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Hannah Benes
· August 31, 2017
I have been at Miraval for seven days and cannot express how much this place has impacted my life. It is truly a getaway in which you are able to recenter and find yourself. I recommend to anyone who ...needs a break from some of the realities of life, and wants to refocus and learn to be a better you. See More
Maria Stafford
· January 23, 2018
This is my 4th time here and brought my daughter along this year. Just incredible. The staff and therapist are so amazing and always try to make each experience special. If you ever get the chance to here you will not be disappointed. See More
Roshini Bagai
· August 27, 2017
Absolutely amazing one of a kind experience, service was excellent. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary there. Staff, meals, spa, excursions, activities and ambience of Miraval is spectacular!...!
I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing and adventurous time !
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Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski
· October 1, 2017
We had an amazing experience at Miraval even though our stay was way too short. We loved the spa treatments, 2 hour hike, yoga, stretch and Piyo classes. My daughter did the tightrope. Wonderful food ...and such a perfect place to unplug. The weather was wonderful! See More
Dawn Rakiec Orr
· February 5, 2018
Beautiful location, beautiful resort, wonderful workouts and life changing activities. Loved the food, the staff and the spa. Hoping to go back again.
Mark Wallace
· July 3, 2017
The BAD - I left early from my planned 10 day stay because I found Miraval to not be friendly or accommodating to business professional and other who may need to stay in contact with their families, a...ging parents, etc. In particular, Miraval has a strict policy against the use of any electronic device in public areas whether they are on silent or not. It’s not just that they don’t want you to use your cell phone and disturb other guests by talking….they are against reading a book on your iPad, against listening to music with you headphone/buds if your device can be seen, against email, etc. Essentially, the policy restricts any use of a device in a public area (i.e. gym, pool, outdoors, food areas, etc.) where others can see it - whether on silent or not. The only exceptions are a small area near the front desk designated for use, and the parking lot! And, the staff will hassle you if they see you using it - sometimes aggressively and rudely. I talked with Carl, whom I was told was the general manager, and he confirmed to me this is the policy and the staff everywhere has been asked to enforce it. To me, the policy is simply out of touch and out of date with a modern world….I don’t see any harm reading an e-book on my iPad at the pool or over coffee in the morning at a restaurant.

Worse - for electronic device users, Miraval has terrible wireless carrier reception. I use Verizon and could not get more than 2 bars most of the time even in the designated cell phone area. The internet WIFI connections in the rooms and throughout the complex are bad also. Seems like Miraval has simply not invested in their technology infrastructure to provide guest with a good WIFI experience. I worked in the telecom industry and all of this can be fixed for a reasonable cost.

During my stay, I observed several guest in public areas trying to hide and/or sneak in the use of their electronic devices. But for the price we are paying, I don’t think guest should feel like second class citizens and have to sneak around to quietly use their devices.

I went to Miraval for my 20th anniversary and we vacationed here early in our marriage. However, I left half way thru and went to another resort in Tucson and had a wonderful and “connected” experience.

I want to surprised if Miraval post a rebuttal to my comments, but I assure you they are accurate and I DID talk with Carl, the manager, before I decided to leave.

Hopefully with Miraval’s ownership change (purchased by Hyatt), Hyatt will invest some money and review the outdated policies.
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James Ireland
· June 8, 2017
Everything about my recent experience at Miraval encompasses words that would fill up an entire novel. From the warm hospitality from Chef Gabe and the whole food and beverage service crew, to the won...derful and professional spa staff (Shawna, Cora and Hortencia), to the wellness/fitness teams that made our stay something for the books, thank you. Thank you to the housekeeping team for providing me with a bed that left me feeling like I was on a cloud and the grounds crew for keeping the property in a beathtaking state. It was such a special trip for my mother and I. We will be back. Thank you thank you thank you. I learned a plethora about my mind, body and soul; I left Miraval with so much more than just experiences, memories and new friends...I left Miraval with utensils that I will use everyday to maintain my healthy being. Thank you!!!! See More
Lisa Rexroat-Steele
· November 11, 2017
One of my favorite places on the planet. There’s no better place to relax and recharge.
Jennifer Steinberg
· June 11, 2017
Absolutely top notch. The variety of classes and activities and the quality of the spa services is amazing. The food was healthy and delicious and even being 6 months pregnant, I never went hungry. ... It was an absolute oasis and transports you away from hectic everyday life. I was finally able to disconnect for the first time in years. I'm already planning my return visit! See More
Ann Hollins
· August 3, 2017
The perfect get-away...just what I needed!
"Me time" that I won't part is the unique experiences I can take home and apply to everyday life. Peace. Serenity. Mindfulness. Gratitude. Conq...uering fear.
All in less than a week.
Definitely planning a return visit.
Thank you Miraval♡
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James Heller
· October 28, 2017
Peaceful,quiet, relaxing, beautiful, Serenity, tranquility, amazing Refreshing.just a few of the words that come to mind describing this diamond Resort in the Desert.
Erica Robertson
· November 13, 2017
Wanted to shout out to Gabe, Steven, CJ, maxx and Leah! All provided excellent service this past weekend! I learned a lot and had a wonderful relaxing time. Thank you miraval!
Lynn A Monahan
· August 14, 2017
Most enjoyable, services, the property are amazing ...keeps us coming back! A great place to check in and regroup!
Linda Nelson
· April 25, 2017
Life changing. It really opened my mind and I discovered things about myself that I didn't know. Lean into your fears and shut out the 'noise' when you come here and be open. Trust in the experienc...e and you won't be disappointed. The staff is wonderful and committed to you and the experience. The property is absolutely beautiful. We had the privilege to experience one of the villas for an hour and it was breathtaking inside and out, complete with a fire pit and infinity pool with the mountains as your backdrop. See More
Marianne Kochanek
· May 1, 2017
Wonderful place! Have you been busy? Doing an amazing job keeping up with your job, your family and your house but could use a little YOU time? Miraval is a wonderful place to do just that.

I wa...s there last August and it changed my life...big ways, not so much, small ways that make each date better - definitely! I took cooking classes, learned to make smoothies, enjoyed a lecture on energy & bought the Author's book, I went to the Spa, enjoyed time with horses and left there relaxed and ready to continue with new enthusiasm. See More
Shelly Hirsch
· April 5, 2017
This Place maybe one of a kind, hidden in the desert. The grounds are spectacular, the rooms absolutely perfect ( down pillows to die for) The cuisine is incredible with most dishes under 300 calories... The food is first class. There are snacks available if u have a bit of hunger. A juice bar and tada a real bar that's open just before dinner. The spa is first class. The Desert background makes for a special feeling especially if you come from the east and the only mountains are concrete buildings See More
Emma Holland
· August 18, 2017
Amazing and so relaxing! Everyone is so helpful and kind. The rooms are beautiful and the setting is so tranquil. Much needed rest and relaxation!
Peggy Glenn
· October 16, 2016
First trip, with a friend who's been twice before. Booked a special last November, and had to move a June booking to October because of personal schedule conflicts. But a fall trip was lovely, with mornings and warm days, so we could enjoy Sonoran Desert hikes in the morning without getting too sweaty and hang out at the pool in the afternoon. Best activities were the equine ones (including a trail ride and a body language for horses class, and Wyatt's transformational class, "It's Not About the Horse"), the Crystal Sea Salt Serenity treatment (salt scrub followed by a crystal rock massage), floating meditation (meditation in an aerial silk "cocoon"), and finally, Dr. Tim Frank's "Spirit Flight" (a mixture of Native American traditions, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, and massage, and with limited availability). There were lots of other activities to keep the pickiest spa person busy if she wanted. Customer service was great, and food was fabulous. Will definitely come back, either alone or with friends! See More
Malinda Jensen
· January 16, 2016
Just want to share why I love Miraval Spa. Miraval encourages guest to write a self-addressed letter that they will send you about three months later. Well I received my letter yesterday and as I rea...d it, taking those few minutes to be mindful of my journey brought tears to my eyes! I love hiking and in 2009 during my first trip to Miraval, the daily hikes at the property left me completely winded. I came back to Miraval in 2013 after losing about 40 pounds and was able to hike everyday with a focus on the off-property hikes. In 2015, I lost another 30 pounds and in much better physical shape, I did a private hike (level D) and in my letter I wrote about my experience with Connor at Finger Rock - even though I was terrified, I was able to trust my ability to just focus on one step at a time and as we climbed to a point, we were able to spend a few minutes honoring God's beauty. Connor is a fantastic guide! Next trip, hike week in Spring 2017... See More
Jill Slavin
· June 10, 2017
This place is amazing, from the start they treat you like royalty, everyone is so nice, staff and guests.
I came here to relax and that what I am doing. If you want to stay busy there is plenty to I will definitely be back. See More
WATCH: The magic of Miraval in less than 2 minutes...
Dinner time at the Purple Sage Ranch.
Ever wanted a peek inside the Miraval kitchen? #timelapse #cooking

"“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle"

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Exciting announcement! We’re only 15 days away from unveiling "The Retreat", our newest experience at Miraval Arizona. The Retreat features residential style suites perfect for getaways with friends or loved ones, the solo traveler, corporate retreats, family reunions, and milestone celebrations.

Explore more >

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At Miraval, being conscious about our cooking includes understanding where our food comes from. We develop a relationship of gratitude with the people, the land, and the waters that nurture and produce it. We are mindful of how we combine and prepare it, with a concentrated effort to minimize food waste and reduce our input of food into landfills.

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Take a walk on the "mindful" side.

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"Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” –Amit Ray


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We are thrilled to announced that Miraval was named Favorite Destination Spa, Favorite Health & Fitness Spa, and Favorite Spa Cuisine, in the 2017 American Spa’s Professional’s Choice Awards. Thank you to all that voted!

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The Miraval Prayer Tree was born September 20th, 2017, following the passing of our dear friend, colleague, and talented astrologist, Carolyn Crawford. In honor of Carolyn’s memory, and as a gift for everyone who visits Miraval, this tree allows the opportunity to send prayers and thoughts of gratitude to loved ones lost, to yourself or the universe. Everyone is invited to hang any object to enhance the intention of your thoughts and prayers. Take a mindful moment to pause, reflect and receive the healing energy of this tree.

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What are some of your favorite ways to stretch your body and mind at Miraval Arizona? Here’s USA Today’s top 10.

Comment below and share your favorite #MiravalMoments with us.…/10-ways-to-stretch-your-body-and-m…/

This oasis in the Arizona desert is good for whatever ails you.|By Lois Alter Mark

Save 20% on Miraval Bedding through 8/31/17 with promo code 20BEDDINGSALE

Miraval guests have raved over our bedding collection - so why not sleep like you're on vacation every night and bring Miraval's bedding collection into your home!

“Bedding matters a lot, so pay attention to what works best for you. Indulge in sheets and pillow cases that invite you in for a snuggle” ...
-Sheryl Brooks- Wellness Counselor

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Four legs carry such a big heart! At the Purple Sage Ranch, award-winning equine experiences help unleash creativity, improve communication, heal fear and trauma, and take you on an unforgettable ride.

24 Likes, 1 Comments - Miraval Resort & Spa (@miraval_resort) on Instagram: “Four legs carry such a big heart! At the Purple Sage Ranch, award-winning equine experiences help…”

Our hearts are broken at Miraval today. We are sad to announce the passing of our longtime friend, dear member of the Miraval family and gifted astrologer Carolyn Crawford. Carolyn has been a part of the Miraval family since 2009 and has helped many guests and colleagues understand their place in time and helped give them a sense of order in their lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family during this time.

Even after Carolyn’s passing, her words and memory will remain a shining light for everyone who knew her. “Astrology can give us patience, courage and understanding of the cycles and patterns in our lives. Essentially, astrology gives us hope and faith as we move forward into the unknown.” – Carolyn Crawford

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Discover and Develop your Intuition with Tina Powers.

Learn how to create a safe space to explore your intuitive gifts. In this immersion you learn how to access your psychic and intuitive abilities and walk back into the world feeling inspired and more connected with your guides and inner knowledge. Participants will learn about channels, signs, and work in a group setting to read for others and practice trusting what they receive.

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Experience the renewal & beauty of Miraval Monsoons. Tranquility unfolds around the Santa Catalina Mountains as natural aromatics are released from the mesquite trees, swathing the desert in glistening new light – an experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

117 Likes, 4 Comments - Miraval Resort & Spa (@miraval_resort) on Instagram: “Experience the renewal & beauty of Miraval Monsoons. Tranquility unfolds around the Santa Catalina…”

Become the Conscious Creator of Your Life. Join master healers Dr. Tim Frank and Pam Lancaster for a 5 day retreat designed to help you gain insight for greater joy, fulfillment and purposeful living. Participants will experience intimate Shamanic Clearing Ceremonies, Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Ontological Life Coaching, and more.

Learn More >…/awakening-the-divine-self-…/

"The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness." – Jon Kabat-Zinn⠀

107 Likes, 3 Comments - Miraval Resort & Spa (@miraval_resort) on Instagram: “"The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness." – Jon…”