Sewing a Dragon Tail for Cosplay
Everyone having a good weekend? I'm trying to look into laser eye surgery so I no longer need #glasses. I don't want to be a #girlwithglasses forever. It would make doing everything so much easier. I'm incredibly near sighted (I can't see far away). me..far away is less than an arm's length away. Anyone have an eye surgery experience? Like Lasik? Also love my #marvel pj shirt :3

Sorry for my boring normal face, but here's a video of me taking off the masking tape from my pauldrons and breastplate.

Blizzcon hyyype

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| Cosplay by me, Miss Marisa Cosplay | Character from Death Note |

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Happy Halloween season! How to cosplay Misa Misa (Misa Amane): Put on a blonde wig with pigtails and a cute gothic outfit. Seriously, that's it! In this video I show how to style the wig and which make-up steps to take.

If you would prefer to watch it on YouTube, do so here:

It's a super simple costume. I did this the morning of a cosplay gathering, and I'm glad I did. It was fun to wear and really easy. With this DIY, you can do it too. If this t...utorial/guide helps you, please send me pictures of your finished product. I would love to see it

Also a shout-out to CPU White Soul for the videos of my costume! Without them I couldn't have made this video Thanks!
CPU White Soul's channel:

Photo credits:
Standing next to fence: Kwan Seng Low
Darker image, sitting on fence: Toshi Studios
Over-the-shoulder: Kwan Seng Low
Group photo: Toshi Studios

Song credits (used under Fair Use or are Royalty Free):
Intro: "The WORLD" performed by the Japanese band Nightmare
Main: Figub Brazlevič - Chillhop Essentials - Spring 2017 - 19 Father & Son
Outro: Ep. 21 Royalty Free Music [EpicTrapTrapstep] - Trap Attack

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I have to post just a simple selfie too ;p

There are also a lot of new people here! Welcome! ♥️

What costume would you like to see next?

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In the spirit of the Halloween season, I created a new costume! The "spooky" character Misa Misa. ...I say that in jest, because she's not particularly spooky. But, she is from the awesome anime/manga #DeathNote I use to love reading that manga, eagerly awaiting what would happen to Light. My favorite character was always L. Who was yours?

Photo by Toshi Studios -- Thank you for capturing the more moody side of Misa!

Cosplay by me Miss Marisa Cosplay

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Heck yes I'm entering this >:D

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Jessie Pridemore Official

Contest time! I just so happened to have gotten my hands on some World of Warcraft bags by Ju-Ju-Be / Cute But Deadly! Half of these are also sold out already. ...Like this page and share this post for a chance to win four bags worth $150! Contest will run for a week. Ends October 18th at Midnight Pacific Time. Winner will be chosen on the next day. North America only.

Jessie Pridemore Official

It's dangerous to go alone, you'll want to take these with you!

#cutebutdeadly #worldofwarcraft #blizzard #tyrande

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Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

Happy Friday the 13th! I don't have any spooky costumes for this—but I want to! D:< Hey photogs: if you want to shoot something with me, please let me know!


This sort of behind-the-scenes shot is super dramatic. But does it count as behind-the-scenes when it's still taken by the photographer for the other photos and it's not a picture of him?

Photo by Ota
Cosplay is of #Alice from Disney's Alice in Wonderland by me (Miss Marisa Cosplay)

#AliceinWonderland #Disney #DisneyCosplay

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“It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

~ Lewis Carroll

After the Santa Clara City Library Comic Con was finished up, Ota was kind enough to shoot with me amongst the rows of books. He was quickly able to take some really wonderful photos—obviously including this one. Thanks again, Bryan!

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Who watched the newest #StarWars trailer, btw? I sort of wish I didn't because I don't want any hints as to the plot! But how can I regret when there were those almost #icefox creatures (better then those #porg creatures YOU KNOW IT).

They look like a combination of Jolteon and Glaceon from Pokémon.

I feel like I might've seen this meme already, but I had to make it myself because I couldn't find it.

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Working on the pauldron pieces again. Doing some details. I've been shipping around on what I've been working on. Whoops.

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Awesome video by Beat Down Boogie! I love everyone's cosplays in it! I have such a soft spot for League of Legends costumes.

We've been honored to team up with Riot Games on several occasions. And even before that we were filming League cosplays. Here's some champions that graced o...

Did you have a good weekend? I was managing some of my anxiety by throwing myself into my hobby— which includes going to conventions in cosplay! Attending nerdy events is comforting, as most of the people attending are there to have a fun time. Thanks again to Liliphae for getting me as a guest at the convention!

Photos: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

#Lux cosplay from #LeagueofLegends: Liliphae...
#Alice from #AliceinWonderland: Miss Marisa Cosplay

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