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Grafting Away in Orchard Country

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Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project needs input from commercial AND hobbyist cider makers as we work to grow our local fruit economy. Please take our survey if you are in the Rocky Mountain Region or any state bordering Colorado. FREE fresh roasted coffee will be mailed to you if completed by Jan 18, 2016. Thank You, Addie & Jude

Please complete our Cider Maker survey; we value your input as we work to grow our local fruit economy!

Dear Cider Makers of the Rocky Mountain Region & other states bordering Colorado,

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project (MORP) recently received an Enrich Colorado Agriculture Grant Program award to conduct a Market Analysis for Apples and Juice; and we need your input! We would highly value your feedback/knowledge as we work to grow our local fruit economy. A link to our survey targeted to both commercial and hobbyist cider makers in our region is provided here.

MORP envisions southwestern Colorado being renowned for an orchard culture and economy based on the legendary quality of Montezuma Valley Fruits. As we work to restore our old orchards and plant new ones we are particularly interested in the needs of cider makers; indeed we feel YOU are key to our success. We often say, "Orchard restoration projects and cider makers make a perfect pairing"!

We want to assure you that all data collected will be confidential and reported anonymously. So please gather your end of year reports (unless all data is at the top of your head!) along with your favorite bottle/can of cider; and take the bit of time to complete our survey. We hope you are able to finish by the time the bottle is empty!

To encourage you to complete the survey we will send you a FREE half pound bag of freshly roasted coffee if completed by January 18, 2016! Yes, MORP has a little gig on the side to raise funds/awareness for our local orchards called Restoration Roasters; involving an 7# Diedrich Roaster and the best beans we can get our hands on. As you know, it is all about starting with good product, finding the "sweet spot", and not messing anything up along the way.

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project looks forward to getting good things done in 2016! We need your help to steer us in the right direction. Please complete the survey; we will highly value the results, and share them with you!

Cheers! Addie & Jude Schuenemeyer

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project

P.S. We sent this survey to members of RMCA and regional cider makers listed at If you know other commercial or hobbyist cider makers in our region, please forward/share this survey with them.

You are invited to an Orchard Social on Sat, Oct 10 from 10-2

You are invited to an Orchard Social on SAT, OCT 10th from 10-2, 2015

GMO prize winninig apples from the past in the spotlight at the Sunflower Theatre, May 16 at 4 pm

Join Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project (MORP) and the Cortez Historic Preservation Board to celebrate the 6th Annual Cortez Historic Preservation Day with a morning and evening program on SAT, May 16th at the Sunflower Theatre.

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