The problem with Super Mario Run, the game that was supposed to hype Mario Odyssey and get people to buy a switch and cement Nintendo in the mobile market.

Nintendo made their debut into mobile games with Miitomo which had a some problems but they rectified this by launching their biggest name not long...

5 French Halloween songs to add to your playlist & Practice if you're learning Francais. #l'halloween

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Take a look at 5 official Super Mario outfits that didn't make the cut for Odyssey #supermarioodyssey #marioodyssey

Mario has worn a lot of outfits in his entire career in the video game industry and Nintendo is paying tribute to it in Super Mario Odyssey where...

#FrenchFriday Relive the Animaniacs songs in French with lyrics and translations to practice today.

Animaniacs was a great cartoon in the 90s which also had a ton of educational songs through out it which were fun since they were so catchy....

Tribute to TMNT, here are all our Ninja Turtles articles from Venus to #riseofthetmnt archived

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the first franchise that I fell in love with and because of that I have written about the TMNT a few times and to...

Layton World Puzzles upper / lower case a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z with hints & answers

There is a Professor Layton online game of “real world” puzzles called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving or Layton World for...

Solve the latest Online Puzzles of the #LaytonWorld #LaytonSeries online game with the newest puzzles, #professor

MiscRave's 1 year anniversary, expect more as we continue to evolve and Rave about Miscellaneous topics!

UFC and MMA fightersMiesha Tate #UFC219 CyborgVHolm Holly Holm starred in Fight Valley. Here is our look into it!

Miesha Tate, Cris Cyborg, Holly Holm of Mixed Martial Arts fame were in a movie called Fight Valley Knockaround Girls. Being a fan of Women’s MMA...

We continue the #LaytonWorld walkthrough from the online Professor Layton #Laytonseries game, still early to join

The problem with Sony's Amazing Spider-Man movie duology & the things done right #Marvel #spidermanhomecoming #mcu

Toxic Avenger & #LaytonWorld talk in the latest episode of the podcast.

Before Netflix, Godzilla got a cartoon for the 1st american Godzilla, the series is a sequel to #JurassicJune

No, taking your fidget spinners doesn't make your teacher a bad person as some people online may have you believe

The problem with Duolingo , what are your thoughts on it?

In today's episode of the podcast I talk about the struggles of learning a language. #duolingo

In today’s episode I talk about learning a foreign language and the struggles that you have when learning one, is it possible? I’m trying to learn...

Celebrate #EarthDay by reading about the cancelled Captain Planet animated movie Captain Planet Captain Planet Fdn

The internet has been talking about a Captain Planet movie for years and for some reason a live action movie was in production for a while which...