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Bonnie Miller
· April 4, 2016
I tried a 7 day/3 class trial, and when I went to cancel within the 7 day window I was still charged for a month of service. I've reached out in every way imaginable to remedy this (email, phone, twit...ter, website chat) but they've been COMPLETELY unresponsive. There are a few great studios on there, but in terms of other services I've tried, they offer way less studio options. I only booked two classes in the trial period, but had technical difficulties with both. It took hours to get confirmation and then my times were all confirmed in UK time. Not to mention, they don't give names to the studio so the studio is always confused when you check in. This is probably the worst product and customer service I've ever experienced. Edit: They ended up refunding me and giving me a free week, which was very nice and unexpected. See More
Carlo Cisco
· October 9, 2014
Move changed the way I view exercise. I used to only go to the gym but realized that many of the classes they have provide a superior workout. The part I like the most is that there's so much variety ...both in terms of classes and locations. I always thought doing classes would be inconvenient and expensive but with Move its neither. Big fan See More
Amanda Dash
· September 22, 2014
MoveUSA has been the biggest blessing in my life! I am able to do what I love, in NYC, with a price I can afford. All of the members of MoveUSA are super friendly and helpful. I honestly do not know w...hat I would do without it. See More
Sara Weinreb
· October 23, 2014
MoveUSA is an awesome resource for individuals who want access to a wide variety of workouts in NYC. I love that I can take everything from yoga to dance class, and I can always find a class any time ...I need one. Highly recommended! See More
Kwame Lovell
· September 22, 2014
MoveUSA is all about flexibility, making it easy to try out a variety of clubs and workout packages for a pretty good price.
Rocio Marin
· October 4, 2014
Me parece genial

We’ve all got our faves ❤️

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Who’s feeling the past week’s workouts? Ouch.

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Do you know the myths and truths on alcohol drinking? Here are the top 3 alcohol myths busted.

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People Are Awesome

No idea how he managed to time that so perfectly!

Thanks to Jeromy Green (IG: JeromyGreen) for the clip!


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Tenthree Editing

Move over Paula Ratcliffe. No I literally mean move over, get out of the way because there is stampede of eager athletics fans all wanting their piece of the action when the athletics World Championships comes to London in 2017. Directed by Mark Albiston at The Sweetshop and cut by Billy.