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Samira Gupta
· September 25, 2014
Yes hello, Moksha the world class Spa.

I am sure your services are of the highest standard - but you see I have no interest in it. Also (if I may) you should know that people who offer "world class" ...service do not need to advertise it and spam people with Whats App messages. I am a bit tired of blocking the incessant messages. Can you please stop this nonsense?

If people want your service, they will find you.
Lastly, I do not live anywhere close to any of your centres. So I think it best you fire your marketing team, and shut down. At this rate you guys are going to turn away any pour soul who is brave enough to enter your "environment"
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Aparajita Bahadur
· August 7, 2014
Unbelievable how may Whatsapp messages this crazy place has sent me in the past 6 months. Poor guys think people will actually visit them after hounding them like this! All the best, this will go down... in history as the business which failed because people went in and flung sh*t on all their outlets! See More
Rishabh Arora
· October 3, 2014
Get constantly spammed by Moksha spa messages on a daily basis. Even after constant request I get spammed by them at least thrice a day. Never will I use this spa's services, and I make it a point to ...warn anyone that wants to go to a spa to avoid this one.

You should reconsider your marketing strategy.
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Anant Nehru
· June 4, 2014
You need to stop spamming people on WhatsApp. Not only is it annoying, its more than likely to drive me away from your brand - IF I ever were to even visit a Spa. That's to point out that I'm not even... your ideal target market. I'm surprised no one taken you to court for harassment. Get some REAL marketing strategies in place and implement them. That's what professional marketing is about, not blanket messaging like a local kirana store.

23rd July: REALLY? Replying and deleting my post? Dont underestimate the power of social media. This is what I had written in response to your reply:

"Sorry for the inconvenience" doesn't quite cut it. I get close to 12 messages a WEEK from your "outsourced" marketing - and going by your page and my immediate social circle, I'm not the only one. You want to make people aware of your services, not piss them off. Like I said, get a real professional marketing firm by spending some money. You're doing yourself more damage this way. Unless you've also opening a spa to compete with the local barber sitting under a tree - then this is the best marketing method there is for you.
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Sarika Malhotra
· May 20, 2014
Pathetic should never go to such a place which promises relaxation but disturb your peace of mind with endless whatsapps and sms. Such people should be banned from doing business
Mastani Nazar
· May 11, 2014
This spa has sent me endless tacky what's app messages. I've tried calling and getting them to stop. With the sense of style they're displaying, their customer service must be horrible.
Gauri Juneja
· June 14, 2014
I'm reporting this business to the police for constant spamming as well as to TRAI for illegal promotions via Whatsapp on DND numbers. Good luck to your management as well as to your mobile marketing agency.
Deepak Shrivastava
· August 20, 2014
Stop pestering me. I called up your Vasant Vihar massage centre and spoke to the Manager. Gave him my phone number and asked him to fuc*** instruct the advertising agency to fuc*** remove my phone num...ber from their fuc*** mailing list. You are fuc*** invading my privacy. If I get one more fuc*** unsolicited message from Moksha Spa I will file a police complaint against you. I will dig out the owner of this firm and file a named FIR against him. I want NO MORE MESSAGES from Moksha Spa. See More
Kimi Pachuau
· January 12, 2015
FUCK YOU for sending shady whatsapp messages and texts. You people do not deserve to be in the service industry. The amount of messages you send in a day is amounting to harassment. You will get into ...trouble soon. And not to mention your tacky promotional messages like "FEMALE THERAPISTS AVAILABLE" what are you really trying to sell. See More
Shalinee Chopra Gurwara
· May 12, 2014
They are not worth a review. .they are pure harassment. ...please can you stop your watsup and sms
Ritoban Chakrabarti
· July 23, 2014
Stop with the whatsapp spam. Its ridiculous. Every day new number and new spam message. Replied multiple times to stop, but everyday they keep sending spam.
Bharat Bindal
· June 26, 2014
Sick and tired of getting their spam SMS and now even on whatsapp. This place should be banned.
Vijyant Jain
· June 1, 2014
Dear Moksha Spa,
All your marketing efforts are only making us hate you.
Please stop spamming whatsapp.
Kan Can
· November 2, 2014
I am incredibly amazed that the no. of people who have got messages written all over the internet about Moksha Spa's IRRITATING SMSes on Whatsapp HAS NOT STOPPED THEM!! IDIOTIC OR JUST PLAIN ILLITERAT...E? What do you think? I think its just a REEEEAAALLLYY BAAAAAD SPA where NO ONE goes. Hence the DESPERATE million smses on each and every one of us's whatsapps. I am going to report them to Whatsapp. Wish me luck! See More
Kunaal Bose
· May 10, 2014
The only reason I would never go is because you assholes have spammed my inbox!
Liansangpuia Chhakchhuak
· September 24, 2013
people who send out the amount of spam moksha does, do not deserve to be in the service industry
Sarthak Aggarwal
· December 4, 2014
I went t vasant vihar branch. Their motive is just to earn money n nothinv else
Mayank Kumar
· August 7, 2014
Free massages on Sunday's 11-3.
Brilliant work!!
No appointments, only walk in entertained!
Shabad Mehta
· July 12, 2014
Stop harrasing people with your stupid messages.
Vikas Kakkar
· April 5, 2015

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