Here comes the Gyp-Crete. About half as heavy as concrete.

Tonight ModernKind is happily supporting the incredible Red Door Family Shelter by sponsoring a fundraiser at Torq Ride in Leslieville. For riders who meet challenges during the spin class we'll be donating funds on their behalf. Thank you to Torq for the opportunity to give back. #reddoorfamilyshelter #community

For over 30 years the Red Door Family Shelter has been providing emergency housing and support services to women escaping domestic violence, to refugees, and to families experiencing a housing crisis in the Greater Toronto Area. Each year the Red Door helps over 500 families heal and rebuild their l...

POLL: In the wireless world of smart phones, iPads and laptops, what's your opinion on having a TV in your master bedroom?


So grateful for this crew working outside in this temperature, always cheerful, always humourous... ROB, PIERRE, JONAH & OLLIE.

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If you or someone you know is moving to/within CALGARY, here is my friend's fabulous home currently for sale:

1133 9 ST SE, Ramsay, Calgary, Alberta   T2G3B3

A lot is going on at Brother Kenny: forms are going in for the addition foundation, we took off the facade and are reframing it and adding a second floor bay window, and we have some new friends that are ladder-friendly and eating the house!

/// Goodbye yellow brick home ///

Plans for new window openings and the need to say bye bye to the angel stone means Brother Kenny is getting a serious facelift...

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With little access down the sides of both the semis, a hole has been punched into the rear of Brother Worth to get the excavator through. We're digging a 20'x20' new foundation that will support a 3-storey rear addition that will also top over part of the existing building. Because we're on an inverse grade, we could not add an entire 3rd storey because the front wall of the house would have looked monstrous... but at almost 4000sqft inside incl the basement, we're going to have plenty of house here, and our largest addition to date...

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"Hi, this is Enbridge Gas. We need to give you a new gas service because the house next to you in being demolished."

"I know nothing about the house being torn down".

"Yes, it's being torn down and your service is connected to theirs."


"Are you sure? We are undergoing a renovation and have asked for our gas service to be shut off."

[several back and forths]

"Ohhhh, right. I see that on my sheet now. It's your neighbour I need to call. To give THEM a new service."

"And just to confirm, I am not demolishing my house."

"Yes, it's just system terminology."

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Things are moving along at project Brother Kenny. In converting this duplex into a single family home, we decided the 8' ceiling on the main floor needed to be changed to 9'. And seeing that the existing joists run opposite than typical and we want to change/take out walls and use full-span joists, PLUS we are adding 20' to the rear and partial 3rd storey, we're in for a whole lot of floor and roof reconstr...uction to make it all happen.
Luckily our basement had over 8' ceilings, so even though we are dropping the floor down a foot, we will have 7' ceiling height in the existing part of the basement, and then 8' again in the new 20x20' addition we're digging out. Lots of work - but we are doing this once, and we are doing it right. Kenny, hang in there brother...

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/// Nobody wants walls except Trump ///

It's demolition time, and with a bin that looks the size of the Titanic, we are gutting Brother Kenny... We will be putting a few walls back up, and we will be paying for them. And what are we going to do with that entrance/foyer?!
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It’s hump day, so what better day than to introduce you to our next – and biggest project to date – Brother Kenny. Purchased in late 2014, on Kenilworth Ave, a little north of Queen St in The Beach, Brother Kenny has been very patient as we have navigated the trials of approvals and overcome some long and expensive humps.

Originally purchased to keep as an income property, this legal duplex [2 units], built in the 1950s and never upgraded, wou...ld have been an ideal property to add a third unit to, via an addition and full gut renovation, as it boasts a huge 216ft long lot, has a 60+ft driveway, a garage, and sits in company with many other triplexes and quadplexes. And let's face it, Brother Kenny did not get a shake with the pretty stick. But he is one cool mid-century box of potential, and that's what we always look for. Great neighbourhood, nice lot, parking, potential for a beautiful property inside and out...

The owner was also selling the attached semi as well, which was sold [after some crazy legal severance issues that took months] to a lovely couple who also wished to make their duplex a triplex, and retire in one of the units. They - ahead of us - applied to the City and were refused, with a few neighbours opposed to the addition, and the City stating adding density here was not in line with their Official Plan. So, in lieu of going to the Ontario Municipal Board to challenge the City's decision we both scrapped those triplex plans.

We decided we would convert Brother Kenny into a single family home, but add 20 feet to the rear, and half a 3rd storey. Our neighbour, whose property we are naming Brother Worth [get it? Kenny and Worth, Kenilworth?], decided to do the exact same addition, but keep it a duplex. New drawings, more time and money. We reapplied to the City and were APPROVED, only to have a neighbour appeal the decision, leading us to pitch our cases months later to The Ontario Municipal Board, and we were both approved. It took the Board 7 months to return a decision because they are so backed up, after what is typically 2-10 weeks.

So here we are, two and half years later, two EXTREMELY patient property owners just trying to make something better of these not-so-attractive and tired twin brothers. The question is: are they going to remain identical twins, or will they look more fraternal? You’ll have to wait and see. This is a new situation for us as we have never renovated in tandem with an attached neighbour. We both have our work cut out for us, and ModernKind is ready to tackle our over 4300sqft of interior space, and an inverse lot. Does it matter that this is a semi to us? No. Does it matter that we are in company with rentals? No. Do we like yellow brick and angel stone? No. We'll go first - as always:)

Thanks for following. Let's dig!

P.S. Oliver and I used to live on Kenilworth when we were little kids.

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The Bro & Dad forces are back: SO CLOSE to telling you about our next project! #famjamreno #biggestprojectyet

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Is it the same house? It is ... kitchen is in the same location as prior to renovation. #totaltransformation

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Friday flashback: Is this the same house? It is – proof of the astonishing role light plays in a home...

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ModernKind Inc updated their cover photo.
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After gutting this house to the brick and joists, redoing its facade, and developing the entire backyard, we are happy to finally show you the end product of over a year's work in renovating this old lady. She's now young and fresh.

Nothing could be more flattering than to have the first people, who came into the house while we were staging, purchase it [privately]. She is SOLD.

We are extremely grateful to our INCREDIBLE, patient and generous attached neighbour, our sweet an...d accommodating neighbour on our other side, and all the neighbours on the street who put up with noise and trucks and everything that goes along with a big renovation.

To the amazing crew and people who helped rebuild The Lady, we could not have done it without you. Thank you for your fine work and craft. There we some good laughs, not much yelling, too many cigarettes and way too many double-double coffees.

Thanks to all the good suppliers who worked hard for us too.

And thanks to you for following. If you're just tuning in, you can see the original house earlier in our feed.

Lady Simpson is lovely [if we do say so], we hope the new owners enjoy her, we will miss her and Simpson Avenue, and that's a wrap. Onto the next transformation!

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