Thank you again to those of you who placed orders towards the outlet sale. I very much appreciate it. I placed all of your names into a drawing for a special thank you gift, and the winner chosen by the wheel was Sheila Zdnicki. Thank you again to you all. And sorry for the poor quality video. It was my first one, I will keep practicing. I wasnt impressed with it, but i didnt think it was fair to reshoot, because then I would have to respin. Its only fair that the very first go at it is the winner, whether i look dumb or not. :) Congrats Sheila! How convenient I'm going to see you tomorrow for your hair anyway. :)

Ive been so ultra busy with my new little baby boy and two little girls- i have been majorly slacking on posts- but wanted to let you all know the Spring catalog is OUT!!! Let me know if you need one, or if you want to host an inhome or online party!!!! Im so ready for spring to get here, how about you?! Check out some of the great new stuff on my site.

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To all of my wonderful customers, THANK YOU so much for your love and support this year. I could never continue this business that I love without your kindness, and I am truly grateful.

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Up to 70% off items in our customer appreciation sales- on top of the awesome monthly special!!!

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I just wanted to thank my customers SO very much for all of their love, loyalty, and business this year. Words.....oh, how can I fully even express how grateful I am. I am SO grateful everyone. And a big thank you to those who have placed orders towards the outlet sale we have going too. My Aunt Melanie Means gathered up her co-workers and they had an almost $200 order, my friend Stacie gathered up her family and made her order into a $300 party with her families orders too, ...getting $40 in free credit, a half off, and a hostess exclusive just for doing so, and my friend Shannon placed an order towards the sale too!!! We have amazing deals going on with stuff being up to 70% off- AND $5 caddies! What! Amazing. I know it's Christmas and we have all already spent a lot, but think of the after Christmas deals in want to get the specials now, as they are so much cheaper than thru the year- and think how many good deals you got that you can use for next year's gifts!

The outlet sale is a customer appreciation sale to show how much we value you- and each week we will be posting new deals- while supplies last- up until January 14th. Check my site to see the latest deals. After January 14th all people who ordered towards the outlet sale will be placed in a drawing for a special prize!!!

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WOW! I love how Thirty-One is celebrating their upcoming 15 year anniversary by doing such amazing deals weekly!!!! Shop our outlet sale.

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Today is the last day for the red chevron flash sale!!!! Items 40% off. Check out what we have!

More than just a bag

I just wanted to take a moment to say just how grateful I am to my customers, hostesses, family and friends for their generosity...thanksgiving is a good reminder to us at just how very blessed we are- and I couldn't be more thankful to all of you for contributing to my business.
I want to give a shout out to some of my hostesses who have had some awesome parties lately.
My girl- Peggy Buehler had her first party selling $700+ worth of products- earning herself $110 worth of... FREE credit, 2 half off items, And 2 hostess exclusive at that time we had a hostess special going on where she could pick additional items for FREE. Seriously amazing. In addition to that- her friends and family got some awesome discounted items.
Peggy referred 2 friends to me Alanna and Amy who both had parties as well. Alanna received $25 in free credit, a half off and a hostess exclusive, and Amy received $55 in free credit, a half off and a hostess exclusive item.
I gave them all hostess gifts personally from me, As well as gifts to their friends and family who participated in the games, And I am also mailing Peggy a referral gift for sending her friends to me.
Not only that- Peggy so enjoyed the parties- she had a second one and earn more free- and plans to have a third in the spring.
I absolutely love my job- and I love ALL of my customers so very much. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate your business.
If anyone is interested in having their own party and earning some free stuff- and giving your friends a chance to shop and get some awesome goods- please let me know.
As a consultant- i also earned 25% of sales from these parties- and also the amazing people who have ordered recently outside of the parties- so please keep in mind about joining our awesome team if you would like some extra cash for your family.

Much Love,
Monica Means

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So many cute things- from pillows to bags- to jewelry to purses- for boys or for girls- super cheap prices to things that cost a little more (but you could always earn them free with your own party)...we personalize and make things your way to make them choose the pattern- you design it how you want. There is something for everyone!

We have SO many cute ideas for Christmas gifts. The different patterns and embroidery personalization options are endless. We have something for everyone boys and girls alike. Let me know if you have questions!

Hello friends! Today is officially November. Can any of you even believe how quickly this year has flown by? Time to start (if you haven't already) Christmas shopping. We have an amazing special going on in November. Check out Orders will ship to you in about a week

Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month- i just wanted to use this platform to tell you to please talk to your Dr about early detection, and be informed of ways to reduce your risk. And also wanted to let you know, if you didnt already, that we have a variety of ribbons that can be embroidered into your bag to show your support for your loved one, or to help spread awareness to others to stay educated and make sure to go to the Dr. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Today is the Last day to order the super cute giraffe print- that is gone after September. Today is also the LAST day to get the amazing September special. The zip top utility totes are just $10 this month with every $35 spent. This is a GREAT deal- as they are usually $35 by themselves. They are super nice- good quality totes. You won't be disappointed. Think wedding gifts- think Halloween bags- think Christmas. There is something for everyone. You can order from my site at and as always I like to promote ordering from my hostesses to give them the credit. The order has no difference for you. Costs the same. Still goes to your house. Just gives a hostess credit towards her party. Only difference. My hostess Alanna would really appreciate your order towards her party.

Oooooh! You guys! Check this out.

Announced today on our leader call.




WOOHOO!! 🎃👻🎃👻🎃 I have a party going on right now- Alannas. She would love if you would add your order to her party. Just don't select ship to host and it will come straight to you!

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I would like to take the time to Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for placing orders towards my friend Peggys party. You have helped me to earn income, and I could not be more appreciative of that. I seriously have so much fun doing my job- i love it- and all of you have made it even more fun. And thank you so much to Peggy for having the party. I wouldn't be able to have a business without all of you- and it means more than you know.

This month is an amazing month host a party. Because all of you ordered towards her party- she was able to get past the $600 party mark which gave her

-$110 credit worth of free stuff
-2 half offs
-2 hostess exclusives to buy
-The cinch and deluxe tote for just $30
-And as a special bonus this month- because it was past $600- she also gets to pick one item in the catalog (DOES NOT MATTER HOW MUCH IT IS- COULD BE $90 FOR ALL THEY CARE) for absolutely FREE!

Crazy right? And generous right? I have worked here for 4 years and have never seen such a super generous bonus.

So it's a great month to host a party of your own- and it's also a great time to start your own business!

Thank you again for your orders-im so happy you were all able to take advantage of the great specials.

There is still time for you to set up YOUR party this month. The specials are awesome for customers AND hostesses.

Monica Means

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