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A little nook at the bottom of the internet where different opinions, analysis, and details that most of the internet forgot about, get to be discussed or

The problem with Duolingo , what are your thoughts on it?

In today's episode of the podcast I talk about the struggles of learning a language. #duolingo

In today’s episode I talk about learning a foreign language and the struggles that you have when learning one, is it possible? I’m trying to learn...
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Celebrate #EarthDay by reading about the cancelled Captain Planet animated movie Captain Planet Captain Planet Fdn

The internet has been talking about a Captain Planet movie for years and for some reason a live action movie was in production for a while which...

30 years of The Magic School Bus, new show on Netflix soon and here is the original opening to be nostalgic

On the NEW #MiscRave podcast ep117 I discuss social issues w/ Star Wars in the new age of Political Correctness

Who would win in a fight? Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?

Now that #starwarscelebrationorlando finished; Remember the Star Wars Gangsta Rap from the early 00's? #TheLastJedi

Looking back on #TMNT 2k3, through all seasons of the Mirage Comics inspired Ninja Turtles cartoon

Take a look at the original #TMNT intro re-done in 3D/CG. Including a whole episode.

Looking back on #TMNT, through all seasons of the original Ninja Turtles cartoon

How has Fake News evolved over the past few months? Fake News are more real than ever.

There is a new buzzword that has become quite popular in the last few months and that is Fake News. The rise of this term is a rather odd one as what it has become today is not really the original meaning that it was given, nor the meaning that it was changed to. We’ve got to dwell a little bit more...

Ninja Turtles is getting a new show on Nick with Rise of the TMNT, here is an analysis on all we know so far.

Back off Marvel, Nintendo used to have a connected animated universe since the late 80s.

and their MCU but they’ve existed for quite a long time and Nintendo of all companies had an animated shared universe during the NES and even SNES eras.
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