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Gene Pease
· September 23, 2017
Great work, great bunch of guys! They keep my yard looking sharp
Justin Cummings
· October 6, 2013
Best business in the area and well worth the money!!
Tameka Mclaughlin
April 15, 2013
Best Lawnscaping in Mint Hill!!!

FROST TONIGHT possible. Last for the season.

Last week of leaves.😀 I'll be glad to put this beast away!

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Frost warning tonight. Bring in house plants today and protect any sensitive plants outdoors.

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Matthews Police Department

Safety Alert - We had a visitor this evening, but he / she has not caused any problems. Yes, that is a black bear in this picture that was spotted on Hwy. 74 I-485 late this afternoon. Please do not approach the bear in any way or attempt to feed it. There is no need to call into our communications center unless you witness that the bear is hurt, or a threat to someone. If you do need to call for one of these reasons, please call: 704.847.5555.

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Found this beautiful kingsnake out looking for copperheads. NEVER kill this snake.

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The ligustrums smell so sweet this time of year!

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Frost possible tonight and freeze in the next couple days. Bring in house plants and protect sensitive plants!

Camelias are looking great again this year.

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I'm glad we are finished with aerations. It's very dry right now and new seed has to be watered. Keep it moist

Mahonia in full bloom right now. One of the few shrubs with winter interest.

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Sodding is done. We have about 250 soft left if someone needs a little

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Happy Mother's Day!! I hope all the moms had a great day today, as they should everyday.

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Happy Earth Day

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Getting a good start to this season. Fertilizer is down and crepe myrtles are getting pruned.

I'm already tired of leaves!

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