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Where are you having dinner on the big day? Whether you're at home, or having a 'great time' at the in-laws, we've got you covered. Get in touch to book your turkey, goose, capon, ham, venison, ostrich, zebra, crocodile, and anything else you can think of.

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Hi everyone,

We want to run a promo later this month, what would people like to see? A meat box? Special offer on product? Exotic meats?

Let us know your thoughts and we'll see what we can do!

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Weather looks good for a BBQ Saturday! Call or email now to reserve your burgers, sausages, chicken!

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We've just had our first BBQ of the year, and are looking to put together a tasty BBQ special deal. Let us know what you want in it, and we'll make it happen!

Farm fresh turkey, capon, venison, pheasant, partridge, ostrich or something exotic? Give Liz a call on 07714 208525.

Brilliant rare breed pork, and best British lamb available too.
Need some advice? Happy to help.

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We're totally up for a good roast this weekend, who's joining us?!

A classic Easter favourite, this saddle of lamb is stuffed with crunchy shallots, garlic and pancetta for a depth of flavour guaranteed to please your guests

Now that spring is here (barring the unexpected snow of course), we've started looking at some fresh spring flavours for our recipes. What do you think of this delicious pork tenderloin with nice light apple salsa? Mega easy, mega flavour, mega quick.

Feel free to share this post, and give us a call or email for quality pork.

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Love pulled pork? We do too! Give us a call and we can provide a side of prime British pork for £60, get your freezer filled, keep the family happy, and we've even got some pulled pork recipe booklets to give away as well (whilst stocks last).

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Crikey, it's been a bit parky this week! Get those cockles warmed back up with a beef stew, topped with muffin.

Give us a call on 07714 208525 and we'll sort you out with the best beef you've ever eaten.

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How about a brilliant leg of lamb for the weekend?…/leg-of-lamb-with-amazing-gra…/…

Give us a call, or pop in to pick up a belter

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Fancy a delicious rack of ribs? What if I said you can get a full rack, a massive leg joint, two nice shoulder joints, and the breast for £35? Yes a full side of best British lamb, get in touch and we'll drop one to your door.

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Happy new year!

How about a bit of what you fancy?

Sides of grass-fed British Lamb £35 (cut up however you like)...
Why not split with a friend, and both have a bargain?

10 massive chicken breasts £12

Sheesh, how about 2 pounds of lamb mince for £4, moussaka? Burgers? Pittas? Bargain either way!

Limited time offer.

Pop in or drop us a message, we'll even drop it off if you live locally.

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Barbeque season is firmly upon us, and we're fully stocked with masses of homemade sausage, burgers, and other tasty treats!

Delivery available local to the shop (Talke Pitts) and also to Sandbach area. Drop us a line for more details.

Have a fantastic week!

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If we start making flavoured bacon, what sort of flavour would you like?

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If you’ve only ever had the bacon that you get from the supermarket, then you’ve been missing out in the joy of proper bacon. Mitchells Wood produce their own dry cured bacon, with none of the nasty additives and not injected with saline solution to increase the weight. Surely no-one likes shrinking...

Concerned about the food, you and your family are eating?

Well you need have neigh concern at Mitchells Wood Farm Shop. We rear, kill and butcher all our own produce. So we know exactly where every animal came from. We even grow all of our own cereals, so we know what our animals have been fed! Check out for more details about what we do.

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Get laid locally

Farm fresh, straight from our extremely free range chickens.