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It’s always good to know what your body is telling you.

Life is impossible without water. Every living being on the planet needs it. It helps the body to perform its function at full speed. But, keep in mind that water hydrates your body only when used in its pure and original form. Proper amounts of water keeps health at optimal level, since water adjus...
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You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first - then you'll be better placed to help others

I know I don't drink enough!!

Sadly many of us do not drink enough water each day... While some think they need to 'taste' something, hopefully this article will force you to realize it's one of the best things for you each day.. not only just with your Running:

While we may not need eight glasses a day, there are plenty of reasons to drink water.
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MASSAGE Magazine is with Nicole Rio.

When you get into a routine, stop and enjoy the weekend! #HappyFriday


For all my fellow psoas geeks...

The psoas major muscle (pronounced “so-as”) is often referred to as the deepest core, or as yoga therapist and film-maker Danielle Olson states, the “muscle of the soul.” This core-stabilizing muscle located near the hip bone affects mobility, structural balance, joint function, flexibility, and muc...
This posse of seniors at my gym is wise and weathered. I’ve learned a thing or two about body acceptance from observing them.
Author: Marie-Christine Lochot. Title: No Pain, No Gain and Its Effects on Our Clients. Summary: The expression 'no pain, no gain' got popular in the early 1980's when actress Jane Fonda started to produce workout videos.