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Too true. And that's when you just sit there and -- and -- and . . .

Ah, the danglers. A brief foray into why we shouldn't use them. . . .

Maria Carter

A dangling participle walks into a bar. Enjoying a cocktail and chatting with the bartender, the evening passes pleasantly.

A bar was walked into by the passive... voice.

An oxymoron walked into a bar, and the silence was deafening.

Two quotation marks walk into a “bar.”

A malapropism walks into a bar, looking for all intensive purposes like a wolf in cheap clothing, muttering epitaphs and casting dispersions on his magnificent other, who takes him for granite.

Hyperbole totally rips into this insane bar and absolutely destroys everything.

A question mark walks into a bar?

A non sequitur walks into a bar. In a strong wind, even turkeys can fly.

Papyrus and Comic Sans walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Get out -- we don't serve your type."

A mixed metaphor walks into a bar, seeing the handwriting on the wall but hoping to nip it in the bud.

A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves.

Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. They sit. They converse. They depart.

A synonym strolls into a tavern.

At the end of the day, a cliché walks into a bar -- fresh as a daisy, cute as a button, and sharp as a tack.

A run-on sentence walks into a bar it starts flirting. With a cute little sentence fragment.

Falling slowly, softly falling, the chiasmus collapses to the bar floor.

A figure of speech literally walks into a bar and ends up getting figuratively hammered.

An allusion walks into a bar, despite the fact that alcohol is its Achilles heel.

The subjunctive would have walked into a bar, had it only known.

A misplaced modifier walks into a bar owned a man with a glass eye named Ralph.

The past, present, and future walked into a bar. It was tense.

A dyslexic walks into a bra.

A verb walks into a bar, sees a beautiful noun, and suggests they conjugate. The noun declines.

An Oxford comma walks into a bar, where it spends the evening watching the television getting drunk and smoking cigars.

A simile walks into a bar, as parched as a desert.

A gerund and an infinitive walk into a bar, drinking to forget.

A hyphenated word and a non-hyphenated word walk into a bar and the bartender nearly chokes on the irony.

*(I can’t take credit for these, but the malapropism is my favorite. Enjoy!)

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One Ohio Now is with Stephanie Kim Mathews and 19 others.

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There is absolutely nothing in this world more pure than a child's innocence. When we're young the world is full of endless possibilities, and our imaginations are infinite. We have no boundaries and no self doubt. Until we reach that blurry finish line of being "grown up". When I was a small child

Mr Darcy!

Laura Johnson shared a link to the group: Mansions of the Gilded Age.

Look what's up for sale!

You’ll admire and love it most ardently.

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I just supported ACA Signup Reminder! on @ThunderclapIt // @2018ACASignup

A share from my dear friend Lynn. Creativity prevails. A romance in 30 seconds. Enjoy!

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Jerry Pournelle - 1933-2017 Science Fiction has lost a master.

Packing By Jerry Pournelle | Aug 30, 2017 - 5:00 pm | Updated: August 30, 2017 - 5:00 pm | View Comments Off on Packing Wednesday, August 30, 2017 The map is not the territory. Alfred Korzybski Liberalism is a philosophy of consolation for the West as it commits suicide. James Burnham If a foreign...
Modean Moon

I have a 1928 Episcopal prayer book that came into my possession several years ago from a friend cruising a yard sale or used book store. It is inscribed: To: J...ames E. Arnett, Jr. Graduation 1960 From The Men's Club Trinity Church Mobile, Ala.

I have tried at least twice to return this confirmation gift, by contacting Trinity Church, Mobile, Ala., by e-mail but have never even received a return e-mail. (Granted, one of these times was in the aftermath of Katrina, but . . . )

So, if anyone is connected with Trinity Church, Mobile, Ala, or knows Mr. Arnett or his family, please contact them and have them PM me for return of this book.

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Charting the wild progress of literature’s genre-of-the-moment

As a friend asked: "Way cool!"

How cool is this???

We can learn much about how a historical period viewed the abilities of its children by studying its children's literature.

A great idea --

There are plenty of books that work for multiple ages. And you get kids talking! About reading! Here’s how to ensure success.
There are plenty of books that work for multiple ages. And you get kids talking! About reading! Here’s how to ensure success.

Words to live by (or without) Thanks, Jennifer P.

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Amy Beth Gardner

My daughter starts middle school tomorrow. We've decorated her locker, bought new uniforms, even surprised her with a new backpack. But tonight just before be...d, we did another pre-middle school task that is far more important than the others. I gave her a tube of toothpaste and asked her to squirt it out onto a plate. When she finished, I calmly asked her to put all the toothpaste back in the tube. She began exclaiming things like "But I can't!" and "It won't be like it was before!" I quietly waited for her to finish and then said the following:

"You will remember this plate of toothpaste for the rest of your life. Your words have the power of life or death. As you go into middle school, you are about to see just how much weight your words carry. You are going to have the opportunity to use your words to hurt, demean, slander and wound others. You are also going to have the opportunity to use your words to heal, encourage, inspire and love others. You will occasionally make the wrong choice; I can think of three times this week I have used my own words carelessly and caused harm. Just like this toothpaste, once the words leave your mouth, you can't take them back. Use your words carefully, Breonna. When others are misusing their words, guard your words. Make the choice every morning that life-giving words will come out of your mouth. Decide tonight that you are going to be a life-giver in middle school. Be known for your gentleness and compassion. Use your life to give life to a world that so desperately needs it. You will never, ever regret choosing kindness."

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Equally writers get the same request: no money, but "great" exposure

Robert Gregory Browne

Another great response re: creatives working for free.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.