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Mary Elizabeth Cesarz
· November 6, 2017
If you’re looking for a company that will return your calls and keep you/ your relator updated turn around. I really tried to be patient with this company but they started our paper work a week before... our supposed to be closing date and they had it since oct 20. Closing date was supposed to be dec 15th. Now almost a week later we were told it was still with the underwriters and only got that answer by calling every 30 minutes. We started the process working with Dave and then all of a sudden he was gone. Then we started working with Laura and it seemed like we were going somewhere, then a month and a half later David starts communicating with us again.....what.... no surprise after his one contact back we didn’t hear from him again. We started this process with a va loan and they decided to switch to a different one because it’d be easier for us or them? No one said. We switched companies and are very happy we did! If only they put the same amount of work that they do for their Halloween parties. � See More
Aaron Gidcomb
· December 29, 2017
Horrible company! No communication, can’t get ahold of anyone, don’t call back, keep customers in the dark, they don’t contact my realtor back, and can’t meet any deadline even when they tell you you ...are priority. I don’t even know what I paid them for and want my money back but that probably won’t happen. I switched companies and I recommend to anyone who reads this that you stay away from this company especially my Veteran brothers and sisters. See More
Tammy Caldwell Miller
· November 8, 2017
Received a pre-approval for a buyer and it turns out that they never checked employment history and the young buyer had not been on the job long enough to get a mortgage.
Ricardo Slick
· October 31, 2017
WOULD HAVE BEEN -20 If i could Just a complete Joke very unprofessional the way they conduct business they never return calls only email and only 3 days up to my closing cost they tell me that my MSHD...A loan is not accepted here so now im out over 3 grand that i was not expecting to pay after 3 months only communicate threw e-mails not as caring for the buyer at making you comfortable at this process never even seen anybody face to face always have to drop off paper wrk to the Receptionists cant talk to anyone personally this was a complete train wreck i can't believe how this time has been a complete JOKE and the Worse time u would think this would be a good time its my first home and been a complete disaster Since Day 1 i would NOT EVER RECOMMENDED THEM TO ANYONE... See More
Rodney Heaton
· December 1, 2017
*** UPDATE********
Within 24 hours of posting this review, I was contacted by Mortgage Center. It was revealed to me there WERE extenuating circumstances involved in the underwriting process of our l...oan. The diligence shown by the underwriting department actually prevented me from hiring a fraudulent contractor. It is unfortunate (although understandable and prudent) that they were not as forthcoming prior to my review. There were still a few missteps on their part regarding organizational aspects of our documentation. In the end, they did respond to my concerns and resolved any issues. We closed on our loan today.
Caveat Emptor! I should have checked them out but went with a friends referral. I started this process in July 17. I described in complete detail the concerns we had about getting a loan. We owe less than $15k on our only mortgage. Our home is old and needs repairs. New roof, siding, updates. We do not have great credit but not horrible either. We decided to get a loan based on the large amount of equity we had in the house. Prior to filling out the paperwork for the application, I had a detailed lengthy conversation with our Loan Originator. I went as far as providing pictures of the repairs needed. We were assured these would not be an issue. We filled out the loan application. A week went past without hearing from him. I sent several emails which went unanswered. After another week, I called him. Several voicemails and calls later, I reached him. I was told he had gotten a promotion and didn’t know how to tell me about it. I was then told I had a new Loan Originator and he was her boss. I will say that our new contact was professional, responded quickly and seemed to be “vested” in her work. The first thing we had to do was re-apply for the loan. I once again went over all the concerns with our representative and applied for the loan. A few days later we were asked to sign some documents and it was on the way to underwriting. With the exception of missing our initial closing date everything seemed to be going well. Then I began getting requests to send information that had already been sent. After several re-submission of our information it seemed like everything was moving along. Underwriting began requesting information that had been previously submitted or, we were told would not be relevant to our loan. I attempted to understand this better and asked questions about why specific information was needed. No response from the underwriting person. The Loan rep. kept apologizing and saying she would get her manager involved. 26 days later it seemed to be moving forward. I was asked to request a loan payoff for 11-7-17. Finally, it looked like it was going fine and we would have a closing date. The next day I received an email requesting yet again more information and conditions. One of the new conditions was to have an electrical repair made. Underwriting alleged the appraisal stated we needed repairs and our electric was unsafe. I questioned the loan rep about this. She said the appraiser put it in the report. When the appraiser came out to the house she had several questions about the Mortgage Company we were using. She stated they did things differently than anyone else has ever. She has been an appraiser for 28 years. During the course of conversation, I explained we were going to update and remodel. She told me if I gave her a copy of the estimate for the upgrades on our electrical system she would add that to the value of our home. I read the entire appraisal to see what the appraiser had marked. There is absolutely nowhere on the form that our electrical was unsafe or in need of repair. After explaining this to them, I was told to have the electrician write them a note stating that the estimate was for upgrades and improvements. It had been another month and we had now missed two other closings. I inquired when we would be closing. I was told underwriting was waiting to speak with the electrician and they would then let us know if we were proceeding. I was advised to get a loan to repair the electrical so this loan would close. Yes, they advised me to get a loan to pay for the electrical “repairs” so my new loan could close. At this point I can no longer deal with this chaos any more. I send a letter to my Loan Originator and her boss, the Underwriter and her boss, the original loan originator and his boss. I detail the troubles and explain I wanted them to do 1 of 3 things. Give me a closing, or, reimburse my appraisal fee, or, send me the original appraisal. 30 hours go by and I hear nothing from anybody. I then request to my loan Originator to please advise me what is going on with the loan. 24 hours goes past without a response. I once again request the status of my loan. 6 hours later, I am sent a two sentence email stating my home is unacceptable to get a loan. I call the resolution center from their website and they tell me I can get a copy of the appraisal from Sign-IN. I’m more than willing to share the entire email correspondence with anybody that needs/wants to see it. Avoid this place like the plague. Worst company I have ever experienced. Rodney H.
Dear, The Mortgage Center - - - As promised. Here is my story, “Eloquently displayed throughout social media.” You should have reimbursed my $495.00. It would have cost you less.
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Nick Lewis
· February 1, 2017
I worked with the Mortgage Center to purchase my home. I started the process without having a house in mind in mid-December. We found a house that we liked just before the new year. I am happy to s...ay that we are closing on that house in 2 days. From application to close it was a total of 28 days.

I used to process mortgages for a large lender. So, I knew what to expect. I now work for a Credit Union and wanted to see what that experience was like with the Mortgage Center. Overall, it was seamless. If I had a question, my Loan Officer was quick to respond. If I wanted to make a change, it happened and updated documents were sent to me.

Many people write of lenders because they ask too much of the borrower, or they send them on wild goose chases for documents. For any legally compliant lender, this is going to be the case. No matter if it is the Mortgage Center or any other lender. The Mortgage Center worked with me, communicated with me, and genuinely was happy to help me.
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Diana Phillips
· October 24, 2016
Working with Mortgage center was an absolute disaster through the entire buying process. Now a year later it continues to be a disaster. We started working with them while I was a credit union and I stopped recommending them to any member that walked through our door. I will never recommend them to anyone and cannot wait to refinance our home to get away from them. If you like miscommunication, constantly missed deadlines and broken promises, by all means this is the company for you! See More
Joyce Jacques
· September 9, 2016
I have a mortgage through this company and it has been nothing but a headache. For the 2nd time this year I have received a letter from my home owners insurance saying they're going to cancel my polic...y if they don't receive payment. My insurance payment is escrowed into my mortgage. I should've went with our gut feeling after the first debacle we had with this place and went with Quicken Loans. I will never refer anyone to this company. See More
Dale T. Coffman
· April 12, 2016
I would NEVER use this company for a home mortgage!! My Wife and I are 3 days from closing and They backed out at last minute for no real reason and won't even give us a loan! Our credit is good, ever...ything checked out and at the last minute they changed their minds!!! The last minute!! This is so unfair! Hopes and dreams crushed in a single phone call!! See More
Amanda Heinrich
· July 1, 2016
Had a pre qualification. When it came to the loan, where nothing changed, they screwed us around to 2 months. Hired a new guy and they got it done in 26 days. Had them for the 1st loan and no problems.... The manager was no help. See More
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