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People that have heard me doing speaking engagements recently will have heard me talking about the Profit First methodology in business. Check out my review and see why it has had such an impact on me personally and in my business.

A review and personal experience of implementing the Profit First methodology into the Mints CD Consulting business. And how doing so can turn your business from a cash eating monster to a money making machine.

In an age when we don't have the patience to queue, it's helpful that technology can solve that problem for people. And more importantly for businesses to take customers pain points and give them a better experience.

Yet another article telling all of us something that we have already noticed: #queues are killing our businesses!

86% of Brits will actively avoid shops when th...eir queues are too long. 76% say stores should be doing more to reduce queues in busy periods.

To cut long story short, people are just sick of wasting time in queues.

Worry not! We created the NoQ App​ to sort queues at festivals as well as in stores, restaurants and so on. So do you want to increase your sales by getting rid of your queues? Reach out and we shall share the love with you.


Thanks for the awesome article, Fiona Briggs and Retail Times !

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With 41% of UK shoppers reconsidering a purchase due to queuing times, inadequate queuing strategies are leading to disappointing customer experiences and abandoned purchases, new research by Box Technologies and Intel indicates. According to the How Long Does It Take To Lose Your Customer report, t...

It's awesome to be connected with like minded action taken takers who are making a difference for small business owners with the services they provide.

Looking for software solutions to streamline what you do? Check out Maucir and the LaunchPadD team.

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At LaunchPadD we are always looking for like minded #entrepreneurs that want to redefine what it is to be a #BusinessOwner. In particular we seek out individual...s that understand the great advantages of leveraging #tech within business to save time, reduce costs and increase sales.

We've found that at Bx Networking because every member is attempting to drive their business forward by “any means necessary”. That means they find great value in what we do, which in turn makes Bx the perfect referral #network for LaunchPadD.

#bxnetworking #bxponential #bx @bxnetworking @bxponential

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Can't wait to help eradicate entrepreneurial poverty with this upcoming presentation. Share with any small business owners in the Cronulla area who would love to pay themselves more money!

Excited to be be doing this 10 minute “Paying Profits First” xCite presentation at Bx Networking Cronulla on Friday 2nd March.
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