It's that time of the year again...
The mosquitoes will be out in full force soon. Get ahead of them by calling us at 401-326-2028.

Mosquito bites are not just annoying. The insects can carry and spread diseases. The best way to keep from getting sick is to take steps to prevent mosquito bites in the first place. Below is impor…
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Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! #mosquitofree

I just signed up for free flower seeds from The Mosquito Authority so I can plant #mybeegarden! Your turn!

Have you ever wondered why you seem to get bitten more by mosquitoes than other people? Don't have that fear anymore; call The Mosquito Authority today to ensure those pests won't bother you this summer!

Researchers set hungry mosquitoes loose on identical and fraternal twins. They found that inherited genes do play a role in making you a mosquito magnet.

Have you heard about the Powassan virus yet? It's carried by ticks & impacts the central nervous system. Learn more here:

A quick-moving and potentially fatal virus has been found in the U.S. in the Northeast and Great Lakes area. Carried and transferred to people and pets by ticks, the Powassan virus can infect the central nervous system, causing similar symptoms to Lyme disease, but more severe and without any cure.…

It's that time of the year again...

Call us today to schedule a season mosquito AND tick free: 401-326-2028

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First Time Customers: Like our FB page & call 401.326.2028 to receive a FREE treatment

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Summer is in full swing... Don't let the mosquitoes get the best of it! If you need more convincing, here are 11 reasons you should hate the blood suckers!…

Now that summer is in full swing, our worst outdoor enemy is back with a vengeance. That’s right, mosquitoes. They swarm your barbecues and evening porch-sitting, invade your home, whine incessantly in your ears, steal your blood and leave behi...

Tick season is here & in full effect! Contact us today about lawn treatments. Be tick free!

As tick season -- meaning Lyme disease season -- ramps up, a look at the scary statistics and some fresh new tips, beginning with "Spray your shoes!"

Stay informed on tick-borne illnesses -- below is an article on a new disease deer ticks carry that resembles Lyme.

If interested in learning more about tick prevention or how to help eliminate ticks in your yard, call us at The Mosquito Authority today.…/new-tick-borne-illness-could…/

A new disease spread by deer ticks has already infected 100,000 New Yorkers since the state first started keeping track.|By CBS New York
Mosquito Authority is with Sam Piscia and Liz McGuire.

Happy Father's Day from all of us at The Mosquito Authority! We hope you're outside and enjoying the day!

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Spreading the word about the dangers of ticks ... this case is close to home. Call us today for information on how to rid your yard of ticks!…/article_10c78de4-c79b-11e2-…

Research suggest that the size of the deer tick problem largely depends on humidity levels in June.

We, at the Mosquito Authority, would like to express our heartfelt sympathies and well wishes to all affected by the recent tragedy in Oklahoma.

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Planning a neighborhood block party or hosting a graduation celebration this Memorial Day? Let us treat your yard to eliminate all mosquitoes...and ticks! You'll be happy to enjoy great company and beautiful weather hassle free!

A sample of mosquitoes taken from Chapman Pond in Westerly tested positive for West Nile Virus. Take steps to protect your family by calling TMA at 401-326-2028!…/ridem-west-nile-found-in-we…

Mosquito breeding is picking up this time of year, and as a result, West Nile was found in samples from Chapman Swamp in Westerly.

Even though they seem to move quickly -- the average mosquito can only fly up to 1.5 miles per hour

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