As I approached 41st & West as a left looking right turning driver I immediately registered a rather famous With Traffic Sidewalk Rider. I was easily able to stop appropriately and provide safe passage for him. A few short blocks later we approached the 41st & Western intersection. Here the right turning driver does not appear to have provided him the necessary comfort zone. Note, at the point of his evasive maneuver it would have been impossible to avoid collision had the driver not seen him. Avoiding being completely run over was still possible. If you put me on this stretch of 41st Street, which I'm not likely to do, I'm controlling the whole right lane. 1. I'll be where drivers are looking. 2. The idea of keeping up with traffic is not an issue as demonstrated by this rider.
Shooting some video that might get used in places. #30daysofbiking
To honor my birthday here's me setting a bad example for the cameras. It's staged. I promise.
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This episode was tremendous both for its futility and hope. We have similar conversations with planners about “complete streets” with bike lanes on 50mph roads. We have drunk pedestrian fatalities. We have 12ft lanes. The keys are in here but hard to find.

This seems promising! RT @argusleader: Western Sioux Falls will soon get an easier connection to the bike trail.…/parks-department-ad…/334561002/

It'll soon be easier for pedestrians and bicycles in the city's west side to get around Sioux Falls on the bike trail system.

Bike share? This information should probably be considered. I’d rather see people actually riding bikes before Sioux Falls takes on bike sharing.…/is-the-dockless-bike-share-r…/

There are big questions about the venture-funded dockless bike-share model that go deeper than the propriety of where the bikes are parked.

May I commend them to the sidewalk, hi-viz clothing and a helmet??…/status/961631692309049351

“This is the 5th time a car has crashed into a building in Sioux Falls in two weeks.

RT @Club_FAB: FAB published some nice words about riding in The Hills last weekend while grieving the passing of Greg Wickre owner of Harlan’s Bike & Tour.

A follow-up to yesterday’s post. The memo someone at Strava spent much of yesterday writing.…/a-letter-to-the-strava-community/

An update on the global heatmap from James Quarles, Strava CEO

Strava steps out of the biking & fitness world into international news. In the end it’s probably good for Strava’s bottom line but I bet it’s going to be some hard days in their office.

Soldiers have been publicly sharing location information as they log their daily runs.

It was kinda cold, kinda windy, kinda icy and still kinda fun today on the Saturday Coffee Shop Ride. Let’s do it again February 24. Anybody want to suggest the next venue?

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For Zach, for when you win your council seat... - road design speed is a value of the designing engineer. It might not match your values. Here are some thoughts. Zach for City Council

It’s all FAB all the time on the Twitter Michael

“The City Planning Office Open House for Bicycle and Pedestrian Connections is tonight at the downtown library. 5 to 6:30pm. Here’s a link to the studies and commentary can also be submitted -

Your Saturday Coffee Shop Ride weather forecast: a little breezy and not horribly cold. 9am Scooters West.

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Here’s a happy little remembery to say the Saturday Coffee Shop Ride is Saturday (duh). It’s leaving Scooters WEST (think Roosevelt High School) at 9am. A bonus: the weather looks promising.

Heads up. Just because today was cold, windy and snowy don’t assume the same for tomorrow. Tomorrow looks great for riding. Single digit wind and double digit temps! Geaux!

It’s interesting to me that the livable communities community talks much about biking, walking and transit but less about running. I am sure we at least share the same concerns about right turning drivers.

I am now tweeting heavily @Club_FAB - join me over there for your daily dose of FAB through my thumbs.

“Oh yes! FAB is participating in Winter Bike to Work Day! Stops at Queen City Bakery, Flyboy Donuts & Woodgrain Brewery. @queencitybakery @FlyboyDonuts @WoodGrainBrew @WinterBike2Work”