About Monmouth Regional High School Bands
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  • Start Date
    Founded in September 2012
  • Genre
  • Hometown
    Tinton Falls, NJ
  • Short Description
    Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Orchestra
  • Long Description
    Marching Band:
    The Marching Band performs at the football games as either a halftime show or a before-game show. They also p...erform in competitions such as Yamaha Cup at Giant's Stadium. Practices begin in June and the season ends in November at the Thanksgiving Day game. To recieve credits for this, the student must be enrolled in the Marching Band class given at MRHS. This class is given periods 2 and 10 or the student may choose to enroll in the after school class which allow the credits but does not interfere with the student's daily schedule.

    Pep Band:
    The Pep Band performs at the school's football and basketball games. They sit in the stands and perform hits such as "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green and the "Hawaii Five-O" theme. Instruments that perform in this band are all instruments except strings.

    Concert Band:
    Concert Band normally begins after the Marching Band season ends (around November) to prepare for the winter concert and then the Concert Band continues throughout the year until the spring concert. To participate in concert band, the student must be enrolled in MRHS's Marching Band class (period 2, 10, or after school). Instruments that perform in this band are all instruments except strings.

    Jazz Band:
    Like Concert Band, the Jazz Band begins after the Marching Band season ends. This is a program the practices after school on Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm. The Jazz Band does compete in competitions and festivals which are held in places like Brookdale Community College and local high schools. The Jazz Band is primarily saxaphones, trombones, trumpets, drums, piano, bass, guitar, and vocal. Unlike Marching Band and Concert Band, the student wishing to participate in this activity must audition.

    Orchestra is a class taken in the morning during period 0 which begins at 7am. The class does rank as an honors class so it does boost the GPA of a student. Orchestra does perform in the winter and spring concerts and actually begins the concerts. They play classical music such as Bach or Beethoven, but also play mixes of sings such as Christmas Carols, Star Wars, or John Williams. The instruments include practically all instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.
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  • Current Location
    Monmouth Regional High School
  • General Manager
    Gerald Romano (Band Director), Mike Rosa (Assistant Band Director), Megan Kristensen (Color Guard Supervisor) Mary Mindas (Orchestra & Vocal Director)
  • Press Contact
    For information on booking, comments, etc., please call: 732-542-1170 extension 1139
  • Booking Agent
    Fan Mail To: gromano@monmouthregional.net