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With thousands of available solutions, the marketing technology ecosystem continues to grow noisier and more confusing. The DemandGen Alliance was created to provide a vision for full-stack marketing to the B2B community and shine a light on the best-in-class tools available today. Our team at Mintigo is proud to join this consortium, in partnership with DemandGen International, Inc. and the full list of providers here:

The DemandGen Alliance is a consortium of leading marketing technology companies who are shaping the future of B2B marketing. By...

As marketers continue to explore AI-driven personalization, Kevin Lindsay, Director of Product Marketing, Adobe Target, emphasizes the marketers' need for visibility into what's happening under the hood to better determine the type of customer experiences they create, what specific audiences to target, among others. Read more about the other disruptions in martech this year:

The disruptions in marketing technology would reshape the way marketers use automation, programmatic systems, and AI/ML capabilities for content and customer experience management.

Another day, another list of 2018 marketing automation trends that include predictive lead scoring and personalized content recommendations. These two may have been in the industry for a while but as machine learning and analytics continue to improve, so do the marketing technologies that companies are using. But above anything else, what the list emphasized is the importance of delivering “wow” experiences for prospects and customers. Read more here:

The trends to watch in 2018 include the emergence of technologies that allow marketers to create more personalized experiences for target prospects at scale.

Thinking of which B2B lead nurturing strategy to explore this year? Here's a rundown of possible ones: (1) Improve sales and marketing alignment; (2) Implement an ABM strategy; or (3) Move to predictive lead scoring. Read about them here:

Does your B2B lead generation program need a reboot? Contributor Natasha Humphrey shares three ways to boost your lead nurturing strategies in 2018.

Among PwC's exciting predictions for AI in 2018, one refers to the value that lies not in creating entire new industries, but rather in empowering current employees to add more value to existing enterprises.

This comes in three main ways: Automating complex processes, identifying trends in historical data (predictive analytics), and providing forward-looking intelligence. Read about the rest of the predictions here:

The real jobs issue plus 7 trends you shouldn't ignore. Learn what AI means for organizational retooling, cybersecurity, China’s rise, and more.

We are thrilled to launch Mintigo Predictive Audiences, our brand new solution designed to help @Marketo customers discover and target the right audiences! With Mintigo Predictive Audiences, marketers in growing businesses can get a quick start to ABM and drive bigger deals faster. Learn more:

Nothing is more critical to ABM than targeting the right accounts. As Marketo’s trusted partner, Mintigo delivers high-value, quality audiences to you to close bigger deals faster. Read on to learn more about Mintigo Predictive Audiences powered by AI! Interested in speaking to us? Click here to h...

What do CMOs consider the biggest marketing breakthrough in 2018? One that would command their attention and investments? Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Mastercard, shared that one of their priorities is building artificial-intelligence strategies and deploying pilots, seeing "AI applications across the full spectrum of marketing activities." Read about what CMOs from Target, HP, Hyatt, and many more think:

As we embark on the new year, I took a simple question to CMOs at major companies: What will be the biggest marketing breakthrough in 2018, the thing that will command your greatest attention and, yes, your investment?

In a new blog post, our CEO and founder, Jacob Shama shares how the availability and accessibility of AI explains why its many use cases have been experiencing rapid popularity, development, and adoption. This year, the focus of AI in business, especially marketing, will not only draw on present trends, but also shift from technology to opportunity, and from infancy to maturity.

This year, the focus of AI in business will shift from technology to opportunity, and from infancy to maturity.

Artificial intelligence has many subsets that are frequently overlooked in discussions. Deep learning is a subset of AI that works by combining data sets with pattern-recognition capabilities to automatically make decisions, find patterns and enhance self-learning.

In martech applications, deep learning powers audience targeting, personalization, social media mining, automation, content performance, and many more. MarTech Columnist Andy Betts explains further:

Columnist Andy Betts walks you through the ins and outs of deep learning and explains why it's set to be a game-changer for marketing programs.

In a new study, Forrester predicts how AI will impact enterprises in 2018. In terms of analytics and insights, it will reshape analytic and business innovation, making decisions and providing real-time instructions at 20% of firms.

AI will also help firms remake traditional data and analytic roles to activate insights, with almost 70% of firms creating customer insight centers of excellence. Similarly, the Insights-as-a-Service market will double, with 80% of firms relying on insights service providers for some portion of insights capabilities in 2018.

Read the rest of the predictions here:

Look right, look left, you’ll see a fellow CIO contemplating their AI move. Failing to act is not an option in most organizations. However, as enterprises are kicking off their AI pilots or seeing early results, the honeymoon is over as enterprises that naively celebrated the cure-all promises of ...

Artificial intelligence powered many tools and platforms in 2017, strengthening the value of predictive analytics for businesses and customers. What can marketers expect in 2018? MarTech Today noted innovations in voice AI, deeper personalization, more collaborative solutions, and an enhanced view of the customer journey. Read the details here:

Marketers say that 2018 will see deeper personalization, innovations in voice AI and an enhanced view of the customer journey.

A company called Endor is inventing the "Google" for predictive analytics, aiming to answer simple business questions with the use of machine learning.

Interesting to note: Like any other new use case of emerging technologies, a predictive analytics platform "isn't aimed at replacing data scientists; it's designed as a tool to empower them," according to Endor's co-founder and a former MIT postdoc, Yaniv Altshuler. Read more:

Platform analyzes big data to answer plain-language business queries in minutes instead of months.

Before you write the check, open up those APIs and start adjusting those filters, you’d be wise to take these six simple-ish steps to success with ABM.

Before you write the check, open up those APIs and start adjusting those filters, you’d be wise to take these six simple-ish steps to success with ABM.

Do you know the real reason behind why your parents chose your name? In a new blog post, Tal Segalov, our Co-founder & CTO, analyzed big data from the US Census Bureau and came up with some very surprising reasons...

In a new article, we leverage big data to find the real reasons behind our parents' name selection

Creating customer-centric marketing starts from gathering signals (data) that your customer is giving you, which is ultimately about building up individual-level data that you translate into actionable insights and eventually, growth.

MarTech suggests six steps to jump start your customer-centric marketing, starting with working on your single view of the customer not only to measure marketing efficacy but also for optimization, activation and predictive analytics. Read the others here:

Broadly speaking, customer-centric in your marketing represents a shift from a sole focus on company objectives to a focus on customer objectives first.