YOU are our Santa- Thank You From the Monmouth County SPCA!
Kitten Season is in full swing around here! We wanted to thank everyone who donated to our Amazon Wishlist to help babies like Missy Elliot here ❤️ Missy was found cold, orphaned and only 6oz. but thanks to your generosity we were able to get the supplies needed to bottle feed her and keep her warm and comfortable. Weeks later and Missy Elliott is now a hearty 1.5 lbs and full of energy and sass! Missy still has a way to go until she's available for adoption - but we just wanted to know it's because of YOU that we can help sweet little babies like her! Enjoy this adorable video!
You gotta be KITTEN me with this cuteness! Antoinette is an adorable little babe looking for her forever home! This sweet girl is about 3 months old and super playful and curious - as you can seen! Antoinette is available at our Eatontown location and can't wait to find her FURever home ❤️ We're open today from 12-7 so stop in and give a shelter pet their happily ever after! For more info call our adoption center at 732-542-5962! FYI our Freehold location also has kittens and pups so feel free to swing by!
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Alyssa Calderone
· January 8, 2018
I called my local police station about a sick, freezing stray cat in my neighborhood and they connected me with the Eatontown ASPCA. The ASPCA came quickly to try and rescue the cat but she was alread...y off my property. They looked for her all night and in the morning called me to set a trap. Later that day, they called back to inform me they continued to look for the cat and they found her down the street! They said she was eating well and are nursing her back to health! My heart is overwhelmed by their help and dedication to helpless animals. I got my one cat from them, which they also rescued. They are an incredible local branch and I thank them for all their hard work and love!! See More
Andy Praskai
· April 2, 2018
This facility needs an attitude adjustment. I went to donate 3 cases of Science Diet d/d (prescription) dog food. The woman at the front desk told me to put the cases in a red bin. I put the cases in ...the bin when a SPCA volunteer started to remove the cases and was bringing them back into another room. I followed, helping him, by carrying the third case. The woman (receptionist) jumped out of her chair yelling at me to stop. That I had no right to go any further than the front desk. She was loud, rude, disrespectful and totally ungrateful that I was donating $150.00 worth of food. I told her I was following the volunteer. She didn't want to hear it. I told her that I would never donate ANYTHING to them again - money or food. No one should be treated like that - especially when they're doing something nice. Some of these volunteers are complete amateurs!

On a second note - I adopted a cat from them a few years back. The cat was given to me and told it was in good health. They completely lied. The cat was suffering from a parasite called Giardia. I didn't know it had the parasite and took the cat home. I quarantined the cat for almost a week and then felt it was acclimated enough to socialize with my other two cats. Well, my two healthy cats caught the parasite and it cost me a fortune fixing the problem. The Monmouth County SPCA does NOT test for parasites. BEWARE!!!

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Thea Bowers
· October 28, 2017
Everything about this place is amazing. The person greeting us at the door (Brook) the amazing patience of the animal staff (Ruth) and all of the other people. And they knew everything about each and ...every kitty. We left adopting a Hurricane Irma rescue and we couldn’t be happier! The facility is truly top notch See More
Theresa A Logan
· December 13, 2017
Just love Sheldon, a Lab Hound mix I adopted two months ago. He fits right in here and even though he is over a year, he still acts like a puppy. He just loves my children and grandchildren. He has a ...great temperment and is very smart. Thank you for saving him and giving him another chance. He is well worth it. See More
Margret Petroff
· February 10, 2018
My daughter and I went to the shelter and were met with smiles. The dogs cages were very clean and the people were very helpful to us. We adopted a pretty girl named Snickers. I will be back and I wil...l tell my friends about this place. Even thinking of volunteering their too. See More
Kevin Muller
· December 16, 2017
After visiting multiple times over the course of a month to find the perfect dog for myself I was able to adopt an amazing puppy. Every visit had a warm welcome and the staff was very helpful with any... questions. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new pet to visit and adopt a loving animal See More
Kirsten Borna
· January 14, 2018
I went through the adoption process and came home with a wonderful adult cat who loves having a home to herself. The volunteers and staff were so kind and loved the fact I came prepared. I would to anyone looking to adopt to come to them. Thank you again! See More
Dana Burseth
· April 5, 2018
I got my dog Sugar a year ago and we had a great experience. They were great with my dog Scout when meeting Sugar. The place itself is clean and I feel the dogs and cats are lucky to be at this shelte...r we got our dog scout from Florida SPCA and it was horrible because they had basically no donations so it wasn’t the SPCA fault but Monmouth spca is nice! See More
Rosanne Mandeville Barry
· November 11, 2017
Went there yesterday to see JoJo a dog that has been there awhile. Waited an hour for an "adoption counselor" in the adoption area being ignored by the people who should have helped us. The one adopti...on counselor met the the couple ahead of us then disappeared after telling my husband to tell the guy at the desk the dog we were interested in seeing, he went to the desk and the same guy who told us 3 times we have to wait for her. What an awful experience and I would never go back. I think of the poor animals waiting for forever homes. that miss out due to the rude people there! See More
Thomas Milani
· February 9, 2018
this place is basically a pitbull factory.
they try to cover it up by calling them "terriers" which is understandable, but fooling exactly nobody.
no cocker spaniel, no shepards, no Scotties, no yorkies, no mutts..

..just terrier, terrier, terrier, terrier, terrier, terrier (pitbulls) in every single cage.

...gee, wonder where all these "terriers" are coming from...
*cough*hood rat millenials*cough*
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Judy Saal
· April 1, 2018
It is a good place! They are very good to animals.I enjoy their updated newsletters and am a faithful donator to all their good works.J.A Saal
William Leibee
· December 25, 2017
Thesepeople are rude and inconsiderate in every fashion, especially the manager... do your best to rescue a dog, but beware of how mean these people are.
Pegeen OBrien
· January 1, 2018
I adopted Max (formerly known as Peyton) on 12/6/17. The adoption process went smoothly & we couldn't be happier with Max� He is such a little love & adjusted to our home from the 1st day.
April D'Addario
· April 15, 2018
We adopted a Sato from the mcspca and it was a wonderful experience. We love our little Puerto Rico pup!! Bowie is loving, smart, loyal, and absolutely adorable. Thank you Jill for making this happen ...for us!! � See More
Elizabeth Ann
· August 7, 2017
My husband and I had a fantastic experience at the MCSPCA. The facility is clean and beautiful. The staff and volunteers are friendly, and knowledgeable. You can see how much they care about the ani...mals in their care. We looked through the kennels and then sat down with an adoption counselor to talk about the dogs we were interested in to see if they would be a good fit for our home. After meeting two adorable and well behaved dogs, we are thrilled to have brought our dog Logan (formerly known as Chong) home to be a member of our family. See More
Mario Marcal da Cunha
· October 22, 2017
Maria and I think the Monmouth County SPCA is an excellent place for because it is clean, spacious and exceptionally well run by a group of people who are genuinely dedicated to bettering the lives o...f animals. See More
Rachael Penkower
· January 16, 2018
Worst place. Stay far away from this shady place! Terrible experiences with them. They took down my other review which went into detail. This place should be shut down.
Mattia J. Dizard
· February 28, 2018
Last night was amazing i went to the mcaspca for orientation and the work they do is amazing im glad ill be helping there. They also spayed my dog for me years ago. I had a wonderful experience.
Julia Sompolski
· May 4, 2017
I heard about this SPCA thru a college roommate of mine many years ago, to this day I never forgot about it and last night I made the drive back down to my old college stomping grounds to "window-shop..." for a cat. I went in with the notion that I wanted a young adult, male cat. From the moment I stepped foot in this place my jaw nearly hit the floor. I had been to many shelters before and never have I been so impressed. The cleanliness was impeccable. The staff was the friendliness. Each animal looked happy, healthy and content. Not dirty and stressed. You could tell a lot of love goes into caring for this animals until they find their forever home. I had the pleasure of meeting Sheryl the adoption counselor, and the vet director. Both sat with me for an extended period of time and answered all my questions about a loving cat Tony Tiger. He is a diabetic cat and they demonstrated at feeding time how to care for a cat with diabetes. I thought that was a true extra step that puts this rescue about the rest. The drive was long but 200% worth it. If I lived closer I would volunteer my time each week without a second thought. Long story short, I did not leave empty handed. I brought home our new furry baby, formally known as Tommy now Gunner. Even leaving they went that extra step to make sure he would be comfortable on the commute by giving us a carrier better than those disposable cardboard ones. If it were possible to rate higher than a 5/5 I would in a heart beat. Keep up the good work! Every little bit of attention to detail goes a long way. . . See More
Geo Rob
· August 30, 2017
Last month my mother in law, who is 84 years old, was placed into a nursing home after a serious auto accident. She could no longer take care of her pet. We could not take her dog, as we had other p...ets and do not have a fenced yard.
We called Monmouth and they advised that they could not assist, as my mother in law resided in Middlesex county, outside their county. We we were finally able to place her in a good home due to Pet Finders. While we give 100% support to their efforts to relocate pets from Puerto Rico and Texas, I am somewhat confused by the response we received.
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*That face you make when you’re waiting for your food in the microwave 😋*

And what better name for this delicious looking boy that Queso! Queso came to the MCSPCA when a Good Samaritan spotted him wandering around with a bleeding mouth ☹️ It turned out Queso had severely inflamed gums and it was causing him a lot of pain but luckily our staff took great care of him and he’s feeling much better! We did end up finding Queso’s owners but they decided they couldn’t care for him s...o now he’s looking for his new forever home ❤️ Queso is a 5 year young mushy lover-boy who’s looking for a home where he can snuggle and be someone’s constant companion! Queso loves people and other kitties so we think he’d fit in PURRfectly, anywhere! We’re open all weekend + Monday from 12-7 so stop in to meet Q and all of the other adorable adoptables we have available! For more info email or adoption center at 🐱

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