Moose Ondaluce, World Renowned Roller Derby Announcer.
December 2006 – August 2009
I’ve had some trepidation about setting up this page, as roller derby was and is a lost cause, for me at least. As I rose to prominence within the sport, I quickly learned that I was becoming the male face of female dominated sport, and in the long run that would not fly. As I gain notoriety (I won’t call it fame, as fame entails money, and I had none of that.) I also gained enemies (haters).... They hated that I was getting all the attention. I’ll relate those and other stories on this page as I come across videos and ideas.
Mostly this page will be for the MooseCasts that I created 10+ years ago.
Most of the early MooseCasts were posted on Myspace, and although they have placeholders for them there, I could not get them to play.
Some MooseCasts are already on Youtube. Back in those days, you could only post a video that was 10 minutes or less. I’ll probably upload “the lost” myspace episodes there as well and then in turn post them to this page chronologically.
Most of 2009 has been lost to the ether as we streamed live on the now Defunct JUSTIN.TV.
I may have some audio from 2007, I didn’t start video until 2008.
I’m debating whether to dump all at once, or 1 at a time as they become chronologically significant.
Would anybody want to binge watch Moosecasts?

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Wow! those were the days....

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Mack The Mouth is with Craig Alleman.
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