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Kelly Dobratz
· January 1, 2018
This restaurant has potential but fell short for our hopes for a 5 star for New Years Eve. Food was tasty with the exception of the onion soup but not hot and dinners for our party came out at differe...nt times. One dinner came out without the sauce ordered for the steak and it didn't appear before half the steak was eaten or it would have been luke warm as well. I was embarrassed because we have chosen the restaurant for our party of 8! The server was very nice and was trying her best she is only as good as what is coming out of the kitchen. To the managers benefit he did bring a bottle of wine to the table on the house but it is not enough for us to try this restaurant again. For $1000 we could have made a better meal at home. See More
Precious Starr
· March 16, 2018
Made reservations for New Year's Eve maybe 5 degrees out, valet parking was over $50 but when attempting to valet park was refused by the valet attendants due to hotel occupancy I assume, so had to pa...rk over a mile down the street and walk in 0 degree weather in dress attire, so that experience was horrendous and the tone of the dinner was ruined on top of that the price of the dinner was way more than expected. The experience over all was horrible two thumbs down. See More
Etoyia Remsing
· November 20, 2017
Very accommodating even after we had to push our reservations back. Very clean and the service was top notch. My husband took me out for a birthday dinner while staying at the hotel and it was truly a... wonderful experience. Our waiter was so nice and the manager came over and spoke with us and we let him know about our great dining experience. The food was great. We are no strangers to fine dining and I would highly recommend Mortons for a date night. They even made me a special birthday dessert. Pics in comments! See More
Gloria L. Fuller Caballero
· October 17, 2017
First the view was amazing & the food was excellent. Service also great!! We ere staying at the Marriott & had to purchase a package that included a $20. off card for Morton’s. Since we both love Mort...on’s we chose to go there. We did not read the “fine print” that said we had to buy two entrees. When presented with the bill which was well over $100.00 we were informed of the”fine print”. When I asked to see the manager he came to the table and I explain to him that we did not see the “fine print”. Also that my two appetizers have cost twice the amount of my friends entrée. He said thet was nothing you could do about it & that was the end of it is for as he was concerned!! I am well aware of how restaurants operate & I’m sure that he could have honored it. The way I felt about it was that he felt that we were tourist & he would never have to see us again & it just did not make any difference.
We were extremely disappointed!!!!
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Jose Ribas
· November 19, 2017
Lisa was very excellent, She was very Sharp with the menu, An Expert and she was Very Frendly too , The Food 🥘 was Excellent, We got a Nice surprise at the end like before, when we found the old Ma...rriott restaurant was gone and Mortons took over, we being in there for the last 3 wedding 🎩 anniversary, Has A Marriott Platinum Élite Member this year was better!! Ty!! 🏆🥇and yes we used the $20 Marriott Élite discount Ty to Patrizia! See More
Sandy Pegg Posega
· October 18, 2017
I was pretty disappointed in the place. The service was good and our waiter was very personable. I was not impressed with the food. The salads were okay. I ordered the beet salad and it had onions in although onions were not listed on the menu. My husband got the iceberg wedge which was very good. We both had filet mignon and both steaks were undercooked. My husband wanted medium well and his was red in the middle. I wanted medium rare and it was half raw. Very good quality just not cooked correctly which is inexcusable for a steak restaurant. We ordered asparagus as a side and it was good but not a big portion. The drinks were good. They did give us a complementary desert for our anniversary which was very nice of them. My final complaint was that it was outrageously expensive for what we got. See More
Donna Halzle Graves
· October 11, 2017
My husband and I were staying at this Marriott in Canada where Morton's is located so decided to have dinner there. We made a last minute reservation and when we went down we were seated by the window... with a great view. Our server was excellent and all the wait staff was very attentive. The food was excellent and the ambience made the evening very special.
I would definitely recommend Morton's.
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Melanie Moore
· November 14, 2017
Everything we had to eat was delicious, the staff was amazing and our waitress was wonderful. We had a beautiful view of the falls and didn't feel rushed to finish our meal. We definitely recommend it... for any date night or celebration. See More
Ashley Mayo
· February 18, 2018
Absolutely delicious meal, although we sat the first 20 minutes without anybody coming over to take our drink order. A plus was being able to go back to our room by simply taking an elevator ride
Terri Shade
· October 28, 2017
We have been here for an hour and still waiting for dinner. The drinks were horrible. They tried to bring oysters to our table 2 times. Had to ask the waitress about bread that every table around us ...received....Disappointed to say the least See More
Afzal Chowdhury
· September 4, 2017
I felt discriminated by the way they sit/treat guests. I made reservation way ahead of time for window, when arrived they said those are 1st come basis and gave us terrible sitting. I saw at least two... tables were still open by the window and gave to people who came in long after us. The waitress was nice, food was good, but the reception /management treats people not equally. I was not an outsider, I stayed at the Marriott and reserved with my room number. I would not recommend this hotel or this location of Morton's Grille. The hotel is another story, I have never written bad review about any hotel, this the first one that had to write as I had an expectation that Canadian locations would be less discriminatory. Management is welcome to contact me if want to hear more. See More
Dante Seven
· August 27, 2017
As a business and restaurant owner myself I know how ratings can effect a business, and seldom give a bad rating to any business , but with the exception a a somewhat decent steak, very weak experien...ce decided to try since I heard of the name before , took forever for a server to approach us, they ran out of mash potatoes side ,the server never brought us our bread when we said yes when she asked us if we wanted some, the busboy when he brought us out 2 different butters did not know which one was which ,But the worst thing was the niagara beer flight when I ordered it, they put coors light in one of the 4 and the server only told me once I ask what each one was , maybe ask the customer if it's okay or put 2 of the same niagara beer, I order it to try the beers of niagara not Coke light , regardless if I was the owner or manager I would want to know to correct and better my establishment , good luck mortons! See More
Les Banks
· August 24, 2017
We were staying at the Marriott where this is located. Go down for dinner without reservations as it wasn't very busy. Waiter goes to seat us, far away from windows and view of the falls. We advise we... wish a window seat, waiter advises you can see fine from this table. Advise no we cant and we would like a window seat. Waiter says no tables available at windows. Advise we will wait for one. Waiter tells us they are all booked. Ask what time they are open till. Waiter says until 11pm, this was at 7:30 pm. I say , your telling me the window seating is booked all night, I find that hard to believe. He says we can book you for 8:30 pm. Reply ok thats fine, and remark , see that wasnt so hard. Come back at 8:30 and advise we are there for our reservation. Waitress goes to seat us at a back table nowhere near the windows. I advise here we had a reservation. She says we dont reserve the windows, its first come first serve. I ask for a manager. Manager repeats the same saying they dont reserve windows, first come first serve. I reply what first waiter had told us, and that we would have gladly waited for a table had we known , and that they need to rectify this. She says next table is ours, to please wait and she will speak to her waiter about the issue. So you inconvenience us twice, your employee lies to us and thats how you handle it? While waiting I see someone that looks to be a general manager, tell our story to him, he apologizes and offers a free appetizer for the trouble. Ya like that really makes up for the 1hr wait the first time and now another 20 min wait. Ok so whatever get seated finally 20 mins later, (kids are very fussy by this time) and order our meal. Haveto ask waiter for a small glass for our 3yr old as the one the waiter gave her is the size of both her forearms together(would think it very obvious). I get chicken Picatta, my wife gets the 16 oz. Signature Prime New York Strip, Mac n cheese for my daughter. Mac N cheese was very bland, my daughter would not eat it, chicken picatta was good, My wife cuts her steak in half, it is raw inside. She ordered it medium. It is not rare, medium rare or medium like she ordered it, but raw in the middle. So they take it back, I figure ok they will cook her a new one. Nope they bring back the exact steak which is cooked well done now and is tough from being cooked twice and dried out. We are fed up and just want to go back to our room. My wife eats half(she normally loves steak) and we get the rest to go. We just want to be done with the horrible experience and enjoy our vacation. Had say Chef Ramsey been there, he would have thrown the steak at the chef and strewn a bunch of profanities at the chef. Go anywhere but here. Oh by the way , the steak does not come with any vegetables or sides, you have to order those separate, and at $62 that is insane See More
Alyssa Marie
· February 17, 2018
First time here last night... amazing atmosphere and great service. Thank you to our waitress Deseray ... she was always there when questions needed to be asked. She was fast and efficient.

Can’t wai...t for our next visit! See More
Kelly George
· January 3, 2018
I'm sad to have to leave this review. My husband's longtime friend works at the Marriott and we enjoy staycations there quite often since we live in the Niagara area. On November the 14th we checked... in for our second anniversary and we were completely excited to see Morton's was the new in-house restaurant.
The rest is heartbreaking. We decided that a couple of cocktails and some oysters would be a fantastic way to start our night, so we sat down at the Morton's bar and were very excited to start ordering. I ordered a large pour glass of the house red wine with a side of ice and my husband ordered a double Black Russian. Upon ordering the Black Russian we asked if we could substitute the Kaluha for Tia Maria which is a rather common request being that it is slightly less sweet. At this point, the bartender looked at me and said "we do not have Tia Maria" I pointed it out as it was visible on their back bar. I also ordered a platter of oysters for each one of us. So one for my husband and one for myself.

As the bartender poured our drinks a gentleman with an accent sat down at the end of the bar. At the other end closer to us, a lady who appeared to perhaps be the manager was sitting with a pile of paperwork in front of her.

The drinks arrived. I looked at mine, the pour came in a little side craft to ensure nothing was over poured, which I believe is a little tacky being that this is supposed to be high end, but I also noticed there was no side of ice. Then as I looked at my husband I noted his drink was white- not black. I confirmed with him that indeed he ordered a Black Russian with Tia Maria instead of Kaluha, yet his drink was clearly not "black".

The bartender overheard our conversation and corrected us proclaiming the drink is a "Black Russian", I said well a Black Russian is black not white. And after she stated I was wrong, she walked over to the lady whom I presumed was of management status and asked her how to make a Black Russian, at the same point she picked up her cell and advised that she is looking up the recipe.
I stated a Black Russian is made with Kaluha and Vodka and that we simply wanted to substitute the Kaluha for Tia Maria. The"manager" confirmed that yes the drink is made with Kaluha or Tia Maria and vodka no cream or milk. The bartender then informed us that the drink only had vodka and milk no Kaluha, no Tia Maria. She said she can add the Kaluha or Tia Maria but it will cost us an additional charge. Slightly embarrassed we just said, "it's okay we'll drink the drinks." I ignored that she did not fulfill my request for ice.

The bartender then started the order for the gent who sat down.

After his order was placed, she returned and said " I do not know what kind of oysters we have tonight" then she asked the "manager", "do you know what type of oysters we have tonight?" The "manager" replied, "No I have no idea", the bartender said "I will ask the Chef", the response from the "manager", "I doubt he will know either."

Ironically we never once asked what kind of oysters they were serving.

Bartender arrives back after a brief visit to the kitchen. "The Chef is unaware of the type of oysters we are serving today, I am very sorry but he did say they will be prepared in a couple of moments they take time to open."

Close to $200 later I requested to pay with my American Visa because the menu shows the prices in USD and CDN. I was then told that the menu does not reflect the actual prices and that my credit card company will perform the exchange rate process (why even list them USD prices then).

So in short the experience sucked and the "manager" did absolutely nothing to improve it and in fact added to the whole farce. I am pleased with the gent beside us getting proper service from a lovely waitress, but common now if your bartender doesn't know how to make a simple cocktail and wants to argue instead of using common sense get rid of them, or provide them with basic training.

On the flip side the oysters were great. They tried to ding us for the tourist tax which we declined to pay. But please keep in mind we paid close to $200 for a cocktail that was nowhere near what we ordered, a large pour of wine, with a side of ice that never came to fruition, and 24 oysters that their staff thought was really amusing that no one knew even what type they were.

And we were discounted and offered zero for our horrible experience on our second wedding anniversary.
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Kathleen Lynam
· November 8, 2017
Room was fabulous with cozy chairs facing a wall of window with a perfect view of Falls day and night
We ate dinner in Milestone and had a delicious dinner
Great getaway for 3 days
Hannah Bear
· March 4, 2018
The food was amazing, the service was amazing, and the VIEW was amazing! Thanks to Crystal i was very well taken care of and the bartender on that night made some of the best ceasers ive ever had! Hig...hly recommend! See More
Stephen Dungavel
· January 14, 2018
Food is great. But very expensive. When you order a steak the price is for just the steak. Any sides you want such as potato or a vegetable is all extra. This was very disappointing.
Roberta Jones
· October 16, 2017
Loved our waitress and it was a beautiful view of the Falls after my groups marathon.... great way to relax and celebrate our finish � the food was excellent!!!
Lisa Fearnley-Brown
· November 13, 2017
Sat down at 7:45, entrees arrived at 10p.m.!
By that time, the restaurant had emptied substantially and we could not understand the delay. Our friend's $47 steak looked l...ike a well-done hockey puck and tasted the same. Another friend's hugely marketed double-stacked burger was tiny. Both were a sad comparison to the advertising streaming throughout the hotel. All veggies (sides) were extra which is fine but $12 for mashed potatoes?? The fries were cold and the final straw was getting the order of ribs and with a hair in them...yikes!!! Sent them back and won't BE back...Avoid at all costs!! See More