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Shiela Bunker
· March 14, 2018
Our family highly recommends Dr. Sherman. Our son has been dealing with chronic knee problems for six years. We have been to three orthopedic surgeons, and they have gone from telling us he needs ster...oid shots to physical therapy then there is “nothing wrong” despite countless dislocations and MRIs. Finally, last year Dr. Nuelle said this is not right...he did an MRI and discovered the problem. Dr. Sherman stepped in when Dr. Neulle joined his family at another hospital. He continues to work with us on Spencer’s other knee. While it is difficult to not be upset about all of the activities our son has missed, these doctors make up for it iby explaining to us how they are going to repair it, so he can once again be a kid. See More
Sylvia Holland
· August 25, 2017
I was told I had no choice to go to MOI from other specialists from area Ft. Leonardwood... I was really skeptical when I first met Dr. Sherman, but after reading up on him I started feeling more about entrusting him with a chance to help fix my left knee that so many others refused to help me on, or tried and made worse. Yesterday I under went surgery to see all that was going on visually. When I woke from surgery I not only felt better but the nurses and staff joked around with me and made me feel at home. They all made me feel safe.

A week before I was scheduled for my operation on my knee I was sent a device that I honestly thought was a joke. I instantly felt nervous after that. To my honest surprise I was skeptical of Dr. Sherman's ways on healing to better a injury in the wrong way.

Today is the day after my surgery, not only am I not in any form of pain at all, but I'm so glad I put my faith in Dr. Sherman! I really believed I would be on crutches for weeks after everything that I had done on my first go around to prepare for my second surgery. Guess what! When I woke up this morning I no longer needed the crutches. I'm still in my brace yes but by the way I'm healing already thanks to Dr. Sherman, I'm confident I will be finally able to tell braces, crutches, and canes good bye for good.

For everyone who knows me, ha I'm hard to trust anybody let alone a doctor I knew little about. I'm glad I gave Missouri Orthopedic Institute in Columbia a chance to change my life. MOI gave me my faith in specialists back! I know I will for sure be spreading my recovery with friends and family around me to give them the chance to help them too.

Thank you Missouri Orthopedic Institute in Columbia, MO for everything you do and are also striving to achieve. I believe in everything you all do!
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Jennifer Sullivan
· December 29, 2017
Dr. Stannard, Katie Williamson, Chelsea Harrison, Laura Unterbrink, and Sierra Binkley, I am so blessed to know all of you. I had so much pain and swelling in my knee for 2 1/2 years that I was almost... at wits end. Dr. Stannard helped me come up with a plan that allowed me to run my now retired dog for a final AKC National Agility Championship. We made finals and came in 4th place out of more than 1000 dogs! Katie has pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. She told me that my whole body needed to be in condition in order to support my knee. All of you have pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. As a result this is the best I have felt in years. My knee feels great! Happy New Year to you all. Hope to come back stronger than ever in 2018! See More
Kayla Page
· December 22, 2017
I’ve seen other Orthopaedic doctors in the past, but I will say my encounter with MOI was great! Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful! I saw Dr. Skelley for bilateral knee pain and hip pain. He wa...s caring, attentive, thorough, and didn’t make me feel like I was wasting his time. Dr. Skelley has excellent bedside manner. I’m beyond grateful for the care he provided me.

I did some physical therapy and had Tim as my therapist. He was amazing! He helped me get back my strength and help me get back into my workout routine without the pain in my knees and hip.
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Tricia White
· December 23, 2017
It was amazing Dr. Summerhays did a great job on my ankle repair the nurses Mary and Kerri where so helpful and amazing they helped a lot and I did not get sick after surgery so the a atheistiolgis very good as well I can not thank them enough. See More
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