MONICA & DAVID - Official Trailer!
MONICA & DAVID - Official Trailer with Audio Description
Beauty and the Beast

This is one of our favorite deleted scenes from the film. Monica found her voice as Belle in Beauty and the Beast long before Emma Watson took on the role. After months of practicing with a timid voice, we were all in tears when Monica took the stage and passionately belted her lines. In the film, Monica seems so assertive (which she is in more intimate settings), but in public settings it can be tough to assert. Here's to us all finding our voices and standing up for the people that we love. Happy World Down Syndrome Day ! Stay tuned for more scenes & announcements about MONICA & DAVID, as we prepare to re-release the film with all kinds of fun goodies.


Loving this coffee shop! Who's going to bring one to their community?

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June 30

This amazing coffee shop only hires people with disabilities.

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June 26

Last week we hung out with our favorite new friends from Mexico. Liliana is the star of a new documentary, AWAY FROM MEANING, a very personal portrait of living with mental illness. Her sister, Olivia, is directing and her brother-in-law, Odín Acosta is producing. They're finishing the film and we can't wait to see it when it's done! Liliana, thank you for your bravery, poetry and strength. We love you guys:) Lejos del Sentido / Away from Meaning

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Ali Codina to Britdoc
June 22

Liliana, Monica & David hung out, sharing thoughts on life as a star and being in front of an audience. Monica made it all sound very glamorous:) What an awesome way to wrap an amazing Good Pitch of all women-led films, surrounded by a powerhouse of women mentors and supporters!

Help stop Medicaid cuts which will deeply impact all of our friends and family with Down syndrome and other disabilities.
TAKE ACTION! Contact your Senators:
or call the senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121
#321advocate #nocapsnocuts #savemedicaid

Moving Picture Workshop
June 22

Our neighbors living with Down syndrome are fighting to stop cuts to Medicaid. Here's why.
TAKE ACTION! Contact your Senators:
or call the senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121
#321advocate #nocapsnocuts #savemedicaid

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June 14
The idea that we play up our impairments to gain unfair advantages is damaging in more ways than one.

If you know of young adults with autism or other developmental disabilities that have studied baking and pastry arts are willing to work and live in Miami ... ask them to send their resumes through Miami Is Kind website.

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Miami Is Kind
June 12

Whole Foods delivery 📦 📦📦📦📦📦....!!!

The Scene
June 2

This story about a mom finding out her newborn daughter has Down syndrome will touch your heart. (via The Moth)

All of our friends in Miami, please go to the Whole Foods in Downtown Miami (299SE 3rd Av) and support this wonderful organization. Locally made, Gluten Free and Vegan Macaroons made by talented bakers with autism. Congrats, Silvia Planas Prats! And to the entire Miami Is Kind team of talented bakers.

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June 1Miami, FL

Get Miami Is Kind Gluten Free and Vegan Macaroons at Whole Foods Market (Miami) 299SE 3rd Av - Socially responsible gourmet artisan macaroons made by talented bakers with Autism / disABILITIES for an even kinder Miami.
Together "Let's put Autism / disABILITIES to work!"

Love this Mom!

ABC News

POWERFUL MESSAGE: Mom of 3-year-old boy with Down syndrome says, "I don't want people to feel bad for him...he's changed our lives to make it so the focus of every day is just joy and happiness."

Maite Alberdi we loved spending time with you! Friends in the disability community, you really should see THE GROWNUPS. It's a gorgeous documentary made by one of the most talented, smart, respectful and caring young filmmakers. The film tells the story of several adults with Down syndrome who attend a life skills center in Chile. Full of romance, some heartbreak, and lots of humor.

Amigos, cuando pueden tienen que ver LOS NINOS, la nueva peli de Maite Alberdi. Es una belleza! Se trata de un centro para adults con síndrome de Down en Chile. Monica y David se emocionaron con los romances tan profundos de los protagonistas.

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Maite Alberdi is with Ali Codina.
March 9

S FL friends, don't miss this gorgeous film about adults with Down syndrome in Chile. If tickets are available, come check it out TOMORROW. Monica and David will be there too with the director of GROWN-UPS, Maite Alberdi.

The subjects of Maite Alberdi’s documentary are four middle-aged students at a Chilean school for Down’s Syndrome children. The quartet studies and works in their catering department, but to what end? This winsome, opinionated group feels ready for a life of greater autonomy, yet financial independe...
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January 25

Remembering our time in Traverse City with Bernie and her amazing mother, sisters, and family. Please send lots of love and prayer Bernie's way tomorrow morning (Thursday AM). This tough little girl is going in for her 5th open heart surgery and could use all the light that we can send her way. Love you, Bernie and Missy Carson Smith! (love seeing the ghost of my baby boy in the background who's now 4+ years old:))

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MONICA & DAVID is with Missy Carson Smith.

Happy birthday, Bernie!

Great inspiration for the new year!

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A Mighty Girl
January 4

After repeated job rejections for not being a "good fit," Collette Divitto, a 26-year-old woman with Down syndrome, decided to strike out on her own and start own cookie company! Collette perfected her craft in her family's kitchen for over ten years but, when she tried to make her love of baking into a career and applied for jobs at local bakeries, she was turned down countless times year after year. Finally, Collette, who said "it was really hurtful and I felt rejected a lot," had enough -- she started her own cookie company, Collettey’s Cookies, and this holiday season it took off in a big way. After a story by CBS Boston went viral online, orders for her signature cinnamon-dipped chocolate chip cookie began to pour in from around the country and, by mid-December, she had over 10,000 orders for more than 120,000 cookies! The surge of support has allowed the young entrepreneur to move from a home-based business into an industrial kitchen, and she's now making plans to expand and hire more people with disabilities. “That’s my dream,” Collette says. “I want to help more people with disabilities. It would be a great feeling to hire them.”

Collette's struggle to find work prior to starting her business is a common one for people with disabilities; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10.7% of people with disabilities who are actively looking for work were unemployed in 2015, twice the rate of people without disabilities. To Collette, this reality "is very upsetting... It's very hard to find a paying for people like me who have special needs." For this reason, she's excited to turn her company into a model for employing people with disabilities; asserting "it’s about getting jobs for everyone who deserves jobs."

In a short time, Collette has gone from baking 100 cookies a week for a local grocery, the Golden Goose Market, to filling thousands of orders. She is getting temporary help from volunteers, including her mother, her sister, and friends from Golden Goose, but the change in income means she can take the next big step for her company: hiring people to bake for her. She’s also started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money towards her own production and distribution facility to she can bring on more staff permanently. And, most of all, Collette hopes that her example will inspire other people with disabilities to pursue their own dreams: “Never give up. Don't let people make you sad or feel rejected. Stay motivated and follow your dreams.”

To learn more or order cookies, you can visit Collettey's Cookies website at -- or to help support her GoFundMe campaign for a permanent facility, visit

For books to help children and teens understand that diversity comes in many forms, including ableness, check out our blog post “Many Ways To Be Mighty: 20 Books Starring Mighty Girls with Disabilities” at

For two fantastic children's books about kids with Down syndrome, both for ages 4 to 7, we recommend "My Friend Isabelle" ( and "We'll Paint the Octopus Red" (

For adult readers, there is also a touching memoir by the father of a daughter with Down syndrome, “An Uncomplicated Life: A Father’s Memoir of His Exceptional Daughter” at

And, for books to encourage Mighty Girl of all ages to go after their dreams this year, regardless of the obstacles they encounter along the way, check out our blog post, "Big Dreams for a New Year: 25 Books to Inspire Your Mighty Girl in 2017," at

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I love everything about this story. Wish I'd had that cool a teacher in preschool!

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Argentina's first teacher with Down syndrome had to shatter stereotypes to achieve her dream. She is living proof that her disability is no impediment to being a great educator.