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Don Suave
· October 12, 2017
Partisan, petulant, irrelevant and poorly edited. This paper has only a tenuous grasp on basic concepts of journalism, such as what distinguishes "News" from "Editorial." Consistently regurgitates co...ntent from national alt-right news outlets. Tacit bigotry, intolerance, and hatred are the undertones of this paper, and while this may not concern much of it's readership, it makes a poor representation of a small town in 21st century america, affirming popular conceptions of rural communities as irrelevant backwaters populated by angry uneducated white people. See More
Sandra L. Houston
· January 12, 2018
We have a citizen living in EDC who has decided to run for governor of California. The Folsom Telegraph printed an article about him. Why is there not an article in Mt. Democrat about a citizen of EDC?
Lindsey Ann Waldon
· October 12, 2017
Noticed the paper is pulling biased propaganda from fake new sites like breitbart and then trying to recycle it and post as an “original piece”. What a bummer. This paper has seriously gone down hill.... Somebody needs to fire Dawn, because every article they write is regurgitated trash. See More
Lisa Cundall
· March 2, 2018
if a "reporter" starts with a bias and writes an article around it, it is OPINION and not news-- and not very intelligent, either.
Chad Engelage
· October 12, 2017
I think you should fire Dawn. The article that made front page made me embarrassed that you are the local paper for el Dorado county. You're paper is trash.
Marcia Carlock
· January 4, 2018
Wow. This newspaper gets pretty bad reviews. It used to be a better paper before it turned so bigoted. So sad for El Dotado County.
Kelly Cooper
· January 10, 2018
It’s just a paper turning itself into Breitbart news while trying to defend its ignorance
Rodney Quintana
· May 26, 2017
We like the paper but we stopped taking it because the delivery service sucks. It rains,snows or sunny out and the paper is delivered on the ground.(no good) Oh yeah the blue box that says mountain de...mocrat on it put the paper in there. See More
Patricia Preston
· August 22, 2017
Ms. Usher:

Ms. Usher, as the Editor you are directly responsible for the accuracy, fairness and appropriateness of all articles published in the Mountain Democrat. The Socialism’s and Communism’s Us...eful Idiots Article was published in poor taste and meant to feed the discord between Republicans and Democrats. It sells newspapers, but given the events in Charlottesville, West Virginia, I would have hoped that your reporters would choose to help bridge the divide by finding out the root cause of the problem. Your author brought up issues that were not relevant to the events of August 11-12, 2017 where bigoted nationalists came to a progressive town intent upon intimidating people of other faiths, cultures and different political viewpoints. Astonishingly, the article written by Dawn Hudson seems to suggest that Nazis are better people than communists because they’ve killed fewer people throughout history. I think genocide and the systematic killing machine put in place by the Nazis makes them less palatable to most sane individuals with a moral compass. Also, it appears that anyone who labeled Nazi flag waving white supremacists Nazis can now be considered communists. You are supposed to critically read these articles before publishing. My High School English teacher would have done a better job. As the Editor of the Mountain Democrat, by publishing this article you gave your blessing to these hateful bigots who killed Heather Heyer on August 12th and labeled many in your community evil socialists/ communists. Jason Kessler who was the organizer of Unite the Right tweeted that Heather Heyer’s death was payback. This article would embolden these individuals.

Regarding Dawn Hudson, she is just one of many pseudo journalists who live in small towns telling tall tales. It's quaint, like fish stories, but some smell worse than others.

For instance, did you know that back in 2012, Ms. Hudson's wrote an article for the Mountain Democrat regarding the local management of the Georgetown Divide water agency (GDPUD). The Columbia University School of Journalism used this as an example of bias non-factual reporting in a rural community and how it undermines the credibility of the media. The professor was sent an audio tape of a meeting that supposedly was attended by Ms. Hudson. Her article was called a work of fiction masquerading as journalism. I would hope that as a professional you would have higher aspirational goals for your newspaper and staff. Ms. Hudson does a disservice to her community. I am certain she is one of those who is afraid of education who like many conservatives is also afraid of the truth. And they call us snowflakes.

The truth matters. Even small communities deserve professional journalism. I would further argue that people not doing their editorial job and still getting paid for their sorry work is a bigger part of our problem and that includes you Ms. Usher. Please consider the times and publish articles that meet the standard of professional journalism.
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Elaine Dowd
· April 29, 2017
/Read the article in the paper about the Teresa Marty tax fraud case. What are the sentences of the others that were involved. Were they not charged and sentenced at the same time. Kind of left us ...up in the air. Didn't sound not mention their sentence or that they hadn't been sentenced yet. Thank you! See More
Kathy Gearing Smallwood
· April 20, 2016
Back in the day, like 1978, we moved from Placerville to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho for a couple of years. Dad, (Ron Gearing), a longtime patron of the paper, was able to get a mail-order subscription to t...he Mountain Democrat. Of course it wasn't current day news, as it usually arrived 2 days after publication, but it kept him connected to his hometown. We were able to do the same thing when my aunt Catherine Gearing moved up to Spokane with my parents in 1988, it's things like this that kept us connected to our community and home base, and I truly appreciate being able to access the paper online, although limited without a subscription. Thank you for your caring and having this option available at that time. It made the transition much easier for Aunt Catherine, having a part of 'home' delivered to her door. See More
R.J. Carter
· March 17, 2017
...Mountain Democrat.......A good way to accurately gauge the amount of truth and honesty in any political editorial is by how much it leaves the Leftists squealing... ....Keep up the good work!!!....
Andrea M B Stanley
· April 11, 2017
For years the Mountain Democrat has unfairly represented the Democrats and liberals of El Dorado County, with its republican bias. Then on April 10th, a ghastly article was written by DAWN HOBSON and... published by the MD, belittling college student minorities for standing up to racism and prejudiced on the academic front. If you are democrat, non-republican, or not a christian, I strongly recommend not subscribing to the Mountain Democrat. See More
Terri Scrivens Kline
· January 22, 2017
Spews tea party propaganda on a regular basis, but it's the only game in town if you want to know what's going on in your community. Suggest using the editorial/news sections as fish wrap.
Taylor Alan
· December 8, 2017
You mean right wing propaganda.
Keep your hate to yourself
Mike Hlavay
· February 26, 2018
Nice hometown newspaper that covers local happenings
Linde Simmons
· February 3, 2017
Shame on you for not giving the victim a voice but instead you gave it to the suspect. You should really do your research and not be like CNN.
Julia Gillespie
· June 1, 2017
I hated the idea that the paper received a press release last week regarding increasing cases of Norovirus but refused to print the story. Shame on you MtD!
Murial Davenport
· April 13, 2017
Horrible editing as of late. Does anyone actually edit or proof read this paper anymore?

Definition of editor...
someone who edits especially as an occupation.

transitive verb
to read and mark corrections in (as a proof)
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Phil Veerkamp
· August 8, 2014

By Cole Mayer...

From page A2 | August 11, 2014 |

In the article, “Marijuana grow has unusual connection: Man arrested on Rock Creek Road Nutting trust property,” in the July 16 edition of the Mountain Democrat, former Supervisor Ray Nutting is not part of the Nutting Family Revocable Trust; he is a trustee of the Happy Valley Trust. The land the marijuana was allegedly found upon is owned by Tami and Tom Nutting and the Nutting Family Revocable Trust.

In the article “Schultz arraignment continued,” the property is not adjacent to Ray Nutting’s land, but in Placerville; the Happy Valley Trust is adjacent to Ray Nutting’s land.
Given that Cole Mayer's "mistake" was published FRONT PAGE TOP it would only be fair if Cole Mayer were made to purchase from the Mountain Democrat FRONT PAGE TOP positioning for his "Corrections" . . . Seems only fair to me . . .

Cole Mayer's "mistake"

Marijuana grow has unusual connection: Man arrested on Rock Creek Road Nutting trust property

By Cole Mayer

From page A1 | July 16, 2014 |
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