddled crap
I hope you will hear what I have to say, I am aware that this kind of message is often returned with much skepticism, but if you research who I am and what I say... I believe you will find ever more positive affirmation that my claim is the most credible that ever was and ever will be.
For about 3 years I have had what you might consider a “religious experience,” you could say God found me in Eden....