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Roxann Goings
· March 8, 2018
I have lived in Mountain View for over 35 years. Sadly as soon as the older generation was gone Mountain View couldn’t wait to change Mountain View into a place were only rich people can live. If you... can’t afford million dollar home or excessive rents they want you to leave. I feel discrimination but the little people like me can’t do anything about it all the signs of luxury living luxury home where’s the homes you can afford? It’s just sad to know that Mountain View wants to get rid of anybody That is not rich. It wants to be the future city of young people and technology. So screw everybody else thanks See More
Kristina Pistole Allen
· August 31, 2016
We were there for the first time during Mountain Music and Motorcyles August 18-21. Great time! We already booked a room for next year. Can not wait!! But I want to tell people about our experience Fiddler's Inn. And to be aware! I booked 2 rooms on March 1, 2016 through Orbitz and paid at this time. When we arrived we were asked for a credit card. I told the lady the rooms had already been paid through Orbitz. She said I can see that but this is in case of an incident. Ok. We checked out just fine. They charged our credit card. I called Orbitz, they called the hotel. An hour and a half later it's still not resolved. The hotel told Orbitz they did not charge our credit card! I'm looking at my statement! Orbitz calls the hotel again. Comes back on the line and gives me the information to fax the credit card statement to the hotel as proof they charged us. Does their books not show they charged us?? This was Sunday August 28th. I faxed it. Had my name and # on a letter with a brief explanation. Nobody called. I called the hotel today. Was told the fax was received but I would have to wait until Monday when the bookkeeper comes back to the office she has already left for the day! This is Wednesday!! Monday is Labor Day! I mentioned above we have booked a room to come back next year but it's not with Fiddler's Inn!! Love Mountain View!! See More
Gloria Sias Perry
· June 19, 2015
Thank you for providing the pedestrian lighted cross walk at Shoreline and Dana! We been crossing here for over 45 years and this improvement has made such a drastic difference to our safety. Prior t...o the lights, 99% of the time cars NEVER stopped, even when pushing my mom in a wheelchair. Now, 99% of the time, cars are stopping thanks to these lights. Thanks again. See More
Robert Rosales
· September 10, 2017
Beautiful weather, great food,good location next to train stop. bless enjoy
Diana Olivares
· June 10, 2017
They have great events, friendly staff ans cute park
Tim Proschold
· June 5, 2014
I really like the way you guys have decided to embrace social media and get the word out about City issues and events! Bravo Mountain View!!!
Maria Gomez
· January 15, 2015
I yes really like the. Take a ride. and I like to Thank you to the City holl of Mountan view and god Bless you all ⛳

All flags at City facilities will be half-staff in recognition of the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush through April 21.

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April 30 Public Meeting Reveals Recommendations on Mountain View's Environmental Future

We need your input to develop stronger recommendations to lower community carbon emissions. This will be the first look at the draft recommendations, developed by the Environmental Sustainability Task Force over the last 8 months, in areas such as transportation, land use, buildings and regional collaboration.

Please join us for this highly interactive forum. RSVP and find more information

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