Watching sunrise...
You probably already know that my beautifuls are 10 today since I have been posting about it! I am a little proud of them. 😍😉 What you may not know is that this is their first birthday that we have celebrated which is a huge milestone! I was raised a Jehovah's Witness, as were they, so that meant no birthdays or holidays allowed. After waking up and a little over a year of healing I am happy to be able to bring them these new experiences. I wanted to include Amelia and Julie (their american girl dolls which were part of their first Christmas) in one of their birthday surprises to make it extra special! I can not help it but to go big! 🤗😍 Can you blame me?
Shell hunting!

I found out tonight that one of my beautifuls wants to work for NASA someday! 🤗

This is the same child who a few weeks back came home from school and told me yet again about a particular girl in her grade who is always stirring up things and causing issues.

She said, "Mommy, today she tried to make me mad by saying things I knew weren't true. I told her, '_____ you may be trying to sell drama today but I'm not buying it!' then she just turned around and walked away." THAT'S ...MY GIRL!

Do you even know how proud this makes me? Even if she changes her mind I'll remain proud. My girls have got so many more choices than I ever did! #LookOutWorld

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I know I will be doing this with my beautifuls when it warms up! SO FUN!

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