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Queen St. Gang
Patchfest live.. we are on a little bit earlier... 6pm and might play longer..
Exit the Earth

Kicks off 12ish, really greats bands all day, we hit the stage 2.15...sure it will be as great as last year!

Sun 3:00 PM UTC+01MoonDrive71Brighton, United Kingdom
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the R.A.I.G. review translated, alas translator program always a bit maverick! Moondrive71 "Moon Station Breakdown" (2017)
We will begin a new overview week with the presentation of the English group MOONDRIVE71 from Brighton.



It was created last year - originally as a vocal and instrumental quintet, performing a "psychedelic funk-face-crowbuster" (its participants are the three groups - Germans Neu !, Americans The 13th Floor Elevators and Funkadelic). The frontman and drummer of the band soon disappeared, and the remaining members - Francis Field (guitars, synthesizer, voice), Tristian O'brien (synthesizer, keyboards) and Kola Olawole (percussion, drums) - by the end of June this year completed work on The debut album "Moon Station Breakdown".

Includes an album of 8 songs with a total duration of 36 minutes. MOONDRIVE71 perform mostly instrumental, simple and very nice music from the category of "Space-Krautrock for the masses".

The trio does not seek to achieve the effect of a massive "wall of sound," to impress the listener with the virtuosity of performance, the compositional intricacy or depth of the lyric-dramatic message. MOONDRIVE71 appreciate lightness, openness and simplicity of sound, hypnotic bit-groove and kaleidoscopic lace of synth effects.


In the context of compositions, samples from the archive of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration are occasionally used, and recitative vocal melodeclamations, a refrain repeating some unpretentious phrase-spell (like "we went so far - we do not know where we are"). You can hear such exercises in the tracks "Moon Station Breakdown", "Exit The Earth", "We'll Keep A Light On" and "Canterbury Roads". There are no detailed solo sections as such in MOONDRIVE71 compositions, but the keyboard player often takes on a modest melodic theme, using the tones of a vintage electroorgan. Numbers with a similar "inclusion" (for example, "Goldilocks Zone", "Exit The Earth", "Inner Sight", "Queens Park Gates") seemed to me the most successful.


The music played by the trio does not pretend to either experimental innovation or highly artistic elegance. But she has some special inexplicable mood charm and charm. I listen with pleasure, often playing the album in the background in repeat mode. Try it.

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pass it on when more detail emerges!

Sir Plastic Crimewave European Tour Euro tour details! Brighton 19, London 12, Birmingham 14 tbc Milan 16, Glasgow 19, Ayr 20, Edinburgh 22, Lancaster 23, London 27 Sir plastic crimewave syndicate from Chicago, usa Heady folk influences like Simon Finn, Mark Fry, Witthauser and Westrupp, St. Syd, an...


Capital Letters at Wolverhampton, UK .
January 18, 2015

New Album ‘Wolverhampton’
Released on Vinyl, CD and Digital Download March 23rd 2015

Having reformed in 2013, it hasn't taken Capital Letters to get back into their stride and 2015 sees them embarking on a series of European live dates reminiscent of their heyday in the late seventies and early eighties when they were the unofficial UK reggae ambassadors to Europe, constantly touring throughout the Continent.

To coincide with the start of these dates, Sugar Shack Records will be releasing the first all new Capital Letters album in thirty years. The band have spent much of the summer in the studio of Noel Browne, Noel only recently relocated to the UK and built his new studio. He's a former Studio One Band, Taxi Gang and Maytals keyboard player who is perhaps better known as the man behind New Name Music, the studio he set up in 1987 where he was to achieve success with Luciano, Mikey Spice and Jack Radics amongst many, before building Big Ship Recording Studios in 1995 where he worked with Freddie McGregor, The Wailing Souls, Papa San and numerous others. Utilising Noel Browne's engineering skills, the band recorded 14 songs which were then passed into the safe hands of regular Sugar Shack collaborator Dave 'Oldwah' Sandford for final mixing.

The album kicks off with a trio of classic roots tracks, “Jah Music”, a highlight of their live shows, “Wolf” as recently released in a remix form on a Sugar Shack 12” and “Roots Music”. Just when you think the pattern is set, the band turn things around and with a novel approach they continue with a mainly roots themed set, but in a case of an iron fist inside a velvet glove, hard hitting roots messages are underpinned by often upbeat backing. The songs; “Place On Earth”, “Dat Nah Stop”, “False Natty”, “Tell Me What's Wrong” and “Opportunity” all contain strong messages that may be missed on casual listening with their deceptive, almost too upbeat backing tracks, an unusual approach that shows just how confident and skilled the band are.

It's not all politics and preaching. One of the songs is a heartfelt tribute to the band's home town, Wolverhampton in the British Midlands. It was obvious that with Capital Letters strong ties to the City, this was the perfect track to name the album after and so “Wolverhampton” is the album title and will no doubt have more than a few of the band's overseas fans checking their atlases. A perfect companion piece to “Wolverhampton” is the track “Jamaica” which paints a charming child's eye picture of the huge changes and culture shock encountered by the children who arrived in Britain to join the windrush generation during the fifties and sixties.

Co vocalist Lukas doesn't forget his past as a Lovers Rock artist and we are treated to a solitary love song with “Movie Star”. Lukas puts in such a consummate performance, it makes one hope the band will record more material along similar lines in future.
Capital letters are a band at the top of their game; they have maturity, confidence and musicianship to spare. This is a deceptive album, the more you listen the more it reveals the depth of quality within, good on first listen it grows in stature and really rewards repeated plays.

“Wolverhampton” is released by Sugar Shack records on 23rd March 2015 as a digital download and compact disc available from all leading sites and retailers, there will also be a limited edition vinyl album containing the first five tracks along with their accompanying dub mixes.

Tour Dates so far confirmed:

March 20th: Capital Letters at La Grange à Musique ( Creil, 16 Boulevard Salvador Allende 60100, France)

March 21st : Capital Letters at De Warande ( Warandestraat 42, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium)

April 2nd: Capital Letters at Le Hangar ( 3-5 Rue Raspail, 94200 Ivry sur Seine, Nr Paris, France)

April 3rd : Capital Letters at Canal 93, 63 avenue Jean Jaures, 93000 Bobigny, France)

April 4th Capital Letters at "In Dread We Trust Festival", Cluses 74300, France)

More dates to follow

ARTIST: Capital Letters
TITLE: “Wolverhampton”
RELEASE DATE: 23rd March 2015
LABEL: Sugar Shack Records
FORMAT: Limited Edition Vinyl, CD and Digital Download
BARCODE: 5052571059111 / 5052571059128
GENRE: Reggae, Dub
PRESS CONTACT: Mike Darby, E: / T: 07885 498 402

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looks good!

Right....the amazing Spanish DIY punk band ACCIDENTE had their London gig fall through, so we sorted them one in Brighton as mutual cooperation (and a love for killer tunes!) is what we're all about! Come join us for a dance at the club this Sunday 30 July!!! And help us spread the word!

Grupo punk de Getafe (Madrid) formado en 2010. Nacen tras la desaparición de Ugly Bastards. Este tema es de su 1er CD editado en 2011. Aquí tocando en plena ...
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Tix ready for distribution to records stores 'round town

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new flyer for the event, looks pretty fine, the even AND the flyer!

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Us live at Patchfest

Posted by MoonDrive71
MoonDrive71 to PatchFest
July 18

thanks to Chelsea Clarke for the video!🤣

Great review from R.A.I.G. Thanks so much to the legends! There's a translate button on their site.…/07/moondrive71.html

Новую обзорную неделю начнем с представления английской группы MOONDRIVE71 из Брайтона. Moondrive71 Создана она была в прошлом году ...

flyer for the VIVA SHERRY gig

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Patchfest live.. we are on a little bit earlier... 6pm and might play longer..

Posted by MoonDrive71

Checkout the checkout on the checkout page on

Moondrive71 are Tristian O'Brien, Kola Olawole, Francis Field. Live sounds of a psych, Krautrock style. Recent shows with Masselys, Now, Falling Leaves and 2 more albums being produced.

We're playing this on Saturday 15th July on the community stage at 6.30pm!

Sat 1:00 PM UTC+01William Clarke Park... The Patch!Brighton, United Kingdom
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