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You've got the big heart of a great party host, but you're trapped in a small space. Now what? Follow these tips for some inspiration!

I live in a one bedroom apartment with my fiancé. We love it – it has great views, it’s close to the beach and there a couple of friendly street cats who pop in when they feel like it (aka they’re hungry). But, it also has a tiny kitchen and lounge.

Storage spaces and stunning shelves under staircases are no longer an exception as these examples show you all that's possible for this neglected part of your home!

Is the space under your stairs simply a dead space? Maybe it's a closed up, unused footprint in your home.

More akin to a top-notch mid-century furniture showroom than a retirement home, the renowned 99-year-old designer's abode shows his sense of style hasn't faded!

By 1960, Danish modern furniture was already ubiquitous.

Often skipped over in interior design plans, stairway landings can be perfect spaces for creative storage ideas!

Stair landings suffer from UDSS (Unused Dead Space Syndrome).

Wondering whether that reverse mortgage is too good to be true? It usually is. Here's a guide to understanding what it is:

You may have seen ads trumpeting, “A Reverse Mortgage Can Provide The Financial Freedom You Need in Your Retirement” and thought, “Hey, that sounds like a great deal! But is it too good to be true? Is there a catch?”

Salvaging many materials from an old barn that stood on their property, this couple's home is full of recycled remnants!

Frankfurt couple Katharina Pasternak and Martin Schittig couldn't quite pull off totally converting a century-old barn, so they did the next best thing: the pair demolished the dilapidated structure and built a modern home using many materials salvaged from the old building.

This 300 square foot interior space brings new meaning to "living in a bubble".

Originally designed as a theater room, this playroom gives a private space for the kids as well as visual interest to the 6,000 square foot space:

Pablo Jendretzki sure lucked out when he met a couple with a 6,000-square-foot loft on Sixth Avenue in Soho.